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Late for Breakfast

2023-01-20 21:54:54

Here's another story for you, folks. If you can't tolerate gays, please
choose a different story from the long list on XNXX. However, if you do
like gay porn stories, please be generous about my punctuation, grammar,
funny expressions, and spelling errors. English is not my first language.
This story is not even remotely based on true events.


It was a fair day for a family reunion in the garden of his sister's
home. Mike could not help recalling that other memorable reunion many
years ago, when he announced to his assembled relatives that he was gay.
It added much to the effect that he was holding hands with his then-friend
Chris. Great Aunt Lydia didn't get it the first time, as she was well
over ninety and hard of hearing. It was fun to watch her son - a lawyer in
his sixties - trying to explain her the news. When she finally understood,
she said with the innocence of the very young and very old: 'So he's like
young Richard who used to visit you. Such a handsome and kind young man
he was, and you were so sad when he moved away.' Mike still chuckled at
the thought of this past turmoil. Only Aunt Stephanie had come over,
hugged the boys and praised their courage. She was around fifty then,
unmarried and suspected of still having several lovers.

Nowadays, his love life was still rather a taboo topic for his
kinship, but they welcomed him heartily whenever they met. Simon, his
brother-in-law carried dozens of beer and wine glasses and followed
the orders of his wife, who was arranging the tables. Aunt Stephanie
was helping her, when a young couple entered the garden. The two were
enthusiastically greeted by the women. 'Mike, look, here's your cousin
Toni and his little girl-friend Rosi!', called Mike's sister. Toni smiled
shyly at him and Rosi even blushed a little. 'Aren't they a cute young
couple?', asked Aunt Stephanie who patted Mike's shoulder. The two were
even wearing clothes in matching colors. Mike grinned and had a closer
look at Toni. Wow, the lad had grown up a bit. And he looked gorgeous.

More and more people arrived, recognized each other, and started
exchanging memories. Toni and Rosi received much attention. People saw
them and sighed: 'First love!' or 'One should be seventeen again' Rosi
seemed to enjoy this and moved around the garden path as if she owned the
place. Mike helped Simon to carry a beer barrel from the car to a small
table. 'Please shoot me the next time somebody mentions how cute Toni and
Rosi are.', begged Mike his brother-in-law. The corpulent man wiped his
face and chuckled. 'Poor Toni. She's a bossy one, if you ask me. I know
what I am talking about', he sighed. They lifted the barrel on a table and
Simon prepared the tap. 'Give me your glass, Mike', he said and filled it.

Several glasses later, Mike felt a certain need and walked into
the near-by wood. The male guests of the party had established a
makeshift open-air urinal at this spot. While watering the blackberry
bushes, he heard somebody approaching. He turned his head and said:
'Hi, Toni'. The teenager took position behind a different bush and
started pissing. They finished at about the same time. Mike was shaking
off the last drops and closed his zippers. Toni was doing some shaking as
well. Mike had no clear view, but this shaking took more time than usual.
'Everything OK?', he asked and Toni quickly stopped. 'You should save that
for Rosi, cousin', he advised him and walked off.

While lying in his bunk, he remembered how Chris and he had much fun
not far from that place in the wood, where he had just left Toni. A
day-pack as cushion, Chris had rested on a pile of huge logs and spread
his legs wide open. Mike remembered how good it felt to thrust into his
carefully shaved ass hole. To feel his hard, lightly muscular body and
to watch his beautiful cock ooze pre-cum on his abs. To look at his cute
face in the sweet agony of an approaching orgasm. Mike's dream became
hazier now. He dozed off and was wakened an hour later by some noise at
the door of the camper van. 'Come in, it's open', he shouted.

It was his cousin Toni. The boy closed the door behind him and locked it.
He put off his shoes and fiddled with his belt. Mike sat on his bunk and
watched silently. Toni still fumbled with his belt and said nothing.
'So what's the matter, Toni?', asked Mike. Toni sighed. 'Last week,
Rosi and I, we had, you know..', the teenager began and hesitated. Mike
leaned forward: 'Yes?'. 'It went wrong somehow and Rosi laughed.', told
Toni and looked to the floor. 'And I thought it would be like with our
sports teacher last term', he added. 'You shagged your sports teacher?',
asked Mike curiously. Toni nodded, still looking to the ground. 'Don't tell
my parents, Mike. Please!', pleaded the boy. 'And you still like her more
than Rosi?, inquired Mike. Toni did not reply. 'When I was at school,
we didn't have women as sports teachers.', remarked Mike. 'We don't
either.', said Toni and blushed. 'Oh!'

For a while they just sat there, silent. Mike took Toni's shoulder. 'So
you decided to consult the family's pervert?', he asked him jokingly. The
boy nodded with a faint smile. Mike felt Toni's warm hand on his
leg. He slipped closer towards him and looked in his face. Toni looked
back and pulled his hand away. 'Leave it there, Toni. It feels good.',
whispered Mike in his ear. He still rubbed the boy's back, starting to
stroke his cousin's chest with his free hand. 'You like sports, Don't
you? You're a fit guy.', he remarked. Toni nodded and, being reminded
of his special sports lessons, his face turned dark red again. Mike's
hand wandered south, Just when he was about to reach Toni's crotch, the
boy moved away. 'No reason to be shy.', whispered Mike. He took Toni's
hand and moved it towards his own hard bulge. Toni turned round again
and looked in his face, his mouth half open - still unsure.

Mike hugged him and kissed his neck. His hand wandered underneath Toni's
shirt and touched his belly button. The boy giggled and unbuttoned
the shirt. His fingers trembled a bit. Mike looked at him in awe and
removed his own t-shirt in a split second. Thanks to Mr Gillette, he
was as smooth as Toni and, thanks to the weights in the trunk, almost
as fit. Apparently, he came off well in comparison to that sports
teacher. When Toni had finally managed to remove his shirt, he looked
admiringly at his older cousin. Mike pushed him backwards and started
kissing Toni's chest and shoulders. Toni moaned softly, when he felt
Mike's strong naked body on his skin. Mike looked up and couldn't resist
kissing his lips. Toni moaned again and opened his mouth a bit to let
Mike's tongue slip in.

Mike made another attempt at his cousin's crotch. This time, Toni let it
happen. His breath went faster as Mike started rubbing his boner through
the cloth. Mike got between Toni's legs and lay on his upper body,
placing his own bulge on the boy's crotch. Toni held him tight, gripping
Mike's back firmly with his hands. Mike made some thrusting movements,
sliding along his cousin's smooth body. The two guys only interrupted
their passionate kissing for some deep breathes. They could feel their
hard boners through their jeans rubbing to one another. Toni started
kneading Mike's ass cheeks and supported his movements. After only a short
while, Toni started breathing fast and made a funny whimpering sound.

Mike stopped and slid a probing finger under Toni's belt. He removed
it, drawing a sticky thread along the boy's tummy. Toni looked
embarrassed. 'High pressure down there!', commented Mike, smelling at
his finger. He rolled off him and pushed his hand again under the boy's
belt. 'That was quite a load', he said while smearing the goo in circles
on Toni's skin. They lay next to each other, looking at the ceiling. 'It
went all into my briefs.", Toni remarked after a while. 'So why don't
do you get out of them?', suggested Mike. The boy sat up and Mike heard
the jeans fall to the ground. He reached over and stroked Toni's back.

He turned his head and smiled at Mike: 'I think, I'm hard again!'.
'You're so hot, Toni', whispered Mike. He sat up as well and carefully
touched the boy's hard, pulsating cock. Toni breathed faster. 'You're
not coming again yet, aren't you?', asked Mike carefully. 'No, it just
feels so good'. With the teen's help, Mike pulled off his jeans and
briefs. 'You shave your pubic hair?', asked Toni curiously. 'You don't
like it?', Mike replied. 'It's nice, but .. it is a bit weird, so smooth',
Toni remarked and touched the guy's bald balls. 'Yeah, I shave everything
down there. Including the ass crack', said Mike. Toni's hand went a bit
a lower and Mike spread his legs. Now it was his turn to breathe faster
while Toni explored the shaved area.

Mike got up and stood between Toni's legs. He hugged and kissed the boy,
pressed his cock at his. Without interrupting his kiss, he reached up
to a drawer and produced a tube of jelly and a couple of condoms. 'What
are you doing?', asked Toni. 'Didn't your sports teacher show you a
few things?', asked Mike back. 'We just lay next to each other and he
stroked my penis till I came', explained the boy. Mike rolled a condom
over his hard erection and poured clear jelly over it. 'You'll like it',
he assured him and moved his hand down the boy's ass crack.

'Your finger is in my ass! What are you doing?', asked Toni with shock
in his voice. 'Just lay back and enjoy', Mike told him. Toni obeyed,
but watched carefully what was happening. Mike spread the boy's legs
and carefully probed for his prostate. It felt already a little firm
under his middle finger. Toni gasped. 'What the.. Don't stop!', he
moaned. Mike started to gently wank the boy's hard penis. Occasionally,
he took it in his mouth or licked the shaft. 'Your cock tastes great,
Toni', he whispered.

Mike hesitated. Toni's prostate had started swelling alarmingly. He
pulled his finger out of the boy's butt and smiled at him. Toni looked
back, questioningly. 'Why did you stop? It felt so good', he asked. 'You
were close to shooting again, right?', Mike explained. He kissed him on
the lips, stroking his smooth chest. Their hard cocks touched. After a
while, he reached again for the lube and smeared a good blob of it at
Toni's ass hole. He stood up.

'Now, just do as if you're going to have a shit.', he told him.
'What?', Toni asked and sounded a bit worried . Mike put the tip of his
stiff cock at Toni's hole. 'Try it, it won't hurt this way', he assured
him. Toni looked still worried but did as he was told. With a deep groan
Mike shoved his prick in the boy's ass. Toni hardly flinched as Mike
tried how deep he could go. A blob of pre-cum dropped from his cock
as Mike hit the boy's prostate. Toni started rubbing his dick but Mike
stopped him. 'Wait a little, and we'll come together.', he told the boy.
Mike thrust slowly , listening to Toni's strained breathing. For a moment
he thought the boy had already come, but it was only more of his pre-cum.
He fucked him faster. His hips slapped against Toni's ass cheeks. The
boy's breath went in the same pace as Mike pounded him.

Mike looked at Toni's face. How cute he looked, his cheeks red from
arousal, his eyes closed. His chest was glistening from sweat, the
small nipples protruding, a fat blob of pre-cum at his navel. Mike
bent forward, longing to feel that smooth body and that hard prick of
Toni's. He interrupted his rhythm to deep-kiss his sweet cousin. 'Don't
stop! Fuck me harder!', begged the boy. Mike gave him another passionate
kiss and resumed pounding him.

Feeling his own orgasm rising, he started to wank Toni's hard, wet
cock. The boy moaned and took over. He wanked frantically, while Mike's
thrusts came stronger and less rhythmic. 'I'm coming!', announced Toni
excitedly, and that moment Mike felt him tightening and got his orgasm,
too. Squirt after squirt erupted from Toni's penis. Mike made a last
thrust, leaning over to hug the boy. He enjoyed his warm, jizz-covered
body and kissed him once more. It took a while before their breath
became regular again. He retracted his penis, carefully holding the
filled condom.

Toni laughed, amazed at the amount of sperm dripping down his abs: 'I've
always thought it would hurt, but it was so awesome, Mike!'. They savored
the scent of Toni's drying semen. Mike removed his condom and threw it
with an expert flick of his hand into the bin. Laying at Toni's side,
he caressed his cousin's chest. 'So you liked being fucked by a man?',
he asked. Toni looked at him, grinning broadly. He snuggled against Mike
and sighed, satisfied. With Toni's head on his chest, Mike stroked his
cousin's cheeks. He closed his eyes and listened to his breathing.

Toni took Mike's hand and placed it on his crotch. The boy's pubic hair
was matted from dried sperm. As he played with it, Toni's cock grew in
Mike's hand. 'Already having a boner again?', asked Mike in a half-
reproachful voice. Toni grinned at him: 'There's something hard growing at
my back, too!'. 'Not hard enough for you yet.', said Mike. Toni detached
from him and knelt between his legs. Mike's prick was only semi erect
when Toni engulfed it. The view of this cute guy sucking his dick revived
Mike instantly. His quickly growing prick glistened from Toni's spit.
'And you're sure you haven't done this before?', he asked incredulously.
Toni looked up and just said: 'Videos!', before going down on Mike's
cock again.

Tilting his neck far back, he took all of Mike's now fully
erect prick. Mike panted heavily, not believing his eyes. Toni was
deep-throating him, without any visible effort. Eventually, Toni looked up
and saw Mike's astonished expression. His cock was covered all over with
stringy spit. 'Who taught you to take a dong that way without gagging?',
Mike asked. Toni just shrugged his shoulders, and continued. Little
later, the tingling in Mike's cock rose to a degree that forced him to
stop his cousin. 'Fuck me now, Toni!', he whispered hoarsely.

Mike lifted his pelvis and cupped his balls. Toni rubbed his prick along
the guy's ass crack, looking for the right position to enter. Finally he
shoved it in and moved slowly until his abs touched Mike's balls. They
both moaned from lust. Toni started very charily, fearing to hurt his
cousin. Mike encouraged him to pound him harder. The boy complied and
found a fiery rhythm. 'Hey boy, my butt will never be the same', Mike
complained jokingly while wanking frantically. Toni slowed down a bit.
Sweat covered his skin and made it gleam. He had his eyes closed,
thrusting Mike with almost elegant moves. Pre-cum formed a shaky puddle
on Mike's stomach. The trailer appeared to resound from Toni's pounding.
The noise was not his fault, though.

Aunt Stephanie had conquered the brittle lock of Mike's van just by
rattling at the door. She still wondered why the door offered that
much resistance and stepped inside. She saw Mike and Toni on the bunk,
both groaning loudly. She saw Mike's cock squirting white semen over his
chest and Toni obviously being shaken by a fierce orgasm. Suddenly Mike
caught her look. Aunt Stephanie closed her mouth and opened it again
to burst into loud, heartily laughter. Toni turned round and looked
horrified. Before anybody could react, he detached from Mike and vanished
into the trailer's tiny bathroom.

'Sorry, Mike, I knocked but you didn't answer.', she explained still
laughing, and: 'Oh Mike, not again, not another gay sex scandal at the
reunion!'. Mike got up and remained calm. 'Hi Aunt Stephanie', he greeted
her, 'I didn't do nothing this time'. 'Yes, I've seen it', she laughed,
'Toni had to do the hard work'. 'Honestly, I didn't know he was gay. It
just happened.', Mike explained. 'Oh, I understand you so well. He's
such a cute boy.', she said, '..and frankly, I always had some suspicion
about him and Rosi. The girl is just after the money, if you ask me.'

'I don't think we'll have a grand coming out this time', Mike told
her. 'Tony's not only very cute, but also a bit shy. And you know his
father.', he added. Aunt Stephanie became instantly serious again:
'You're right. I didn't think of Edwin, the old bigot.'. She banged at
the bathroom door: 'Toni, we have to talk!' Silence. 'Huh, he is really
shy.', she remarked. 'OK, you two. Dinner is in five minutes and you
know that Inga will be in a snit for the whole evening when people are
late.', she told them. 'And for the time being, your little secret is
safe', she added. While walking out, she turned to Mike and whispered:
'I really envy you. He looks gorgeous and fucks like a champion!'. Mike
grinned: 'He does.'

Mike took his clothes and got dressed. With his shirt still open, he
banged at the bathroom door: 'Toni, you've heard her, dinner time!'.
Finally, the door was unlocked. Toni didn't look up, while he gathered
his briefs. When Mike touched his back, he dodged his hand. 'Oh, come
on!', Mike grumbled. Still looking to the ground, the boy got into his
clothes and fled the van.

Inga's cooking was delicious as ever, despite her being a bossy, snotty
bitch. Course followed course and many of the guests had to refuse
her famous dessert, a papaya and blueberry fruit salad with a secret
cream. Rosi and Toni enjoyed the meal as if nothing had happened. As
usual, Rosi did all the talking and Toni nodded occasionally. His smile
looked a bit strained, but apart from Aunt Stephanie and Mike nobody
noticed this. Simon walked from table to table, refilling glasses. The
company's spirits rose when he brought chilled vodka 'for better
digestion'. Not much long after this, Mike's uncles started singing. Mike
left the table, uttering an excuse about being tired. Actually, their
singing wasn't that bad, but this was usually the time when some drunk
relative would ask him why he was still unmarried. Mike took his leave
and walked to his camper van.

The next morning he woke up with a gigantic boner. After making sure that
the coast was clear, he stepped out into a beautiful morning, nude as he
was. A fine weather for a a short run before breakfast. He got into his
shorts and took the usual route. The lookout point was only 10 minutes
away. The fresh air cleared his head as he ran through the wood. When
the lookout point came in sight, Mike saw a familiar figure sitting on
the bench. 'Hi cousin!', he greeted Toni.

Toni turned round and beamed at him with happiness. 'You wouldn't guess
what happened an hour ago!', he began. 'You tell me', Mike answered,
already surprised. 'My father waited for me at my room. And he said he
wanted to talk. It scared the shit out of me!', Toni continued, 'We went
back to my room and he said he knows about my "unnatural tendencies", as
he phrased it.'. 'And he cut you out of his will?', Mike inquired. 'No! I
don't know what happened! He just said I would "sin" with men anyway,
and that he needs me as successor for the company.'. 'Sounds really like a
loving daddy', observed Mike. 'I don't know how he even found out. I've
always been careful with my computer', Toni wondered. Mike laid his
arm around him: 'Who knows? Maybe he feels attracted to guys himself,
like so many gay haters.'. Toni looked blank.

'He just asked me not show it too openly.', Toni explained. 'Did he?',
asked Mike skeptically. Without warning, the boy embraced Mike and
kissed him passionately on the lips. 'I'm so glad!', he told him.
He pulled off Mike's T-Shirt, caressing his cousin's breast and abs.
'I want to feel your cock in me', he whispered between two kisses.
Toni drew his trousers along with his briefs down to his knees. Still
kissing Mike, he hauled his shorts out of the way as well. 'Boy,
you're prick is just the way I like it,', gasped Mike. He wanked
Toni's uncut penis. Somewhere in the wood a jaybird called. Mike
looked up. 'Let's get back to my van before we terrify some hikers',
he suggested. Toni looked disappointed, but agreed.

With their shirts negligently tucked in the trousers, they walked
back. 'You're quite in a hurry, Toni', chuckled Mike as he tried to keep
up with the boy. At half way, they met Rosi. 'There you are, Toni',
she called, 'I've been looking for you the whole morning! Now, come
back with me'. Toni glowered at her: 'No, I won't. It's over'. 'What
are you talking about?' - 'It's over. I'm breaking up with you.'. He
laid his arm around Mike's shoulder. His eyes still fixed at Rosi,
he passionately kissed Mike on his lips.

Rosi looked shocked and confused, 'You, you're a fag! That's
why..'. 'Yes, I had sex with Mike, and it felt so much better than
anything we did!', Toni exclaimed. Rosi panted for air. 'You and
Mike.. what will your father say!', she cried. 'Yeah, I know you'd love
to tell him.', he sneered, 'but he already knows. No browny points for
you, Rosi.'. 'Toni, leave it at that now', Mike told him in a low voice.
Arm in arm they walked away from her, Toni almost breaking into a run.

Back in the camper, cuddled all nude in Mike's embrace, he was still
trembling. Mike gently caressed his cheeks, 'That was brave, boy. And
I will never forget Rosi's look when you kissed me in front of her'. He
grinned. Toni smiled faintly back at him. 'Oh, please stop looking so
cute, or I'll come on you right now', Mike begged. Toni beamed at him:
'Yes, please!'. Mike moved to the side to have better access to Toni's
dick. It was still half flaccid when he started sucking on it. His own
cock was already hard enough for any sort of fun. He felt Toni's member
in his mouth, growing fast.

Toni lost no time, seized lube and condom from the drawer and put them
on his older cousin's hard cock. Mike glanced at him. He gave Toni's
shaft a last lick and stood up, shifted him in a comfortable position,
and spread the boy's legs. When he put a blob of lube at Toni's ass hole,
he could hear him moan with pleasure. After fingering it extensively,
Mike shoved his throbbing cock easily into his cousin's ass. Toni gave
a loud groan, but it didn't sound painful at all. His groaning didn't
stop when Mike started fucking him. Lust contorted his face. He had red
cheeks again, now a sure sign for Mike that he was fucking him good. Too
early for Mike, Toni started shooting his cum, crying out loudly. He
spattered his sperm all over his body.

Mike hadn't come yet, but pulled his prick out of Toni's ass. He
rubbed his hard member over the boy's creamed chest. Toni gave him a
smile. He touched Mike's hairless balls. 'I think, I'll shave mine,
too', he pondered. Mike grinned back: 'Well, I can show you how'. His
prick still pointing up, he walked to the toilet, discarding the used
condom on the way. He returned with a razor and a can of shaving foam.
He amply sprayed the foam on Toni's crotch, where it mingled with the
drying sperm. While he massaged this mixture around Toni's penis, balls,
and ass crack, the boy got a boner again. Mike took the safety razor
and started shaving. Toni looked a bit worried when Mike shaved his
dick. 'It's good that you are such a horny guy. Shaving a hard one is
easier than if it's limp.', Mike reassured him. He spread Toni's legs
to have better access to his ass crack.

Toni was all smooth now, and Mike sat between his thighs. Adding his
pre-cum to the mixture of shaving foam and semen that covered Toni's
body, he squeezed and wanked their cocks together in one hand. With all
that lube, the two cocks slid easily together. Toni kneaded Mike's ass,
thereby protecting him from falling off the bunk.

At the house, everything was prepared for breakfast, only the two guys
were missing. Inga wanted to send Rosi after them, but she had locked
herself in her room. To Inga's surprise, Aunt Stephanie volunteered.
After her little talk with Edwin yesterday, Aunt Stephanie was quite
sure where to look first. She walked over to Mike's camper van and tried
to peer inside. One window was open, but her view was obscured by a
curtain. She could hear muffled groans and heavy breathing. A rhythmic
creaking attracted her attention even more.

She walked around the van and finally found a window with a view. The
curtain wasn't completely drawn at this one. 'You're a naughty old hag',
she muttered to herself as she looked inside. Mike was bent over the
rickety table and Toni was pounding him from behind. She chuckled at
the sight of bible-thumping Edwin's only son fucking Mike, his chest
glistening from cum.