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The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 1) - Laura And Erica

2023-01-24 00:09:15

Chapter 1

Her girlfriend's cunt tasted as good as ever.

Laura lay in the top position of a nude 69, her short fringe of pink hair hanging over her eyes as she lapped at her lover Erica's pussy. She loved this position. She loved the feel of her large tits being splayed out to either side of her lover's trim stomach; she loved the feel of Erica's boobs against her own midriff. She loved Erica's head between her thighs, loved knowing she could clench her knees together and trap it there. She loved Erica's tongue running up and down the length of her slit and flicking her clitoris. And most of all she loved having her own face buried in her lover's twat; her cheeks wet with Erica's cunt juices and her tongue speared deep into Erica's fuckhole. She knew Erica didn't get much from Laura's tongue actually in her vagina, and knew that Erica would prefer her to gently lick her clitoris, but Laura just loved having her tongue as deep inside another girl as she could manage, surrounded by the salty, sticky walls of Erica's cunt.

Both girls were moaning sluttily into each others' beavers; both were breathing rapidly, as best they could with a mouth full of snatch. And then something sent Laura over the edge, and she began to squeal shudder and buck her hips violently against Erica's face as a powerful orgasm shivered through her; moments later, Erica came too, abruptly squeezing her thighs together against Laura's head and then slowly relaxing as she came down from the pleasure.

They stayed in the position afterwards, each gently cleaning away the excess sex juices with their tongues. Laura loved the taste of her lover's cunt, and wanted to get every last drop. Erica wasn't as much of a fan of drinking cunt nectar for its own sake, but she did it for Laura. Laura got her own way about most things in the relationship. Erica may have been a confident, intelligent woman in public life, but it turned out that once you got her a little horny she was only too happy to submit to whatever her spoiled brat of a girlfriend wanted.

And Laura was a spoiled brat; she knew it. Her mother was rich, and Laura was pretty, and so Laura had never really had to want for anything in her life. She'd been surrounded by an army of boys willing to do anything for her since she'd hit puberty, and coming out as a lesbian at age 16 had, if anything, only made them more eager to please her. She'd found a beautiful, submissive girlfriend almost as soon as she'd revealed her sexuality, and to her delight she'd found Erica was more than willing to cook for her, clean for her, and work in a high paying job to support them both. Laura had been free to work easy, undemanding, casual jobs, and spend her money and Erica's on beautiful dresses, comfortable furniture, and (her pet obsession) Japanese collectible statues.

The statues appeared in every room of the house. They covered a wide variety of styles; most were associated with an anime, film, or video gaming franchise. All of them were of women. Some were fully clothed and in dominant poses, but many more were in revealing costumes or wholly or partially nude. Many took submissive or erotic poses. Everywhere one looked in Laura's house, there was a little cartoon woman, offering her naked breasts or bending over to show her ass. Laura didn't collect them because they were sexy; she collected them because they were cute, and she delighted in finding new and rare statues to add to her collection.

Laura knew that dying her own hair pink made her look like an anime character; and she knew that the statues around her house invited even the most gentlemanly men to draw an inevitable comparison between the nude, beckoning anime sluts and herself. She didn't mind. She had no intention of ever doing anything sexual with a man - she was a lesbian, through and through - but it was fun to tease a little. There was a certain satisfaction she took in knowing that her male friends wanted to fuck her, and an even greater satisfaction in knowing that they'd never get to. It wasn't mean spirited - she genuinely liked her friends - but it was fun. And of course, it wasn't the only way she teased. She wore beautiful dresses that emphasised her curves. She touched her friends on the arm or the leg while she spoke to them to emphasise her points. She gave deep, intimate hugs to say hello and goodbye. When she occasionally spotted the hints of an uncontrollable erection in her friends' pants, she felt a little warm glow inside that made her smile the rest of the day.

Perhaps the best bit was knowing that their lust carried over to Erica. Erica was taller than Laura, shyer, with brown hair and boobs a size smaller than Laura's (though still large). And she didn't enjoy cockteasing at all. The male gaze made her blush and feel uncomfortable. She hated dressing sexily for male company, and she hated being the the subject of their fantasies, but Laura made her do it anyway, always dressing Erica in short hems and low-cut cleavages whenever male friends came to visit. Men might not make Laura wet, but a pretty girl blushing made her pussy gush every time. Many times that friends came to visit, she ended up hurrying them out of the house early because she was desperate to push her embarrassed lover down on the floor and rape her again and again.

On this afternoon, as she lay here, licking the last juices from Erica's twat, she felt a familiar stress begin to return - a stress she'd hoped to escape with the delicious sex she'd just enjoyed.

Laura was in debt. She was in debt a lot.

Erica always complained that Laura spent too much money on her anime figurines. And Laura did spend a lot; her purchases came to nearly a thousand dollars every fortnight. Between Erica's copious salary and Laura's small contributions from her casual job, they covered it, but it was a lot. They had no savings, and a mortgage on their house. Laura had never let them put anything away; any excess they had went into buying more of the cute nude characters to adorn their house.

So Laura had decided she'd create her own stash of money, so that she wouldn't need to keep being chided by Erica. She had spent the last few weeks watching World Series Poker, and had been impressed by how the poker professionals lived the high life on their gambling winnings. So Laura had taken all the money in Erica's account, gone to an online poker site, and started playing.

By the end of the day she'd lost all of Erica's money. Three days later, she'd somehow managed to wrangle a line of credit from the site, and had gone on to lose close to a million dollars more. She would be on the computer still, trying to win back the money, except the site had cut her off.

At first Laura wasn't worried. Erica had assumed the missing money was just Laura buying expensive figurines again, and the extra million dollars wasn't *real* money - it was internet money, which didn't really exist. Nothing was going to happen.

Then the emails had started coming, demanding payment of the money. At first they'd been generic demands for payment and Laura had ignored them. But then they started becoming more specific. They included personal details about her - her age, her place of work, her date of birth. Her home address. They'd started to freak Laura out.

And then this morning the email had included a photo. It was a photo of Laura leaving the house early in the morning, heading to work. It had been taken from just across the street. Someone not only knew where Laura lived, they had come to her house and taken a photo. And with it was that demand again - to pay back the million dollars she had borrowed.

Laura didn't have a milllion dollars. She didn't have close to that. Even if she sold the house and the two cars it wouldn't come to a quarter of a million dollars. She didn't have friends she could borrow it from. And her mother was rich, but she and Laura didn't always see eye to eye and Laura knew there was no way her mother would lend her anything close to a million dollars.

She rolled off of Erica and lay on her back, nude, her legs spread, looking at the ceiling.

"Is everything okay, honey?" asked Erica, rearranging herself on the bed to put her head at the same end as Laura's. There were still sex juices glistening on her face, which made Laura smile. Erica used to wipe her face clean after sex but Laura had made her leave the juices alone for a while because they looked sexy. She knew it humiliated Erica, which was most of the reason Laura did it. With one hand, Erica reached out to stroke Laura's hair.

Laura nuzzled against her lover's hand, and wiggled her body to lie against Erica's side. "Yes," she said, in her most convincing lying voice. Erica could never tell when Laura was lying, which was something else Laura loved about her. "You were fantastic. I love you, Erica." She planted a little butterfly kiss on Erica's left tit. She briefly wondered if people would pay to fuck Erica; if Erica would prostitute herself if Laura asked. Probably not a million dollars worth of pay, Laura decided.

They lay like that for a while, in nude companionable silence, until Laura decided she wanted to get up. "I think the kitchen's due for cleaning," she said pointedly to Erica. Erica sighed, but obediently got up and started dressing. She would do the cleaning, Laura knew, because Erica would do anything Laura told her to. Sometimes grumbling, sometimes needing coercion, but Laura always won out.

As her lover headed to get the cleaning supplies, Laura pulled on some panties and a loose shirt, and headed for the study. Maybe she could think of a way to deal with these troubling emails.

(To be continued....)