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Victorious part 3

2023-01-22 00:19:44

The next day for Victor and Meredith was a continuance of all the previous days for a few hours.

“Carmine? Meredith needs you in her office for a word about the numbers before lunch.”

Carmine didn’t do well for the week, and it was past eleven thirty.

“Oh great. Well let’s go office boy.”

She led the way in her tight designer dress. Carmine was an extreme extrovert like most salespeople, and was of the thought that the office was the place to be beautiful. She wore a dress that could get her past the V.I.P. rope in a club. It was white and very tight with a short skirt. Several gold necklaces covered more of her chest then her open top. Some women wore that type of dress as a stylish shirt over jeans or leather pants.

They stepped into Meredith’s dark office. Her windows were shaded and the lights were off. Most of the light in the room came from the glass wall. In the back of the dark room, only the computer’s screensaver and the charging lights for her cell phone were casting light.

Meredith sat waiting at the desk. She wore a black dress suit with only a hint of white blouse over her lapel.

“Hello Meredith, you should get some light it’s unhealthy.” Carmine said in greeting. Like most office workers, she was afraid being in the dark room. Unlike most, she faced her fear by crossing into the depths of the room to stand over Meredith at her desk.

Victor stood quietly by the windows.

“How are your numbers for this week?” Meredith said coolly.

“I’ll have them by the end of the day. I hope to finish a few things.” Carmine avoided.

“How are your numbers so far for the week?” Meredith was like an army laying siege, Carmine could only look on as systematically, and methodically Meredith plugged along through excuses and twisted ambiguity.

“Five including the new Tarsus model.” She said trying to add a good ring to it.

“You did ten last week and those five were finalized extras that went through on Monday and Tuesday. Now, this week, you’re behind the twelve you needed.”

“Well I…” Carmine struggled.

“How do I punish you?” Carmine straightened. “Fifteen in two weeks is not good enough.” Carmine rightly feared being fired. It was a Friday at lunchtime, the perfect time to clean out the desk. It seemed these talks were fairly common, and no one likes their money played with.

“Well I…” Victor watched the gears start turning.

“I have a way to help you.”

Carmine nearly missed that as she thought about her excuse. “I… uh what?”

“Victor says it’s a mental thing, making lots of sales one week and being sluggish the next. Something about not being hungry.” Behind them, the office emptied for lunch at Chili’s. “Are you hungry?” Meredith asked perhaps meaning literally.

“Ah no..ah yes.” Carmine answered perhaps meaning figuratively.

Victor could guess by Carmine’s face she had lost her appetite with the conversation.

“Well, after this you should be able to go eat where you want.” Carmine stiffened further Victor could see waterworks getting ready. “Will you be hungry to sell next week?”

“Yes Meredith, next week will be great.” She blurted.

“What do you do that puts you at ease? Can I relax you for you too do better? What do you do with your money? You don’t have to answer.”

Carmine felt she couldn’t not answer. “I go out. Pay bills. This is a good job.” She nodded to herself.

“Where do you go? Do you wait, or look for acceptable men at fun places at night, or do you have an… other with you?”

Victor was amused how she seemed to have asked Carmine if she was a whore or a lesbian.

Carmine wasn’t thinking too clearly about what was said or its meaning, and was just of blurting what ever she thought. “I go out and have fun with friends, yes.” She said unable to hide her frantic confusion.

Meredith arched her fingers in front of her. Victor taught her to use it as a device to distract people from her chest when they were about to ask for the sale. “Are you satisfied?”

“Huh?” Carmine looked at Victor for understanding.

“Are you satisfied?” Meredith leaned in.

“With going out?” Carmine said slowly. “I guess, it’s hit and miss.”

“It’s a waste of time. I am unable because of my schedule to consider that type of life.” Meredith turned and stood from the chair. “I think there is away to make you more satisfied spending time here. I feel that would center your life and allow you more success.”

Carmine nodded quickly thinking she was making progress. “I understand. I’ll make the company a larger part of my life.” missed Meredith’s meaning completely.

“You have to see it as the center Carmine. Not the car, the bills, or the friends. Without the job, you lose all the others.” Meredith said coming around the desk and sitting on it next to her. “You know you’ll lose it all without it right?”

Carmine seemed to pale and blush at the same time. “Yyyes.” She said fearfully.

Meredith looked deep into her. “Stable relationships make people happier at work do you know why?”

Carmen nodded gravely. “They do their business and go home without all the stress of trying to please other people all the time.”

Meredith paused trying to understand if that was an acceptable answer.

“Are you in a relationship?” Meredith continued.

“Umm no, not for a while now.” Carmine looked down and snuck an embarrassed look at Victor.

Meredith stiffened watching her. “You’re looking to get one?” She accused.

Carmen rolled her shoulders. “Umm yes, but I’m not able to find the one for me though. Many men act nice, but they all just take what they want and never call back. I’m sure you know how it is. They just want you cause your pretty but they’re not there for you. They just want well…they won’t cry with you. The guys I find don’t share my dreams or last long enough to hear them.” She said hanging her head.

Meredith looked over at Victor thoughtfully. Perhaps that was her feelings put to words.

“I have found one for myself.” Meredith said

Victor choked loudly at how hugely insensitive she was sounding.

Carmen literally was taken aback at the words. “Oh that’s…”

“You will have to be satisfied as I am. I want you not to be distracted.” Meredith looked her right in the eye. “I will help you.”

Meredith grabbed her head and latched onto her cheek with her teeth. Carmine gasped but Meredith caught her wrists. She brought her hands to the sides and slide up Carmine’s skirt.

Victor watched the two silently struggle. Carmine was helpless and made only little gasps under Meredith. The larger woman had trapped her hands down to her sides and her feet were in between Carmine’s. Controlling Carmine’s wrists, Meredith slide the helpless woman’s panties down slowly.

Meredith released her and whispered in her ear. Whatever she said made Carmine stop struggling her arms as she writhed.

She turned her head. “Come, Victor.”

He already had moved in next to them and now he moved behind Carmine. Victor wondered what she said to make her calm, and hoped charges weren’t about to be pressed. His cock leapt out and flopped along grazing Carmine’s bubbly ass.

She jumped feeling it but Meredith kept her from moving.

“Get down, a real relationship is give and take.” Meredith pushed Carmine by her shoulders to her knees. She stood over her and used her hip to push the back of her head over and onto him.

Carmine seemed to be in shock as she started to numbly give him a blowjob. Victor thought if anyone ever was shocked to find themselves sucking someone off, they would look like Carmine. Her style was uninspired. She used more of her lips then tongue and bobbed her mouth like a pussy.

“That’s why you can’t keep a man! Use your throat. Let him have your body. That’s exactly what your doing is using your body on his. You’re not good enough for Victor this way.” Meredith said pushing her in harder.

She ruthlessly backed off Carmine and threw her onto his cock. Tears flowed down her face wrecking her carefully applied makeup. “This is the pleasure of giving.” She said after ramming them together for a few minutes. Victor was already quite hard and his cock was covered in the thick saliva found in Carmine’s throat.

Meredith pulled off Carmine and bent her over the desk. “This is the pleasure of receiving.” She bent in and pushed her nose into Carmine’s ass as she sloughed around and burrowed her face into her forcefully.

Carmine danced on her face panting open mouthed. Meredith had picked her feet off the floor with the force of her face pushing in. Carmine started to slap the desk and finally with a keening wail she let out a gush that flowed out on Meredith.

She sagged and limply fell across the desk in a heap as Meredith untangled herself and stood.

“What did you tell her?” Victor asked curious.

“I told her if she relaxed she would enjoy it and keep her job.”

“Wow that’s pretty bold of you. They call that coercion.” He added.

“It was important, and I feel it will make her better.” Meredith replied as she stroked Carmines ass. Carmine shivered and sobbed but didn’t move. “Are you satisfied? Do you want more Carmine? Can you take more?”

“Please, be gentle with me.” She said quietly and tried pulling up her knees onto the desk and raising her ass.

“This is what you want?” Victor asked taking off his pants and pulling her to the side.

“Yes.” She hissed as he slid her up on the corner of the desk. He had her squat so her knees were straddling the desk and her clit bore the weight of her body on the corner of the desk. He pulled her arms back bending the elbows and bringing her hands to the back of her neck. He interlaced a few of her fingers, and with one hand he held them there, with his other hand, Victor brought his cock up to her drooling hole.

“Carmine, you want this cock?” He asked to be sure.

“Yes Vic, please.” She pleaded hoarsely.

He pushed into her and was surprised at her tightness. After the usual struggle, her body took his width fine, but he bottomed out less than halfway inside her. Her pussy was not as hot as Meredith’s was, nor as snug and accommodating, but it was wet from her earlier explosion and let him glide in and out fairly easily. He shoved against the back wall of her pussy claiming more space for himself inside her. Carmine started wriggling under him and her feet slid out from under her as she tried to move off of him.

“Aww, what the hell Carmine? Do you want this dick or not?” He hissed pushing further into her struggling body. Her legs straightened behind him and her ass clenched.

He paused and leaned into her ear. “Hold still.” He soothed and pushed her down on the desk as she started panicking.

He heaved into her pushing harder and deeper in a building rhythm. He had the ability to fuck her for days and showed it by setting a brutal speed that left her flopping on the table like an electrocuted fish. Behind him, Meredith shut the office door and turned back to watch.

Carmine bucked her head up and froze with a quiet orgasm after a few minutes as Victor continued to slam her. After ten minutes, she silently arched onto her face and hips as her body locked up and he felt another liquid explosion douse his cock and balls. Meredith watched her pupils dance in drunken circles under her wrecked makeup and half closed eyelids. After she came down, the once proud Latina loudly hyperventilated trying to get down her oxygen deficit.

“Are you satisfied?” Meredith asked almost cruelly.

“Oh god, you’re gonna kill me.” She moaned.

Victor chuckled at her still keeping up his pace. “Mercy, Carmine. Do you want mercy?” His voice was flat, even, and sounded bored despite his Herculean effort. Her spasming pussy was wet as ever but he could feel it starting to swell around him from the abuse.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Vic, you’re the man! Mercy.”

Victor pulled back and Meredith came to him immediately. Meredith quite transparently, was checking to see if he came. Satisfied, she stood and hugged him tightly, pressing her full body into him.

“How long will you be able to concentrate with that level of satisfaction?” Meredith asked from Victor’s side. Carmine huffed and didn’t move as twitches ran up and down her body.

She slumped over trying to right herself before replying. “I’ll work late tonight, I’ll come in this weekend, and I won’t go out. Is he going to do me like that again?”

“Likely. This weekend won’t work however.” Meredith said from behind him as she walked around to her desk. She paused looking at Carmines face in the light from the computer. “You should really clean yourself up.”

“Right, I just need a little moment.” Carmine pulled herself back onto the floor and sunk down to squat at the front of the desk. Her pussy made a burp as it was compressed and released air. “Damn, how long has it been?”

Outside the hooting, giggling, and murmurs of returning coworkers came through muffled from the work area outside. Some of the girls had large bags of family sized servings from their favorite restaurant and a nearby deli. The group set them out and scattered the boxes on a conference table.

“Shit.” Carmine said watching her co-workers serve themselves. She was trapped in.

“You’ll have to hurry. Perhaps you can be clever.” Meredith chided.

Victor noticed a budding smile.

Carmine rose and skulked to the door. She straightened what she could of her dress and looked at her reflection in the glass. She lowered her head and dashed out past her eating laughing co-workers. Only Misty the receptionist got a good look at her, the others only saw her flee holding her face.

“Oh my god! Was she fired?” a voice in the gaggle wondered aloud. They impotently repeated what they saw and eulogized their supposedly sacked comrade as they continued to eat. Carmine joined them in a few moments without makeup and heartily dug into the food spinning a story between bites.

In the shadows of her office, Meredith stood behind Victor and had swung her arms around his waist and softly chewed at his shoulder blade while looking at her employees.