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My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 20_(0)

2023-01-21 01:34:05

My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

Part 20 – Ryan continues to find ways to expose me


The Charity Shop


Between the Bus Station and main shopping area in town is a new charity shop. They took over a food shop that went bust. The shop sells clothes (mainly women’s and kids), CDs, electronic games and a few other things.

One day as we were walking from the bus to the shopping area Ryan dragged me in. I couldn’t imagine why because I couldn’t see anything that we would want but in we went. Ryan went for a wander round leaving me to look at the CDs. When he came back to me he told me that he’d been talking to one of the sales assistants and found out that the shop was staffed by volunteers from one of the local colleges who had to do umpteen hours charity work to get some award that would look good on their CVs.

That explained the young staff because these places are usually staffed by elderly women looking for a good cause to volunteer for.

Anyway, the shop used to be used for food sales so it didn’t have any changing rooms. Charities being charities they didn’t have any money to spend on decent changing rooms so they’d just knocked-up a couple of cubicles with curtain fronts. I guessed that they didn’t expect many people to use them.

These cubicles were right next to the sales tills.

I hadn’t really noticed this when we first went in; but Ryan obviously had because when he came back to me that first time he was carrying a skirt and a top; and he wanted me to try them on.

I looked at them and didn’t like them; but Ryan was insistent. Not wanting and argument I agreed, took them off him and went over to the changing cubicles.

Guess what? Yes, the curtains weren’t big enough. I looked at Ryan and gave him that ‘you knew that didn’t you?’ look. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Looking round and seeing no one except Ryan I thought,

“Okay, you want me to get naked and flash you in this shop then I will.”

I closed the curtain as far as it would go and turned and stripped off my skirt and top. When I was naked I peeked out of the gap and saw only Ryan so I pulled the curtain wide open letting Ryan see my naked front.

As we stood there staring at each other and grinning I looked next to Ryan and saw a big mirror on a pillar in the middle of the room. I froze when I realised that I could see this young man and young woman behind the sales counter in the mirror; what’s more, they were both looking at the mirror and could see the naked me.

The grin disappeared from my face before I suddenly grabbed the curtain and pulled it closed – well as far as it would go.

Ryan came over and asked me what was wrong. When I told him he did what he usually does, laugh and tell me that I’d enjoyed it – which of course I hadn’t.

When he’d got to the cubicle he’s opened the curtain. I was still naked but he’s a lot bigger than me so I couldn’t see the mirror, so the staff couldn’t see me.

I started to put the clothes on that Ryan had got for me and when they were on Ryan backed away and told me to go and look at myself in the mirror. I did and told him that I didn’t like them. I went back into the cubicle to get changed back into my own clothes. I closed the curtain but Ryan opened it again to talk to me. He was blocking the view so I wasn’t worried as I stripped off.

When I was naked again I turned to give him the clothes that I didn’t want and found that he’d moved to one side. I looked to the mirror and saw that I was being watched again. I went to close the curtain but Ryan stopped me saying that it was pointless as they’d already seen everything that I’d got.

I glared at Ryan and put my own skirt and top on. When I was ready I looked at the mirror again and saw that I still had my little audience.

As we walked out Ryan said,

“They’ll know that you don’t wear underwear now.”

“Thanks Ryan.” I said.

“Who cares?” Ryan said.

After that day Ryan always managed to talk me into calling in there either on the way into town; or on the way home. Each time he picked what he wanted me to try on and they got smaller and smaller each time. It wasn’t long before it was little girl’s clothes that he picked. There were 2 skirts that he chose that had to stretch so far that they were more like belts.

Of course he got me to go and stand in front of the mirror each time; even if the ‘belts’ didn’t completely cover my butt or pussy.

The college kids kept changing, sometimes 2 girls, sometime 2 youths and sometimes 1 of each.

One time when we walked in I overheard 1 college youth say to another,

“Show time!”

Ryan must have heard him because when he got me out in front of the mirror wearing an obscenely short skirt he had the nerve to call the youths over and ask them if they thought that the skirt and top that I had on suited me.

Not only was my butt and pussy showing but Ryan had picked a semi see through top and I could see my nipples and chains. When I realised that I could see my nipple chains I looked further down and I could see the chain hanging from my clit hood.

When I said that I couldn’t possibly go out wearing that outfit, one of the youths said that I could go out with him like that anytime.

I just ignored him.

By that time a middle-aged couple had come in and were looking round. The woman walked right passed us as if we weren’t there, but the man stopped and stared at me. He was going nowhere.

Another thing was that a young man who had been looking through the CDs had decided that he wanted to buy one and was stood at the counter waiting to pay. He too was staring at me.

I was getting a little pissed off so I turned and walked back to the cubicle. I knew that the bottom half of my butt was on display but I was pissed with Ryan. When he opened the curtain as I was getting those horrible clothes off I thought,

“Sod it; if Ryan wants to show me off then I’ll make sure that he does just that.”

When I was completely naked I barged passed Ryan and went to the rack where the girl’s clothes were and picked out a short pleated wrap skirt. It was way too small for me but it was a wrap skirt so I knew that I could get it round me.

All the male eyes followed me as I went back to the mirror, held up the skirt and said,

“How about this one? Is it small enough for you?”

One of the youths said,

“Nice.” And another said,

“Fucking hell.”

When I looked at Ryan he was just grinning so I turned to face him, took the skirt off, threw it at him and walked back to the cubicle to get dressed.

Ryan followed me out of the shop and into town. It took a good 10 minutes for me to stop being mad at him. I kissed him and said,

“Please don’t do that again.”

He said that he wouldn’t but I just knew that he’d find other ways to get me naked in public.

Human Sexuality Class


Well that’s not what Ryan told me it was. What happened was that Ryan went and told me that he’d agreed for me to pose in another of Dan’s art classes. We had an argument about it because I’ve told Ryan lots of times that I didn’t want to do it again. We don’t need the money and I certainly don’t need the embarrassment and humiliation.

Of course Ryan won the argument and I set off to the college not at all looking forward to seeing Dan and his adult students again.

When I got there Dan sprung the surprise on me. He met me outside the room and explained that it wasn’t an art class, but a sort of human sexuality class that I was there for.

I asked Dan what he meant by ‘a sort of human sexuality’ class he explained that it was a class of young adults who were doing the evening classes to get extra credits for their grades.

“So what has that got to do with me?” I asked.

“Well, they need a model to explain and demonstrate parts of the adult female anatomy.” Dan replied.

I told Dan that by 18 or 19 they would already have found out on their own.

“Most of it,” Dan told me, “but you know how young people get the wrong idea about things. This course is to increase their factual knowledge about human anatomy.”

“I’m not sure that I understand that,” I replied; “and besides, I’m not a teacher.”

“Yes, I know, they’ll have a teacher with them; a male teacher and he’s not in a position to demonstrate the female anatomy is he? With your experience as an art model you’re the ideal woman for the job; and Ryan told me that you’d be happy to help us out.”

At that moment I wanted to kill Ryan. He’d dropped me in it again, expecting me to get naked in front of a lot of strangers, and this time not only letting them stare at my body but goodness knows what else. This time I was determined that I was going to refuse and tell Dan to go and find some exhibitionist that wanted to get naked in front of strangers; not the normal, respectable girl that I am.

“Of course I’ll help you out Dan.” I heard my mouth say. “Whatever you want Dan.”

What the hell was wrong with me? Why did my mouth say something that certainly wasn’t true?

I followed Dan down the corridor and into a large classroom. In there were about 20 young people, about half female, and a middle-aged man who Dan introduced as Fred.

“Thank you so much for helping us out Tanya;” Fred said, “these people think that they know it all but, with your help, they’re going to find out a lot more tonight.”

“I…. I….. I don’t know what to say;” I said, “I never expected this, well I still don’t know what to expect. What do you want from me?”

“Don’t worry Tanya, all you need to do is answer a few questions and show them how to do a few things. I’m sure that none of this will be new to you. Just relax and let me get things started.” Fred said.

Fred turned to the class and said,

“Right class, Tanya here has volunteered to help us with your course work. As we discussed earlier we’ll start by you asking her some simple questions then we’ll move on to the more physical aspects of the female anatomy.”

As Fred was talking he led me to the front of the class and to a seat next to a big wooden table. I was a little concerned to see a couple of things that looked like they’d been borrowed from a hospital.

I sat down and joined my hands on my lap. This is the way that I normally sit when I don’t have a bag with me. It’s the only way that I can stop my bare pubes being visible to anyone who looks and I wanted to delay showing them to the students in this class for as long as I could.

“Tanya, are you ready to begin?”

“No, no, no, someone get me out of here.” I thought then I said, “Yes, of course.”

“Okay,” Fred said, “put your hand up if you have a question for Tanya.”

I looked round the room and saw that there were only 2 people who didn’t have a hand in the air, Fred and Dan.

“Rose, what would you like to ask Tanya?” Fred said.

“How old are you Tanya?” Rose asked.

I smiled and relaxed a bit before answering. I must have answered that one a million times.

“I’m 24 and I know that I don’t look like that age. If you like I can get my passport out of my bag and prove it.”

After that the questions got a bit (a lot) more personal. Some were not interesting but some were: -

“How come you have no tits?”

I repeated everything that the doctors had told me then told them that the condition was a lot more common than most people realise; that most women with the condition either have implants or always wear padded bras.

“How often do you have sex?”


“How many orgasms have you had in one day?”

I got a few gasps when I told them that it must have been somewhere in the region of 70 or 80. Someone else asked me to give details so I briefly told them about our day on the beach in Playa d'en Bossa.

“How often do you masturbate?”


“Do you masturbate in front of your boyfriend?”


“Do you give your boyfriend blow jobs?”


“Do you let him cum in your mouth?”


“Do you swallow?”


“Have you ever taken part in a bukkake?”

That question caused a few of the students to ask what a bukkake was. For some strange reason I felt comfortable enough to explain what it was, and to admit that I had.

“What’s the largest object you’ve put in your pussy, sorry, vagina?”

Dan got some funny looks when I told them that it was the baseball bat in an art class at that college.

“What unusual places have you had an orgasm?”

The list was long and I got a few gasps and laughs as I reeled them off.

“What’s the most unusual place that you’ve been naked in?”

I told them about the hotel in London when I got presented (in front of a room full of car salesmen) with a gift for saving the daughter of a Japanese business man’s daughter from drowning.

“What’s the longest period of time that you’ve been naked for?”

I had to think a bit but then told them that it must have been our last holiday in Ibiza where I’d been naked for most of the fortnight.

“Are your nipples pierced?”

My reaction was to look down at my chest. My nipps were hard and the outline of my jewellery was visible.

Fred interjected at that point and asked that I remove my top and let them all see. I’d relaxed a bit, but I still hesitated when Fred told me to take my top off; and my face went bright red as my nipples and their jewellery came into the sight of all those young people.

“Did it hurt?”

“A little; but not for long.”

Things quickly got worse for me as the next question asked me if I had any other piercings. I couldn’t lie; what’s more I knew that I would end up naked sooner or later so I admitted that I did. That prompted Fred to ask me to take my skirt off.

Apart from my shoes I was now naked in front of 20 or so young adults. My face was bright red with embarrassment and I have to admit that my pussy was tingling and getting wet. Why does my body always betray me like that?

“Why aren’t you wearing any knickers?”

“I never do.”

“What’s that dangling between your legs?”

When I answered that, Fred ‘suggested’ that I get up on the table and show them.

I thought that I’d just perch on the edge and open my legs a bit but Fred and Dan came forward and picked-up the metal objects that I’d seen as I’d walked to the front of the room. I was horrified when I realised that they were gynaecologist’s leg rests and Dan and Fred were clamping them to the corners of the table either side of me.

“Lie back on your elbows Tanya so that you can still see the students then lift your legs up.”

Like the idiot that I am I did as I was told and was horrified when I felt clamps going down on my shins meaning that I was immobilised with my legs spread very wide apart. I’m sure that it would have hurt if I hadn’t been so flexible.

“What’s that other shinny thing that I can see?”

Asked a young man from the back of the room.

I went on to explain the difference between a clit hood ring and a true clit ring.

“How did you get it on there?”

There were a few pained facial expressions as I told them about the ice.

“So what does it do for you – apart from look good?”

“It heightens the sensitivity of my clitoris, and when it vibrates it keeps me feeling very good.”

I then got bombarded with questions about where I got it from, how much it cost and how it got charged up. As the questions slowed, one young man asked,

“Is it going to make you cum here, right now?”

“I doubt it, the battery’s flat.”

“Can you show us how you masturbate?”


“How do you keep yourself fit looking?”

I didn’t know if he was giving me a compliment or trying to come on to me. I decided not to think about that and said,

“I go to a gym with my boyfriend about once a week. It’s quite a popular one and girls get to go for free.”

As soon as I’d said that last part I regretted it. I just knew what was coming next.

“How come girls get to go for free? Isn’t that sexual discrimination?”

“Yes it is, but I doubt very much that anyone will complain because for the girls to get in for free they have to work-out in the nude.”

There was a bit of banter amongst the students then Fred said,

“Okay class, back to the course subject; I know that some of you want to know what happens to a girl’s genitals when she has an orgasm. One of the reasons why Dan asked for Tanya to be our model for tonight is that she and her boyfriend have ‘conditioned’ Tanya to have an orgasm every time that she hears a word that doesn’t crop up in most people’s daily conversations.

My eyes closed as I thought,

“No, no, no; please don’t do this to me.”

“It’s a form of hypnotism,” Fred continued, “and apparently it works well with Tanya. One by one I want you to go and stand between Tanya’s legs and say the word ‘Treadmill’; then watch what her genitals do.

Of course, the mention of that word set me off and I felt myself lose control and start cumming.

One by one, the 20+ students came and stared at my pussy as they said that word. My arms gave out and I lay flat on my back as my body jerked about and my pussy convulsed. At one point I heard someone say,

“Bloody hell; she’s squirting at me.”

Finally, I stopped hearing that word and I started coming down from my highs. I was covered in sweat and absolutely knackered.

When I was just about back to normal I heard someone ask,

“Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?”

Getting back up on my elbows so that I could see who asked me that, I said,

“No, definitely not.”

“But you don’t wear underwear and you do wear short skirts; and, that chain dangling between your legs attracts people’s eyes to it. You’ve also admitted that people seeing your pussy turns you on and that you’ve had loads of orgasms in public; so how can you say that you’re not an exhibitionist?”

“Just because I wear short skirts and no underwear doesn’t mean that I’m an exhibitionist. How many of you girls have gone out in a skirt with no knickers on?”

As I looked round the room 5 or 6 girls faces went red but only 2 hands went up.

“Besides,” I continued, “ask any doctor and they will tell you that it’s healthier to have air circulating round your genitals. As for my jewellery, nearly all my skirts are long enough so that you can’t see it, and if I’m wearing a skirt that is shorter it’s because my boyfriend has asked me to wear it and even then, people would have to be looking at my crotch area to see it. Anyway, it’s only a chain. It could be attached to my skirt for all they know. Of course I get turned-on when I know that someone is seeing my naked pussy. Can any girl here convince me that she wouldn’t get turned-on?”

As I again looked round the room just about all the girls were looking a little embarrassed.

“Okay, so you say that you’re not an exhibitionist, but here you are, stark naked with your legs spread wide for all to see; and your pussy looks like you’re enjoying it and you’ve just cum a couple of dozen times. How can you not be an exhibitionist?”

“I’m comfortable with my body and not ashamed of it. If I was ashamed of my body I’d have had breast enlargements to make me look more ‘normal’ and I certainly wouldn’t be here. I’m here because I was asked to help out with your education. As for being turned-on, I think that I’ve explained that already. I had all those orgasms because you people made me have them by saying that word. How many of you girls would like to swap places with me right now?”

As I looked around I saw 2 girls that were definitely feeling uncomfortable right then. I wondered if they really did want to swap places but were too embarrassed to admit it.

There were a few pointless questions then Fred decided to wind things up. After he’d released my legs he handed me a towel saying that he thought that I might need it. At least he’d got something right.

As I was wiping the sweat and my juices off me, 2 of the girls came over to me and asked about the gym. I repeated what I’d said then asked them if they wanted to join. They looked at each other then, in stereo, said that they did.

I asked them for their mobile numbers then what part of town they lived in. Fortunately, both of them lived not far from Ryan and I so I told them that I’d phone them when we were next going and that we’d be happy to give them a lift.

As I was getting dressed Fred came over and gave me an envelope with my money in it. He thanked me for my time and honesty and then said that he hoped that he could call on my services again.

“Don’t be so stupid man; do you really think that I’d ever humiliate myself like that again.”

But when my mouth opened, out came,

“Yes, sure Fred, anytime, Dan knows how to contact me.”

What the hell is wrong with me?

The Gym


We hadn’t been to the gym for a couple of weeks because Darren had told us that it was closing for a couple of weeks for refurbishment. When we decided to go again Ryan phoned and checked that it was back in business. Ryan was on the phone for ages and he kept saying ‘great’, ‘wonderful’ and other such words. When I asked him what he was on about all he would tell me was that I’d love the new setup.

When I’d got back from the ‘human sexuality’ class, and calmed down; I’d told Ryan about the 2 girls (Isla and Ella) wanting to go to the gym with us. Ryan asked me if they knew that they’d have to get naked. When I said that they did, he calmly said ‘okay’ and changed the subject.

I phoned Ella and Isla and made the arrangement to pick them up.

At the appointed time we set off with me in what has become my normal state of dress for going to the gym – naked. When we arrived at Isla’s house Ryan had to go to the door to get them. I watched as they suspiciously looked at Ryan as he told them who he was. I waved at them when they looked over to the car and I could see them relax then wave back

When they got to the car they both stopped dead when they saw that I was naked.

“Fucking hell Tanya; you didn’t say anything about travelling there naked.”

“Don’t worry about Tanya girls; I have trouble trying to get her to wear clothes.” Ryan said.

“RYAN; stop telling lies. Ignore him girls, he’s only jealous.” I replied.

We 3 girls talked while Ryan drove. They told me that they were nervous because they’d never taken their clothes off in public before. I think that I managed to reassure them, and it must have worked because when we went in they were eager to get stripped and get out on display, sorry, exercise.

Ryan and I were a little slow going in because everything was different. It was one hell of a make-over that the place had had. Darren told us that business was so good that he’d managed to pull together enough money to expand the place into the warehouse next door and they were currently refurbishing the old part so when it was finished it would be a lot bigger than what we could see. There were new everything, even the changing rooms. What’s more he’d added a swimming pool; only about 20 meters long, but really nice.

The whole place was now on 2 levels. The changing rooms were still on the ground level near reception so after Ella and Isla completed the membership forms we 3 girls went in. Ryan had already gone ahead, telling us that he’d meet us in the workout room.

Both Ella and Isla were quick to get naked, but a little hesitant to leave the changing room. After they saw, and got introduced to the naked Abby, Piper and Liz; both newbies decided that they were ready and followed me out.

When we went into the workout room the first thing that we saw was Liz on a leg spreader. Her legs were wide open, so was her hole. Piper was spot checking a man with her pussy only inches above his nose, and Abbey was on a running machine; her little tits wobbling up and down. I stared for a couple of seconds as I realised that she’d had her nipples pierced. When I looked back at Piper, she too had been pierced.

“Fucking hell!” Ella said, “I can see that I’m going to have lots of fun here; I’m dripping already.”

“Me too.” Isla said.

I smiled and said.

“Go get ’em girls.”

The new workout room has lots of space and quite a few new machines, including a third leg spreader. The funny thing was that the new one was facing the mirrored wall. When I mentioned it to Ryan he told me that it was for the shy girls who wanted a bit of privacy. That sounded good to me so I said that I was going to use it.

Okay, the men could still see my pussy in the mirrors but not as clear so I was a lot more relaxed and took my time. I even played with my clit a little when I thought that no one was looking at me.

I moved to the exercise cycles leaving Ella and Isla waiting to have a go one of the leg spreader facing into the room, and Ryan lifting weights. Abby was on the next cycle and I had a long chat with her. She told me that the men’s changing room is on the other side of the wall where the leg spreaders are and that the mirrors are two way. Anyone in the men’s changing room can get a great view of the girls on the new machine spreading their legs. What’s more, have you looked at that TV screen? Abby nodded towards a big flat-screen monitor. On it was a close-up of one of the girls on one of the leg spreaders facing into the room. The picture was so good that I could even see the droplets of her juices on her lips. The entrance to her hole was twitching a bit. It looked like she was cumming.

At first I was annoyed but that soon wore off. I also thought about telling Ella and Isla but whichever machine they used they would have men staring at their bald pussies; but didn’t because by the look of them they were enjoying themselves.

I told Abby and she did a Ryan, laughed, and said that she was pretending not to know and playing with herself when her legs were wide open.

“Got to give the men their money’s worth.” She said.

I laughed and regretted touching my clit when I was on that machine.

We pedalled in silence for a few minutes and I thought about being so exposed in there. I also watched the TV monitor and after a while I realised that the picture was cycling round all the cameras and if the system detected movement it would stay on that camera for a good minute or so before moving on to the next camera. I also saw that there was camera in the ladies changing and shower rooms.

Looking around I saw 6 naked girls all enjoying themselves as they let the men look at their tits and wet pussies. I wasn’t really enjoying it; if it wasn’t for Ryan there was no way that I would be there. But was it me that had got it wrong? Was I not enjoying these ‘events’ because I was feeling guilty. Should I be feeling guilty? Other girls enjoy these things without feeling guilty so why should I?

For the next few minutes I tried to think of reasons why I should feel guilty and the only thing that I could think of was my mother. She was the one who always tried to force her crazy religious ideas on me. The fact that my mother and her religious morals even came into my mind was enough for me to change my mind. From now on, if Ryan or anything else got me aroused I was not going to feel guilty; I was going to go with the flow and have fun.

I decided that Ryan DID know me better than I did.

Then I thought about Ryan calling me an exhibitionist but my logic of if a girl is sexually aroused then it’s not her fault that she exposes herself, it’s just human female nature; she has no control over herself. No, I definitely am not an exhibitionist.

We pedalled on and after a while I looked to my right. When I originally went into that room I’d thought that the wall to my right was painted blue but as I looked then I could see a naked girl swimming.

“Blood hell! Another surprise; that Darren certainly does know how to show-off the girls.” I said to Abby.

“Yeah,” Abby said; “I’ve already cum twice and I’ve only been here 30 minutes.”

I had previously thought that I was lucky having made it for nearly 30 minutes without even one public orgasm. Then I decided that I wanted to have one; and cum while a man was looking at my pussy. How could I arrange that?

Looking around I saw a man that I’d never seen before, standing near the bench for lifting weights. He didn’t look as though he knew what he was doing so I went over to him and asked him if I could spot for him. As I walked to him I tweaked and pulled my already hard nipples.

He looked me up and down, grinned and said,

“Yes please, but I’m not sure how these things work, this is my first time here.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve spotted for quite a few people and I’ve seen what they do.”

I shuffled the bar stands down the bench a bit then told the man to lie on the bench. When he lay with the bar above his chest I told him that he needed to be further up the bench; that it would be more fun for him.

He looked a bit puzzled but when I moved in and stood with my thighs either side of his head he said,

“You were right, it is more fun.”

I smiled to myself and wondered if I could cum with his face so close to my pussy.

“Right,” I said, “lift the bar.”

He did with ease.

“Okay, let me put more weights on the bar.”

I backed off and bent over to pick up another weight. As I did so I looked back at the man. He was looking at my butt and slightly spread legs. I turned and put the weight on one end of the bar. As I was screwing it in place I looked at his shorts. They had developed a tent.

Bending over to pick up the other weight I again looked back and saw the man adjusting his tent.

Weights screwed on I went back to standing over his face. This time I bent forward to put my hands under the bar.

“That chain tastes nice.” The man said.

“Naughty, naughty; you’re not supposed to touch me.” I jokingly said.

“I’m not; just your chain.”

“Okay, you got me there.”

The man lifted the bar 5 times before Ella came over and asked me if I was going to join her on the treadmill.

That man’s breathing had got me real close but that word took me over the top. I moaned and bent my legs slightly. I felt the man’s tongue lick my clit and the orgasm suddenly went up a level.

Eventually I calmed down and stepped back. Looking down I saw the big grin on the man’s wet face. Had I really done that to him?

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, I just lost control; please don’t tell the management.”

“Don’t worry little lady; your secret is safe with me.”

Looking up I saw Ella looking at me and grinning.

Saying sorry to the man again, I grabbed Ella’s arm and pulled her towards the running machines.

“Did you say that word on purpose Ella?” I asked.

“Err yes; you looked like you wanted to cum so I helped you. Was I wrong?

“Hell no, I loved every second; and did you see his shorts?”

We both laughed as the running machines burst into life.

I liked watching Ella’s B’s bouncing up and down, and when I told her that she looked good she told me that she loved seeing my chains bounce around. She asked me if the bouncing around turned me on.

“Not as much as than man licking my pussy.”

We both giggled.

After a few minutes Ryan came and started running on the machine on my other side.

“Glad to see that you’re enjoying yourself.” Ryan said.

“Sorry lover, I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Hey TT; if you enjoyed it then it’s okay with me. Do you want to go on the leg spreader again?”

I looked over and saw that 2 of the 3 were free.

“Is there anyone in the men’s changing room?” I asked.

Ryan looked puzzled for a second then grinned.

“I’ll go and check.”

Ryan disappeared for a few seconds then came back.

“Yes, but you’ll have to be quick.”

I pressed the stop button, jumped off and quickly walked over to the leg spreader facing the wall. Sitting down I quickly spread my legs wide, sighed and hoped that I had an invisible audience. After a few seconds I turned my head to look at the big monitor. There was my pussy, chain, hood piercing and clit ring.

I stared at the monitor for ages; I’d never seen my pussy from that angle before and I studied every square millimetre. I watched it get wetter and wetter before deciding that I should really close my legs.

I did, then immediately opened them again.

Ryan was stood beside me and he bent over and whispered,


My head turned to look at the monitor again and I got to see my pussy twitching and trying to suck in a cock that wasn’t there.

As I started to come down I got an attack of shyness. I quickly closed my legs and looked around to see who had witnessed my humiliation.

Three men and 3 girls were still staring at the monitor. I wondered if any of the men in the changing room had seen.

I remembered my new approach and smiled. I looked up at Ryan and said,

“I needed that.”

“And a good one it was too.” Ryan replied.

We repeated the exercise, and the cumming again before Ryan said,

“Hey look, there’s a new exercise cycle being installed.”

We stopped and watched Darren and another man un-wrap it. As they did they slowly got surrounded by most of the people in the workout room. The reason was that the cycle had a dildo sticking up through the saddle.

Darren looked round at his audience and said,

“I got it because I got asked for it lots of times. Apparently you girls like them. Not sure how it works though.”

“Tanya knows,” Ryan said, “she’s got one at home.”

Everyone turned and looked at me and I blushed. Abby broke the silence by saying,

“Good for you Tanya, come on, show us how it works.”

“It’s pretty obvious isn’t it?” I replied.

“Yeah, but come on girl, christen that rubber cock for us.”

I looked at Ryan who winked at me and gently pushed me in the back.

“Okay, okay.” I said, “Let me get near it.”

A couple of people moved to the side and I went up to the bike quickly rolling my nipples between my index fingers and thumbs. I squat down and turned a pedal by hand to see how far up the dildo went. As it got to the top of its cycle Ella said,

“Nice, I’m going to have a go on that – soon.”

Satisfied that I could take all of the dildo I climbed on; but standing on the pedals. I lowered myself until the end of the dildo touched my pussy. I gasped a little then sighed a little as I slowly lowered myself down until I was fully impaled and my butt was on the saddle.

I must have had a satisfied look on my face because Isla said,

“That looks good.”

Ignoring Isla, and a couple of other comments, I slowly started to pedal. Boy was that good. Then I thought,

“Was that really better than the one at home or did I enjoy it more because a dozen or so people were stood around watching me.”

I didn’t know so I stopped thinking about it and enjoyed the being fucked feeling.

As I ignored; no, enjoyed the stares of the audience around me, I looked up and around the room. One of the monitors was showing a girl on a leg spreader with her wet pussy glistening in the bright lights, but suddenly the picture changed to a different pussy; MY pussy; MY being fucked pussy. Bloody hell; where was the camera? I looked down at the front of the bike and saw a little black box, with a small hole in it, on the frame, right in front of my pussy.

My first reaction was annoyance but it quickly changed to pleasure. I was pleased and proud that my pussy, in glorious high definition, was being beamed to those very large monitors.

I wanted to see more of what my pussy looked like when it was being fucked; albeit by a dildo. As I pedalled I tried to thrust my hips forward so that I could get a better look. I over-did it and the next upward thrust hurt a little. I backed off a little and tried again, this time spreading my legs as much as I could and still pedal.

I don’t know if it was the dildo going in and out of me, or the fact that people were watching me, or the fact that me, and anyone else who could see any of the monitors was getting a close-up of my pussy as I was being fucked, or what; but my AF was rising quickly.

I started pedalling faster and moaning. Through my half-closed eyes I could see my audience smiling and some of the men were drooling. Most of the men had a hand on the front of their shorts.

Ella had her hand on her pussy and I could swear that she was rubbing her clit.

I didn’t last long, my head went back, I got a lot more vocal and my body started shaking; but I kept on pedalling. I guess that that was because when I’ve cum on my bike pedalling around the streets I can’t (daren’t) stop.

The pedalling did slow down as I started to come down from my high.

When I opened my eyes and looked round everyone, except Ella, started clapping; I thing that Ella’s right hand was still a little busy. At first my reaction was sheer embarrassment, but it quickly changed to a sense of achievement. I’d had my first voluntary orgasm in public; and it had been a good one. In a way I felt proud of myself.

I stopped pedalling and accepted the few kind compliments. After about 30 seconds I stood on the pedals and un-impaled myself.

Climbing off I nearly got knocked over by Ella who obviously wanted to be the second girl to use that machine.

I stood in front of Ryan with a grin on my face.

“Well done TT; I’m so proud of you. Shall we go somewhere and relax for a while?”

“Yes please.”

As we walked out of the workout room Darren was walking along the corridor.

“Darren, that camera on the new exercise bike needs to be a little lower and pointed up a little more.” I said.

Darren looked a little puzzled at first then said,

“Thank for that Tanya, I’ll get on to it as soon as you girls give me a chance.”

“How about a sauna?” Ryan asked.

I was surprised how big and how well lit the sauna is. Spotlight everywhere. As soon as I went in I saw that the spotlights were aimed at each bench; ideal for lighting up peoples crotches as they sit there.

There were 2 men and Liz already in there. Liz was sat at one end of a bench with her legs wide open. A spotlight was highlighting her open pussy and open hole. It had 6 men’s eyes glued to it.

I tapped Ryan’s arm to bring him back to earth then sat on the bench below Liz. I too opened my legs wide and was pleased that another spotlight was making my clit jewellery glisten.

My AF was still high and I felt good.

Liz, Ryan and I started talking about the improvements to the gym and while we were talking I was idly rubbing my clit.

Liz joined-in the conversation and said that she loved the new equipment. Ryan laughed and said,

“You just love flashing that gorgeous pussy to the men don’t you?”

“Of course; isn’t that why all of us girls are here?”

“Not me.” I said; “Well it wasn’t, but I’ve recently realised that I do like flashing the men; well I do when I’m turned-on.

“And I love to keep her turned-on as often as I can.” Ryan added.

While we were on the subject of pussies I asked Liz why her pussy was always gaping open. She told me that it always opens up when she gets aroused. She’d been to see her doctor but he couldn’t give her a reason. After she’d told him that it didn’t cause her any discomfort he’d told her to make the most of it.

I said that I didn’t understand why a doctor would say such a thing, or what he meant by it, but Liz said that it was good for getting the guys so she was happy.

Liz asked me about my clit ring and as usual, Ryan told her that she could have a closer look. This time though, I wasn’t feeling at all embarrassed.

As Liz climbed down to the floor I pulled up my hood chain which made the nub of my clit a lot more prominent.

The other 2 men in the sauna got a good look before Liz’s head got in the way.

Liz was so close to my pussy that her breath tickled my pussy.

“Can I touch it?”

“Of course you can;” I said, “just don’t take too long cos you’ll make me cum.”

I could feel my AF rising but after a quick look and quick touch; Liz said,

“It’s so hard.”

As she stood up and went back to where she was sat, she said,

”You’re so lucky Tanya; I wish that I had one of those rings.”

When Liz stood up I should have let go of my chain and let my clit hood cover part of my clit but I didn’t. By then the 2 men were staring at me again; and I liked it; so I pulled a little harder on the chain so my clit was really pushed out. I so wanted to touch it

That got too much for one the men and I heard a groan just before they both got up and left.

“Now look what you’ve done; I can’t take you anywhere can I?” Ryan said.

We all laughed then continued talking.

The heat soon got too much for us and after taking a shower we went to see what the new pool was like. After a swim and treading water in front of the glass wall to the workout room, Liz and I decided to lie on the sun loungers that were at one end of the pool.

The feet end of the sun loungers were right at the edge of the pool and when I lay down with my feet on the floor either side of the sun lounger Ryan swam up to the bottom of the sun lounger as said,

“Nice view TT. How do you do those Kegel exercises?”

I started alternating squeezing then relaxing my pussy muscles and Ryan told me to keep doing that. I knew what he meant; he wanted me to tease any men that went into the pool and looked my way.

Ryan left us to go and have another workout and Liz and I started talking again. The first thing she asked was what the Kegel exercises were. When I told her she opened her legs, put her feet on the floor and started squeezing. After a couple of minutes she stopped, telling me that her pussy was hurting.

I laughed and told her to do them every day.

Shortly after that a man came out of the changing rooms and dove in. After a couple of lengths he stopped at the foot of our sun loungers and looked over to us. As I smiled at him I started squeezing then relaxing my pussy muscles. His eyes opened wide for a second as they moved from my pussy to my face and back.

Then his eyes went to Liz’s pussy. He must have seen Liz’s pussy before because his eyes didn’t change.

I almost made myself cum before he turned and swam off. When he’d gone both Liz and I giggled, knowing that we’d given that man a real image to wank over.

By the time that Ryan returned I’d given 2 more men shows of how I can squeeze my pussy muscles and made myself cum as well. Liz had excused herself about half way through and I’d been peacefully relaxing and feeling pleased with myself now that I’d accepted that it didn’t matter what I got up to, just so long as I was sexually aroused when I started doing those things. It wasn’t my fault and it didn’t make me an exhibitionist.

I was lying there, eyes closed, feet still either side of the sun lounger, and pussy very wet and throbbing, when I heard Ryan say,

“Wow TT, you’re getting into this exhibitionism aren’t you? Are you finally going to admit that you’re an exhibitionist?”

“No, I’m not an exhibitionist; once you’ve got me all aroused I lose control and start having some fun. Because I’m all aroused and not in control of myself you can’t count what I do as exhibitionism; just a sexed-up girl doing what comes naturally.”

Ryan laughed then said,

“Oh I see; you’re not in control of yourself. You sure look like you’re in control to me; but whatever, you call it what you like. I just love your new found enthusiasm for exposing your interesting bits.”

We sat together for a while before Ryan said that we should be heading for home. We went and showered then as we were heading out through reception we saw Darren and that other man carrying something else into the workout room. It was a big board about 2 metres by one metre with a box near one end. Being intrigued as to what it was we followed them into the workout room and watched them lay it down and unwrap it. Then they attached bicycle like pedals to bars coming out of each side of the big box.

“It looks like some sort of cycle that you lay on your back to pedal.” I said.

Ryan was way ahead of me.

“Hang on a minute; I think that I just might know what it is.” Ryan said.

“What is it?” Abby, who had also come to look, asked.

“I think that it’s another exercise cycle, but you lay on your back to operate it.” Ryan answered.

We continued watching as Darren un-wrapped the rest of it. Sticking out of the box and pointing towards the other end of the board is a metal bar about half a metre long. As soon as Darren screwed a rubber dildo on the end I knew what it was.

I was still feeling very horny and had wanted to get home so that Ryan could fuck me silly but this new workout machine was just begging for me to christen it.

“Can I?” I said to Darren.

“Hang on a minute girl; there’s one more thing that I have to attach.” Darren said as he got a little black box out of a cardboard box and attached it to the top of the big box and pointed the little hole in the little box towards the other end of the board. As we watched I found my hands drifting to my nipples and rolling and tweaking them.

“There you are young Tanya; all yours.” Darren said as he got up, cleared all the wrappings, and left.

I quickly lay down on the board with my legs open and feet on the pedals. The rubber dildo on the end of the metal bar was resting on my pubic bone. Turning the pedals slowly, I watched the dildo slide back and drop to the floor in front of my pussy.

Adjusting my position a bit, I sat up and lifted the dildo up and rested the end at the entrance to my hole.

Then I pedalled.

The audience that had gathered around me watched as I slowly pedalled and the dildo went in and out of me. Because of my highly aroused state it only took a couple of minutes for me to start cumming again; and cum hard I did. I’m sure that everyone in the workout room had stopped what they were doing and come over to watch me.

As the waves receded and my pedalling slowed I became aware of everyone watching me. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt proud of myself.

As soon as I got to my feet Abby got down straight away; it was her turn.

I had to go and have another shower before we left.

A week or so later the whole of the team that I’m in at work were given the afternoon off because we’d completed a big job ahead of schedule. I’d been feeling quite horny all morning because Ryan had persuaded me to wear my random zap vibe that day; and he’d got me to charge up my clit ring overnight. That morning I’d had 4 or 5 little orgasms because of those.

Anyway, when I got told that I could go home just before lunch I had this naughty thought,

“Why don’t I go to the gym on my own?”

It’s not like I needed to go home to collect any gym kit; so I phoned Ryan and told him what I was going to do and instead of getting the bus home I got the bus to the gym.

As I walked in Darren said,

“Oh it’s you Tanya; I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on; and very smart you look too.”

“Old joke Darren, I’ve come here straight from work; I’ve got the afternoon off. Darren,” I continued, “all these cameras that you’ve got around the place, do they record to a disk somewhere?”

“Yes, but I don’t know how it all works; do you know anything about computers?”

“Yes, a bit. What I was wondering was could I have a copy of this afternoons recordings please?”

“Sure, if you can work out how to do it.”

“Thanks Darren, I’ll come and see you when I’m ready to leave, okay?”

With that I went into the ladies changing room and stripped naked. I was so horny that I wanted to frig myself there and then but I resisted. Instead I settled for rolling and flicking my nipples. I wanted to see if I could get them any harder or longer than they already were.

I went to the shower area, looked up at the camera, opened my legs and pushed my hips forward. Holding my hand below my pussy I squeezed the vibe out then rinsed it and put it in my bag. I wondered if anyone had seen me do that.

As I walked to the workout room I was pleased that my AF was already way up. I reasoned that because I was so horny I wasn’t responsible for the fun I was about to have.

Walking into the workout room I saw 2 men. Their eyes lit up when they saw the naked me walk in. I smiled at them and went to the leg spreaders. As I walked passed them I heard one of them say,

“About time, I was starting to think that we’d been conned.”

Sitting on one of the spreaders that faced into the room I spread my legs wide and held them like that for ages before closing them.

One of the men looked up to my face so I smiled at him again.

Well, I certainly had their attention. I continued to open and close my legs, occasionally lifting my clit chain.

About the fourth time that my legs were spread wide my little clit ring zapped me. I shuddered a little and had to force myself to keep my legs open wide. I looked at one of the men and wondered if he thought that I was cumming. By that time both men had given up all pretence of working out and were openly staring at me.

After a few more spreads I went to the exercise cycle with the dildo in the middle of the saddle. As I walked up to it I saw that the dildo was retracted. Going to the other side of it so that the bike was between the men and me I slowly turned the pedal with my hand to make sure that it was working properly.

“Fucking hell!” I heard one of the men say, “I didn’t see that when we came in.”

I looked at the 2 men, smiled and climbed on the bike but standing on the pedals. I watched the men as I did a couple of rotations of the pedals before lowering my pussy to the tip of the dildo.

The expression on the men’s faces was priceless as I impaled myself and just sat there for a few seconds before slowly starting to pedal.

As I started to speed up a little, one of the men’s eyes moved up to mine. I smiled and said,

“Have you looked at the screens lately?”

His eyes turned to the nearest screen in time to see the view of my pussy from the camera on the front of the bike.

“Good resolution isn’t it?” I said.

After a long pause the man said,

“Err yeah.”