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Twelve Days a Slave 12 of 13

2023-01-23 00:02:52

This is the story of a young woman’s conviction as a terrorist and what happens to her when she is sentenced to penal slavery. Penal slavery is not impossible. The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America do NOT prohibit slavery. They only LIMIT slavery to punishment for crimes. In other words, the Constitution allows penal slavery.

After the woman is convicted, a “sentence negotiator” gets her sentence reduced to a public day of repentance followed by eleven days of public punishment. Following that, she is to serve one year of penal servitude.

This story deals with non-consensual punishment, pain, and involuntary slavery. If such topics offend you or upset you, I would advise skipping this particular book.

There are thirteen chapters to this story. The chapters can be read on their own, but the story is much better understood if the previous portions have been read. The complete story is full book length. I debated publishing it with some of my other books at Fiction4all, but decided that I would rather serialize it and post it here.

A description of the thirteen chapters follows the end of each chapter. This tenth day returns missy to old school punishment as she receives an old fashioned caning. There is also a contest between slaves to see who can withstand the most strokes of the cane.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2016 by The Technician.

Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.

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Chapter Twelve - It is a fantasy boarding school, but the caning missy receives is very real.

Missy once again awoke to the smell of coffee. But something was different. At first she couldn’t quite place it, but something was definitely different. When she went up front, William was cooking eggs, but there was no bacon. Instead there were two thin steaks sizzling in the pan on the other burner.

“Steak and eggs,” he said as she stepped into the kitchen. He pointed to the table and said, “Have a seat.”

“I’ve got to go get my towel,” she started to say, but he cut her off with “I already put one out for you.”

“Oh,” she said as she sat down. William set the plates on the table and slid into his side of the booth-like arrangement. Missy began eating her steak and eggs, but he merely pushed things around on is plate.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” was the immediate response. To which missy replied, “Bullshit! You cooked steak for breakfast which you say is for special occasions. You got out a towel for me instead of sending me back for one. Now you aren’t eating and you can’t look at me. Something is wrong!”

“Is that any way for a slave to talk to her Master?” he said softly. He tried to sound angry, but it came out more like disappointment or sadness.

“I thought you were more than my Master,” she replied. There were tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

“I am,” he said. The tone of his voice was now totally flat.

He huffed and looked up at her. “That’s why I’m so upset. You’ve got a really rough day set for today.” He paused and took in a deep breath before saying, “I thought I was just your Master back when I set it up.”

She reached over and placed her hand on his. “How bad?”

“Forty-six with a cane,” he answered. “Lucinda’s Schooltime Fantasies is sponsoring today” he explained. “They run several adult fantasy camps specializing in school fantasies. Lucinda plans to present a series of schoolgirl/schoolboy role-play scenarios. At the end of each scene, the Master or Dominatrix playing the teacher disciplines the students... including you. I’m not sure what happens to the others, but by the end of the last scenario, you will have gotten forty-six of the best– probably all with a cane.”

“I took forty-six of that robot’s best,” she said firmly. “I can handle it.”

“But that was a machine programmed to hit just hard enough to raise a welt,” he said. Concern was evident on his face. “This will be someone playing teacher who’s swinging the cane.”

“But it is a professional playing a teacher,” she said firmly. “I would be willing to bet that most of their clients don’t want any permanent marks on their body. That would mean not cutting the skin with a whip or a paddle... or a cane.”

She laughed slightly to release her tension. “Don’t worry. I will be able to take it. If you remember, I came while that robot was whaling away on me and that was forty-six continuous strokes. I’ll be able to handle it and I will be thinking of you gently smearing my ass with that magic ointment of yours all the while I am getting caned.”

She smiled. It was a genuine smile. Then she said, “Finish your breakfast. We have to clean up, grease up, lock up, and mount up.” She giggled and said, “I was hoping I would get the chance to say that at least once.”

William looked a little less upset as he drove the ATV into town for their morning mini-parade. Missy, on the other hand, was becoming more and more anxious. Despite her bravado, she knew that forty-six strokes with a cane could be very unpleasant.

As they made their lap around the courthouse square, missy could feel a slight wetness between her legs. She wasn’t sure if it was fear causing her to leak urine or arousal causing her to leak love juices. “I think I have a love-hate relationship with pain,” she said aloud. “I really hate it, but I love what it can do to my body.” She sighed deeply and shook her finger in the air as if addressing a recalcitrant small child, “Missy,” she said aloud, “you can get through this. Just concentrate on what you love and try to ignore what you hate.” She added silently, “... like forty-six strokes with a cane.”

As missy waited in her cage for showtime, she watched as the regular stage crew and an additional half-dozen or so men in dark blue coveralls with LSF embroidered in white, very ornate script set up two different classrooms on the stage. The wall between the two classrooms was actually two walls which came to a point near the front of the stage but widened out to about two meters at the back. This allowed someone to enter either classroom through doors that were about half-way out in the V-shaped wall.

The front wall of both classrooms had long, old-fashioned blackboards mounted on them. There was a stout, wooden teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom and five rows of chairs in each classroom. Missy counted the chairs and wondered to herself, “How are they going to fill thirty chairs in each room?”

Her question was answered when about twenty minutes before show time, William came out on stage and said, “It is time to announce the winners in our Be an Extra in Lucinda’s Show contest. So, if you bought a ticket, listen up! There are twenty-five male winners and twenty-five female winners.”

He held up a stiff sheet of paper and waved it as he said, “Before I announce the names, I want to remind you that being an extra doesn’t mean you get to deal out any punishments. But it doesn’t mean that you will be receiving any punishments either– unless, that is, you make special arrangements with Lucinda’s people in advance. What you are guaranteed to get, however, is the best seat in the house to watch a variety of naked and almost-naked asses getting set on fire.”

He lifted the sheet in front of his face and announced, “When I call your name, please go back stage to get changed into your costumes.” He then began calling out names. As he called the names, people began getting up and making their way down the grandstand and across the track. Most of the men stood up silently and started walking. Most of the women yelped with excitement as they scurried down the steps and across the track.

“I have one more name,” William said loudly. “Those of you who are still holding on to your half of the tickets,” he continued, “please notice that it says very clearly in dark, bold print, that only one prize can be claimed by any one person.”

He laughed. “What that means,” he said, holding up a half-dozen or so ticket stubs, “is that BobbyJo Kowalski can win only once despite having purchased a couple of hundred entries, seven of which were drawn as a winner.”

The audience laughed as a young blond woman leapt to her feet with a loud “Yessss!”

“Miss Kowalski,” William continued, “be assured that I have forwarded to Headmistress Lucinda the request your wrote on each and every one of your two hundred and thirty-seven entries.” He held up one of the ticket stubs and read loudly, “I want you to spank my naked ass until it is beet red and then send me home naked and crying.”

She buried her face in her hands for a moment and than raced down the steps and ran around behind the stage.

“Headmistress Lucinda,” he said with another laugh, “has promised me that she will do her best to to honor such a heart-felt request.”

The audience hooted and cheered loudly as he walked back off the stage.

Fifteen minutes later it was two o’clock and William once again came out on stage. He began with his standard, “Ladies and gentleman, this day of punishment for our repentant terrorist is brought to you by Lucinda’s Schooltime Fantasies. Whether you are male or female... whether you wish to experience a fantasy experience as a painfully punished student or a severe, punishing teacher Lucinda has a complete setting for you. Or, if you already have a classroom full of friends who want to join in the fantasy, Headmistress Lucinda can give you a group rate and orchestrate whatever scenario you have in mind.”

He pointed behind him and said, “As you can see, we have two classrooms set up today. Our teachers are Headmistress Lucinda, herself, and the co-owner of Lucinda’s Schooltime Fantasies, Herr Heinrich Berger.”

Both teachers walked out onto the stage and took their places behind the desks. “Herr Berger wants me to make it clear that his Germanic accent and demeanor is not an act or fantasy.” William said. “He is quite willing to discuss his background with you after the show... providing you speak fluent, proper Hoch Deutch– known to us English speakers as ‘High German.’”

The audience laughed lightly as the students began filing into the classrooms through the doors in the middle wall. William continued, “Lucinda’s class– the one on stage left– is a form five class. Herr Berger’s class– the one on stage right– is a form six class. In both classes there is one student who has been stripped of all privileges because of her bad behavior– including the privilege of clothing.”

BobbyJo Kowalski walked out of the door into Lucinda’s classroom and stood next to Lucinda’s desk facing the audience. She was totally naked except for a collar and chains similar to what missy was wearing. The golden down between her legs was already wet and glistening. The crowd clapped and screamed obscene comments as she stepped into the classroom. She turned pink as they hooted and then immediately became deep red when one loud voice cried out, “I’m going to post pictures of this on the company website, honeybunch. Your dad is going to love the publicity for his firm.”

William waited for the crowd to quiet slightly and then put his hand to his chin as if he were thinking deeply. “I wonder,” he said dramatically, “who will play the part of the badly-behaving student in the sixth form class?”

The audience began to laugh and applaud as missy’s cage began to slowly descend into Herr Berger’s classroom.

“Oh, that’s right!” William exclaimed. “We already have a badly-behaved young woman with us today who is custom made for the role.”

He met the cage as it settled onto the stage floor. He opened the door to allow missy to step out, but did not remove her collar, manacles or shackles as he normally did. He said something to her and she went to stand alongside Herr Berger’s desk. It was now obvious that both naked girls were wearing identical collars, chains, and restraints.

Both Headmistress Lucinda and Herr Berger spoke at the same time. They said exactly the same words and their voices blended as if in a duet with Herr Berger’s deep voice and Germanic accent creating a strange harmony with Lucinda’s crisp, almost British English. “Class,” they said, “this is what happens when you refuse to obey the rules. Before this unruly student takes her seat and joins us, she will receive three of my best while lying over my desk.”

They then both pointed at the front of their desks. Missy knew the drill and stood against the desk with her upper body laying on the hard wood. BobbyJo had to be moved into the proper position by the Headmistress.

“Count each stroke,” the two voices said. At first they were slightly out of sync, but by the time they said the word “stroke,” they once again had unison.

There was a pause of several seconds then the canes came down quickly. The “Snap!” of the two canes were not quite exactly together. One sounded almost like an echo of the other. The two screams, however, were blended together as one from the beginning.

The second “Snap!” was exactly synchronized. The screams the second time began together, but one of the girls– probably BobbyJo– immediately took her scream into a very high soprano range.

The third “Snap!” was also done in unison. Again BobbyJo’s scream rose in pitch so that it became more of a screech before finally fading away.

“Show me your ass,” both teachers commanded, and the girls rose from the desks and faced away from the teachers. The stage lights shining down on them both glistened slightly on the inside of their upper thighs.

“The proper way to display the marks of your punishment,” the teachers said in unison, “is to bend at the waist and place your palms on the floor about a meter in front of your feet.”

Both girls did so.

Headmistress Lucinda stared at BobbyJo’s ass impassively. Herr Berger reached out and traced each of the three welts with his finger, allowing his digit to follow the skin deep within the fold of the crease of her ass cheeks.

“Now display yourself to the class,” both instructed.

BobbyJo and missy both turned and resumed their humiliating position with they asses pointed out toward the audience which thundered their approval. After several moments both teachers said, “You may now take your seat.”

BobbyJo and missy sat tenderly in the empty front row center desk in their respective classrooms. The ancient, hard, wood was immediately very uncomfortable. Missy responded with a slight yelp and a visible wince as she sat down. BobbyJo sighed and gave a very small moan of pleasure.

Both teachers now went to the blackboards and began to write in old-fashioned white chalk, “The lesson for today is...” That is as far as either of them got before loud yelling from behind the set caused them to set down their chalk and walk over to the door of the classroom. Headmistress Lucinda rushed into the “hallway” between the classrooms. More yelling could be heard which suddenly stopped when Lucinda’s voice snapped out, “Both of you! Come with me! Now!”

She marched back into sight through the door to the form six classroom with two young women dressed as teacher s trailing behind her. One of the women was a rather large blond with obvious Nordic heritage. The other was a slight, almost frail, Asian.

“What was so important,” the Headmistress began sternly, “that you felt it was appropriate to disrupt not only my class but also Herr Bergen’s?”

The petite Asian girl said, “We were arguing, Ma’am.”

“And what were you arguing about?” Herr Bergen interjected. His German accent made his voice sound very angry.

“This slant-eyed Peter Pan,” the Nordic blonde said derisively, “thinks that she is better with the cane than I am.”

“That’s because,” the Asian said, “this Viking buffalo cow thinks that size and strength are all that is needed to mete out proper punishment.” She smiled out at the audience before continuing. “She’s wrong.”

“One of you is making false statements,” the Headmistress said, “and lies must be punished.”

“I’m the best,” said the blonde. “That’s not a lie. That’s the truth.”

The Asian girl huffed loudly and said, “She’s not telling the truth, but she doesn’t know yet that she is lying.”

“I guess we will have to test you both in some fashion,” Lucinda said. “We will have you give three of your best to one of the students and see who gives out the better punishment.”

“Who will be receiving the strokes?” Herr Berger asked.

The Headmistress looked at the front row and said, “Oh, I think I can find someone.”

“Slave missy!” she said loudly and missy jumped up from her chair. “Go into the other classroom and bring BobbyJo here.”

Missy walked out the door into the hidden hallway and shortly afterwards appeared in the other classroom. She stood in front of BobbyJo and raised her eyebrows. Since she heard everything that was said on the other side of the stage, BobbyJo didn’t need any explanation. She stood up and walked with missy back to Herr Bergen’s classroom.

When they entered, the Headmistress ordered, “Both of you come here.” She was now standing forward of the classroom set near the front of the stage. “And one of you bring Herr Bergen’s chair with you.”

The six of them gathered around the chair at the front of the stage. “I think we need another chair,” Herr Bergen said. Turning to BobbyJo he ordered, “Bring the one from the other classroom.

BobbyJo padded across the stage and retrieved the chair from behind Lucinda’s desk. The audience chuckled slghtly when she entered the classroom through stage front rather than going back through the hallway doors.

Herr Bergen set the chairs near the front of the stage about three feet apart with the seats of the chairs inward. He then motioned for the two girls to stand facing the backs of the chairs. “After I blindfold you,” he said in his thick accent, “you will bend over the back of the chair and grab the front of the seat. You WILL hold that position until you are told that you may stand up.”

He then wrapped a black piece of cloth around their eyes and pressed his hand into the center of their backs pushing them over the top of the chair. Their asses were now forced prominently up.

Headmistress Lucinda handed a cane to the blonde and to the Asian. “You will each deliver three of your best to one of the girls and then switch. Afterwards we will ask them who was worse.”

The huge blond stood behind missy while the petite Asian stood behind BobbyJo. “One,” the Headmistress said and they both struck with the canes. BobbyJo and missy seemed to screech at about the same level.

“Two!” Missy’s feet were dancing beneath her as she attempted to stay still over the back of the chair.

“Three!” Now it was BobbyJo’s turn to dance as she gasped and shrieked from the pain.

“Switch,” ordered the Headmistress, and the two instructors stepped around to the other girl.

“One!” came the command and both canes swished down to land with a loud “Snap!” against the upturned asses. Missy yelped with a very high-pitched scream. BobbyJo’s feet both came up off the floor as she screamed out “God!” The audience applauded.

“Two!” The “Snap!” this time seemed even louder. So did both girls screams.

“Three!” Both the Nordic giant and the small Asian grunted slightly as they brought their canes down in their final stroke.

“Aiiiieeee” both missy and BobbyJo screamed out. Both also let go of the seat of the chair and stood upright frantically rubbing their behinds.

“I don’t think our test worked,” Herr Bergen said. “Obviously both instructors caned much harder on the second set. We will have to figure out something else.”

Lucinda turned to missy and BobbyJo and said, “You may return to your classrooms.” She smiled and then said sweetly, “Please remember to sit quietly while we sort this out.”

Neither missy nor BobbyJo looked like they really wanted to sit– quietly nor not– but both returned to their front row center seats and very tenderly sat down.

Herr Bergen held up his hand. “I just remembered,” he said, “of a caning contest that my professors used to talk about. It was back in the old days and it was an argument very much like this one. Two women both claimed to be the best at administering the cane.”

“How did they solve it?” Lucinda asked.

“It was simple,” he replied. “The two women traded stroke for stroke and the first one to give up was the loser.”

He turned one of the chairs so that it was facing up stage and then said, “Remove your skirts.”

Both instructors dropped their skirts to the floor and stood there in plain white school-style panties.

“I think this should be on the bare,” said the Headmistress and both girls lowered their panties to their knees. The large blond had a thick thatch of hair between her legs that hung down almost like a blond beard. The Asian, on the other hand, had a black, well-trimmed, triangle between her legs.

“You will need to be able to move your legs when you administer the cane,” Herr Bergen said wearily as he reached up with his foot and pressed the Asian’s panties to the floor so she could step out of them.

“You will be first over the chair,” he said firmly as he looked down at the petite teacher.

This was the point where the Lucinda’s presentation left the script. The two young women had been given an exact scenario up to this point. They had even properly memorized their lines. But who would win this contest was not determined by the script. To insure that the two girls gave a good performance, Lucinda had promised a significant cash prize to the winner and an equally significant punishment to the loser. From this point on, this was a real contest.

The Asian leaned over the chair to present her thin ass to her opponent. There was a loud swish and an even louder “Snap!” as the cane struck her ass cheeks. You could see her muscles tighten as she dealt with the pain, but she said nothing.

“Change,” the Headmistress ordered and the blond took the Asian’s place over the back of the chair.

When the dark haired girl swung the cane, the swish was not quite as loud and the “Snap!” of the cane meeting flesh was definitely much softer. The blond gasped slightly, but otherwise did not acknowledge the blow.

The crowd began buzzing with conversation as various people compared the two women’s caning abilities and ability to withstand pain. A significant number of bets were made about who would end up giving up first. The odds were greatly in favor of the larger woman, but some people will always bet on the underdog.

Once the petite Asian had draped herself over the chair, the blond delivered her second stroke. The “Snap!” was even louder than the first time and a second welt appeared across the dark-haired girl’s ass, criss-crossing the first. She yelped slightly, but controlled herself enough to keep from crying out.

It was then the blonde’s turn to present her ass to her opponent. The stroke was obviously much less powerful than what the blonde had delivered... but it was in exactly the same place as the first stroke. The blonde grunted slightly but otherwise ignored the stroke.

And so it went for stroke after stroke. The blonde slowly turned the smaller girl’s ass red and purple, but the little Asian would not give up. Meanwhile, the single welt across the blonde’s substantial ass became deeper and deeper and began to seep blood.

After ten strokes had been traded, both women were no longer able to hold back their screams of pain. On the eleventh stroke, the smaller girl’s “Aiieeee!” echoed through the stands. She staggered slightly as she stood up and the crowd held its breath waiting for her to give up or collapse.

The blonde then placed herself over the chair and the Asian began her swing. Unlike her first ten swings, this time she turned her body as she brought the cane up over her shoulder. Then spinning her body and putting all of her weight and strength into the swing she brought the cane down with all her might. The extra effort did not affect her aim. The eleventh stroke landed in the groove created by the first ten strikes.

This time the “Snap!” was louder than anything to that point. And the blonde’s scream was unbelievably loud. She jumped up to her feet and grabbed at her ass. “Oh God! Oh God!” she cried out. “Oh God that hurts! That hurts so bad! I can’t take any more. I give up! I give up! I give up!”

The Asian girl held her hands above her head in a Rocky-like pose and danced around the front of the stage. Several crewmen in black hustled up onto the stage. Two of them helped the blonde leave by the side steps while a third escorted the winner. The petite Asian did her Rocky dance once more as she left the stage. As she did so and faced the audience, her neatly trimmed black thatch glistened in the light. She may not have been turned on by pain, but winning had definitely gotten her juices flowing.

Lucinda and Herr Bergen picked up their chairs and walked back to their classrooms and stepped behind their desks. The lights on the stage left classroom dimmed as Headmistress Lucinda sat behind her desk. On stage right, Herr Bergen began writing on the board.

Almost as soon as his back was turned, the girl next to missy slipped a note onto her desk. Missy looked over at the girl. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. Her hair was very dark, almost black, but her skin was very, very pale. For some reason the words “black Irish” came into missy’s head.

The girl pointed to the note and missy glanced down at it. The note said, “Would you like to have sex with me? Check yes or no.” There were two small appropriately labeled boxes below the note.

Missy gasped and tried to hand the note back but the girl wouldn’t take it. Instead she looked missy in the eyes and stuck out her tongue. With her eyebrows raised as if asking a question she reached up with the tip of her tongue and touched the front of her nose... and then slid her tongue on up the bridge of her nose for another inch before pulling it back into her mouth.

She smiled and mouthed the words, “Size matters.”

Both girls jumped in their chairs and their heads snapped back to facing forward as Herr Bergan’s hand slammed down on his desk. “There is no talking in my classroom,” he bellowed. “And no passing of notes between students.”

He was now standing directly in front of missy staring down at her with his hands on his hips. “Give me the note,” he growled and held out his hand.

Missy wasn’t sure what to do. She knew the girl sitting next to her was one of the participants from the audience, so she wasn’t sure if this was part of the scenario or not. She looked over at the black-haired girl.

“This is my fantasy,” the girl said softly. “And I don’t have to pay to go to one of Lucinda’s camps to live it out.”

Missy handed the note to Herr Bergen who held it up and began to read in his heavy German accent, “Would you like to have sex with me? Check yes or no.”

He looked over the small piece of paper at missy and said, “I see you have checked yes.”

At first missy thought that he was adding that for dramatic effect, but then she realized that while the girl’s lizard-like tongue was sticking out, she had, indeed, checked yes.

“First we will punish you for receiving– and answering– this note,” he said loudly. “Then we will find an appropriate punishment for Fraulein Kelly O’Grady.”

He reached down and effortlessly lifted missy to her feet. “Assume the position over the desk,” he said gruffly. “Receiving notes in class is 6 with the leather paddle. Sending notes is twelve.”

“Eighteen strokes!” thought missy. “I won’t survive that from him!” Then she realized exactly what the old German had said. “He said with the leather paddle, not the cane. I can handle that.

As missy took her place in front of the desk, Herr Bergen reached into the middle drawer and pulled out a small pillow. He placed that on the front edge of the desk and said, “Prepare yourself.”

Missy wasn’t sure how she was supposed to prepare herself for a dozen and a half smacks with a leather paddle, but she draped herself across the desk with the pillow centered so that it padded her groin and protected it from the rough edge of the wooden desk.

“Count them,” the teacher ordered and almost immediately followed that with his first swat. The loud “Smack!” of the leather slamming into missy’s ass reverberated through the stands.

“Aaaaahh!” she screamed and then recovered herself so that she could shout out “One, sir!”

He slammed into her ass again. ““Aaaaahh! Two, sir!”

Herr Bergen was as precise as the best machine. His swats were exactly two seconds apart and were always applied with exactly the same force. Each “Smack!” was exactly the same as the one before it.

Missy’s response was nearly identical. She would cry out and then yell the proper number. But the regular pace and constant strength of the swats allowed her to go into the pain. By the time the fifteenth swat was delivered, her cry had softened to “Ahhhhh” and was as much passion as pain. After she finally counted the final “Eighteen, sir!” she continued to lay face down on the desk moaning softly– not in pain, but in need.

“Turn longwise on the desk and turn over onto your back,” Herr Bergen now ordered.

Missy wasn’t sure what he wanted and apparently didn’t move fast enough for him. He grabbed her legs and spun her body ninety degrees. He then growled, “Back!” and missy flipped over so that she was face up on the desk.

“Surely he isn’t going to use the paddle on my front,” she said to herself. When he next told her to raise her knees, she began to tremble in fear. Her cunt was now very exposed to the paddle he was tapping against his palm.

“Miss O’Grady,” he barked out. “Come here.” He was pointing down to the floor next to him.
The girl scrambled over to his side. “I think I know the perfect punishment for you, Fraulein,” he said as he slapped the leather paddle harder against his palm.

“You wanted to have sex with this slave, didn’t you?”

She nodded her head.

“You can’t wait to put that snake tongue of yours into her juicy twat, isn’t that right?”

She again nodded her head.

“You imagine yourself naked with her taking her as high as a woman can go, don’t you?”

This time her head nodded vigorously.

“Then don’t you think you should get naked?”

She started to nod her head once again, but suddenly startled and began rapidly removing her school uniform. To the surprise of some, she was wearing nothing beneath the pleated skirt. Her cunt was hairless except for a thin strip of her very black hair that ran from the top of her slit almost to her naval. The effect was to accentuate her slit and make it look much larger than it was.

“Now,” the teacher said firmly, “you are going to get your wish. You are going to lick this slave until she comes at least twice.” He laughed slightly. The laugh sounded very ominous and artificial. “And all the while that you are licking her cunt, I will be pounding your ass with this leather paddle.”

The dark haired girl’s legs buckled slightly before she recovered herself. She didn’t look afraid, however, she looked extremely aroused. She turned and put her hands on missy’s knees. She bent over as she spread missy’s legs. Missy’s “Ahhhhh” was almost as loud as it had been on the sixteenth swat as the girl’s tongue touched her labia.

The leather paddle slammed down on Kelly’s ass with a resounding “Smack!” but she didn’t respond at all. Instead she pushed her face deeper between missy’s legs and began forcing her tongue into missy’s gushing snatch.

Kelly made no sound as the paddle slammed into her ass, but missy’s ever increasing grunts and cries of passion kept exact time with the paddle. Missy’s knees were now over Kelly’s shoulders and her hips were rocking up to meet the thrusts of Kelly’s mouth and tongue.

Kelly’s huge tongue slipped out of missy’s cunt and slid upward to smother her clit with a long wet embrace. Missy was starting to wail and slam her hands against the top of the desk. It was obvious that she was very close to orgasm. Kelly suddenly pushed her shoulders forward with all her might and rolled missy’s ass upward off the desktop. She planted her mouth directly over missy’s clit and slid her tongue downward into missy’s slit while at the same time sucking heavily on that sensitive pleasure nub. Herr Bergen’s paddle was now driving Kelly’s own clit against the side edge of the desk. She began to shake and quiver as she mashed her face against missy’s sex.

Missy’s wail suddenly became a loud scream as she tightened her legs and body against Kelly’s shoulders. Except for her own shoulders, missy’s body was now lifted totally off the desktop. Kelly threw back her head, which was now clamped tightly between missy’s legs, and added her own primal scream of pleasure to missy’s orgasmic howl.

Herr Bergen stood with the paddle by his side, breathing heavily from the exertion. After he regained his breath he said, “That was thirty-two swats, but I’m not sure that it was punishment.” He pointed at the front row of student desks and added, “But I think remaining in your seats for the rest of the class will complete the punishment.”

Kelly stood slowly and started to pick up her clothing, but Herr Berger said curtly, “You have lost that privilege. You will remain without your uniform for the remainder of the class. Kelly returned to her seat naked. She winced slightly as she sat down, but smiled and stared dreamily at missy as she walked over to her seat.

Missy also winced slightly, but she was still in a post-orgasmic haze and really didn’t feel the burn as her ass touched the hard wood.

The lights now dimmed on stage-right and came up on stage-left. Headmistress Lucinda was sitting at her desk shuffling through a stack of papers. “I am very disturbed,” she said gravely, “by what I am seeing in these standardized yearly tests.” Looking up at the class she continued, “It is obvious that five of my students have cheated on this exam.”

She then called out five names and told two girls and three boys to step to the front of the room. They did so and she had them stand in a line facing the class.

“This test is the same each year,” she explained, “and it is very apparent that you five were given the answers in advance of the test by a form six student who kept the answers from last year and created a cheat sheet for you. You will each receive a zero on the test and six strokes with the wooden paddle.”

She looked out at the class once again and said, “And in case any of you are wondering how I was so quick to discover this trickery, the test questions are identical each year, but the order of the questions is changed. All five students had the same horrid score of nineteen on the exam.” Facing the five she added, “Even without your scores being thrown out, you all failed the exam.”

She began to pace up and down in front of the line of students. “What I want to know before your punishment begins,” she said sternly, “is who gave you last year’s answers. He or she will share in your punishment as well as receive three with the cane.”

The five answered in unison, “It was slave missy, Ma’am.”

Lucinda turned to BobbyJo and said, “Go to the other classroom and tell Herr Bergen that I need slave missy in my classroom.” BobbyJo jumped up and scampered through the doors over to the other classroom. A few moments later she returned with missy. Missy looked confused and afraid. Neither her confusion nor her fear was an act.

“Slave missy,” the Headmistress said sternly as soon as she entered the room, “these students have informed me that you helped them cheat on this year’s standardized exam.” Missy started to say something but Lucinda cut her off with “Don’t bother to deny it. It is exactly the type of conduct I would expect from a student who has already lost all privileges.”

She then instructed the five to prepare themselves for punishment. The five– all participants selected in the lottery– either tucked their skirts into their waistbands or lowered their pants, depending on whether they were female or male. Lucinda then pulled missy into the line and arranged them boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl in a small circle at the front of the room. By the time they were finished, they were each bent over so that their chest was resting on the rear end of the next one in the circle.

“This punishment will be passed through your circle six times,” she said as she had the boy leaning on missy’s back move back slightly and support himself with his hands on his knees. “I will give the first stroke and then you will pass it on to the person in front of you until it has gone all the way around the circle. The last one will return the paddle to me and I will start the next round. Do you understand that?”

Everyone except missy answered in a sing-song unison, “Yes, Headmistress Lucinda, we understand.”

Missy tried to relax her ass muscles, but she was too nervous. This was a solid wooden paddle, not a slapstick. It was going to hurt!

It did. She yelped as the solid wood slammed into her asscheeks. It wasn’t as hard as she had expected, but it was still a very loud “Smack!” as wood struck flesh.

The Headmistress then lifted up on missy’s shoulder and raised her to the standing position. She handed her the paddle and said, “Now you pass that swat around to your co-conspirators.”

Missy did as she was instructed. She tried to hit with the same force that the Headmistress had used on her, but the stinging from her nether regions encouraged her to give just a little bit more than she had received.

Because the young man was wearing underwear, the “Smack!” was nowhere near as loud as it had been when the paddle hit her bare flesh, but his yelp of pain was at least as loud as hers had been.

“Now hand him the paddle,” Lucinda instructed and missy did so.

The young man passed on the swat which he had received. The “Smack!” this time was a little sharper than it had been when the paddle met his ass. That was apparently because the girl’s panties were much thinner than his underwear, or perhaps because they covered less and a portion of the paddle struck bare flesh. In any case it was sharper and slightly louder. The girl’s yelp of pain was also louder.

After the young man passed the paddle on to the girl, he bent over with his hands on his knees and the Headmistress guided missy down into position against his back. The girl’s swat which she delivered to the next young man was less sharp, but it was definitely louder. He grunted rather than yelping, but it was a very loud grunt.

He passed the swat on to the next girl and she to the last young man. Even with striking on underwear, the “Smack!” was getting very loud. The final young man, who was again leaning against missy’s back, cried out with a long “Aaaah!” after the paddle bounced off his ass.

“It gets harder with each person,” Missy thought. “I’m glad I’m first in line.”

Then the paddle slammed into her ass. The “Smack!” was much louder than it had been when the Headmistress has struck her. Missy was not expecting the swat and was totally unprepared. “Aiieee” she screamed as she stood upright.

Her hands were moving back to her tortured behind but were stopped in place when Lucinda barked out “No rubbing!” She then ordered gruffly, “Resume the proper position.”

Missy was ready for the next swat. Headmistress Lucinda was not a part of the circle of punishment so there was no pain unconsciously urging her to strike harder. The increase in the strength of her swat was, therefore, carefully calculated. She increased it just enough so that by the time the swat came back around to missy, it would still be bearable.

The audience watched the strange dance of pain more or less in silence. Occasionally, you could hear someone saying to the person next to them, “It keeps getting harder, doesn’t it?” But overall, the crowd remained silent until the paddle had gone around the circle for the sixth time.

The final time that it slammed into missy’s ass, the “Smack!” was loud enough to echo slightly through the stands. The last boy then handed the paddle to the Headmistress who returned it to a drawer in her desk.

“My students!” she then said sharply, “noses against the blackboard!”

The five students stood with their noses pressed against the ancient slate.

“Display your punishment!” she further ordered and five pairs of hands awkwardly reached down and pushed underwear and panties down off their asses. There was some tittering and murmuring from the crowd as they noticed what almost appeared to be tan lines on the asses of the three girls. Thin cotton panties may not provide much protection from a wooden paddle, but what little protection they did provide caused the flesh protected by the panty to be slightly less red that the portion of the ass cheek which had direct contact with the wood.

Headmistress Lucinda now turned to missy who still stood next to her. “Assume the position,” she said sternly.

Missy sighed very deeply and lay her upper body over the top of the desk. The cane buzzed three times rapidly through the air and three fresh welts appeared across missy’s ass. “Aaiiiieee!” she screamed as the pain radiated throughout her body.

Her hands moved back toward her ass cheeks, but once again were stopped by the Headmistress’s stern warning, “No rubbing!”

Missy remained lying over the desk. Partly that was because she had not been told to rise, but mainly it was because she was trying to get a handle on the fiery pain which was throbbing in her ass. She tried to think of William gently applying his healing balm. She could almost visualize it when suddenly her mind substituted a different image. She could see herself flat on her back on that hard wooden desk. William was above her, naked. His stiff prick was plunging down into her again and again. Each thrust drove her tender ass into the wood causing new waves of pain... and pleasure?

“I said return to your classroom!” The Headmistress’s voice cut through the fog in her mind. “Have you gone deaf!? Or have you just lost your mind?”

“A little of both,” missy answered silently as she pushed herself up to her feet and staggered back across the hallway. As she dropped back down into her seat, the sudden impact of her bruised behind on the wooden chair caused a loud, “Ahhhh!” to escape from her lips. She could hear the audience applauding as several shudders vibrated her body.

“Only four more to go,” she said to herself as her body quieted. “Unless they only count that circle spank as six” She huffed slightly and then said aloud softly, “William, tonight you are going to fuck me with more than your hand.”

“Quiet in class!” snapped Herr Bergen. The lights were now up on both sides of the stage.

One of the students in the form six class raised her hand. “Herr Bergen,” she began, “could you please answer a question for me?”

“If it is reasonable,” he replied.

“We have seen the cane applied several times today,” she continued, “and I am wondering, where is the most painful place to be caned?”

“Obviously,” Herr Bergen began, “the most painful place to be caned would be directly on your sex, especially if you were lying face up and the person wielding the cane were standing at your head.”

Several audience members loudly said, “Ouch!”

The girl yelped and waited for the audience to quiet. Then she said, “I never thought of that!”

“And, of course,” he continued, “the second most painful would be directly across the nipples from the front.”

Several of the girls in the class gasped. One said loudly, “Oh, my!”

“But there is too much danger of physical harm or injury when caning from the front,” he said. “Since all punishment canings here at The Lucinda Academy are done from behind, I assume you are asking where on your back is the most painful.”

He looked around at the class and made a gesture as if swinging a cane, “Again, because of the high risk of injury to the kidneys, we will rule out the lower back. So, the question is, except for that area, where does the cane hurt the worst?”

He put his hand to his beard and thought for a moment before saying, “Honestly, I do not know. We may have to perform an experiment to find out.”

“Slave missy,” he said, “would you please go ask the Headmistress to come over to my classroom for a minute. And tell her to bring BobbyJo with her.”

Missy had a pretty good idea where this was leading as she went through the fake hallway and told the Headmistress what Herr Bergen had told her to do. When she returned to the form six classroom, she didn’t bother to sit down but instead stood alongside the desk with BobbyJo.

“What do you propose as an experiment?” Lucinda asked.

“I think we should have slave missy and BobbyJo assume the position on the desk,” he answered. “Then you and I will deliver two strokes to each girl in different places. They will tell us whether the first or the second stroke was the most painful.”

“What if they disagree?” she asked.

“That is a problem,” he answered. Once again his hand was stroking his beard as if he were in deep thought.

“We need a third test subject!” he suddenly exclaimed. “Then we would have at least a two out of three result for our test.”

After more beard stroking, he asked, “But who could we use as our third female?”

“Terry Mitchell,” Lucinda said loudly, looking down at one of the girls in the front row, “You would be the perfect person to complete our trio of test subjects.”

A young brunette in her late twenties popped up out of her desk and sputtered, “I didn’t write anything on my ticket!”

“No, you didn’t,” the Headmistress said smoothly, “but your husband did sent us a very interesting note that said you were too shy to say what your secret fantasies really were and that we would have to encourage you.”

“I don’t want to do this,” she said as she shook her head slowly from side to side. She looked over at the two women bent over the desk and said, “Yes, it is like some of my fantasies, but those are just fantasies.”

She addressed Lucinda directly and asked, “Do you really think that I WANT to get my ass caned in public?”

“Do you?” replied the Headmistress.

Terry stared back at her silently.

“Why don’t we let your body answer for you?” Lucinda suggested.

“Come here and remove your clothing,” the Headmistress said quietly. “Then we will ask your body if it wants to do this. If it says, ‘No,” we will pick another test subject. If it says, “Yes,” your mind will have to decide if you will accept your body’s answer. Do you want to do that?”

Again Terry did not answer, but she did step forward and begin to remove her skirt and blouse.

“For now,” Lucinda said, “all you need to remove are the skirt and panties.”

Terry did so and stood there naked from the waist down.

“Now spread your legs slightly,” the Headmistress instructed.

She then held up a brand new #2 yellow pencil. “I am going to insert this into your vagina,” she explained. “If it stays in there while we talk, then your body is saying, “No.” But if you are so slick that the pencil will not stay in place, then your body is screaming, “Yes!”

Terry trembled slightly as Lucinda carefully inserted the pencil, eraser end first, into her slit.

“This is what will happen if you are one of our test subjects,” the Headmistress began to explain. “You will be bent over the desk so that everyone in the audience can see your pussy lips gaping open between your legs. Then Herr Bergen or I will strike you with the cane. Your wild gyrations as the pain tears through your body will cause you to show even more of your most intimate self to the hundreds of people who are here today and the thousands upon thousands of people who are watching the video stream. We will then ask you which of the two strokes hurt the worst. You will answer us truthfully, and then we will repeat the whole process three or four more times. By the time we are finished, there will be six... or eight... or even ten burning red welts across those lily white ass cheeks of yours.”

Headmistress Lucinda started to say something else but her voice was drowned out by the sudden applause and shouts from the audience as the pencil dropped to the stage. Several men and even a few women called out, “Painslut! Painslut! Painslut! Painslut!”

“Your body has spoken,” Lucinda said firmly. “If you accept your body’s answer, remove the rest of your clothing and join slave missy and BobbyJo on the desk. If you deny what your body has said, then pick up your panties and skirt and leave.”

Terry looked over at the desk where missy and BobbyJo were displaying their already red and swollen asses. The audience groaned when she bent down and picked up her skirt and panties, but the began cheering and hooting when she handed them to the Headmistress and began removing her blouse. Soon there were three asses displayed over the desk.

“So that you are not influenced by what one of the others answers,” explained, Herr Bergen, “we will not be striking all of you in the same place each time.”

“But by the end of the test,” Lucinda continued, “we will have had each of you compare strokes to the same places of the body.” She looked over at Herr Bergen and said, “Begin.”

The cane in his hands snapped down on BobbyJo’s upper back and she howled in response. He then swatted her exactly in the middle of her asscheeks. She yelped loudly as the loud “Snap!” of the cane striking flesh echoed in the arena.

“Which was worse,” he asked.

“The first one, Sir,” she responded.

He moved on to Terry, who was lying between missy and BobbyJo. Again the cane swished loudly through the air and again its loud “Snap!” echoed through the stands. The first stroke landed precisely in the middle of her ass. The second stroke landed halfway down her thighs.

She screamed loudly as the first stroke landed and even louder when it was joined by the second