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The Rubberdoll Puppet Show

2022-05-29 00:00:03

Chapter 1: The Slave Fair

I told myself that never in a million years would I ever go to one of these types of events. Oh sure I had heard of slave fairs and auctions and even services that dealt with the training and modification of cunts, but I always told myself that had nothing to do with me and nothing good would come from being anywhere near those things, and yet here I was, standing smack in the middle of it with no idea what on Earth could have possibly made me think that this was somehow a good idea.

I’m a free woman, well about as free as anyone with a vagina between their legs can be these days. I have a pretty normal life, I exercise constantly to keep my little body in shape and to help me do that I joined a new gym catering primarily to women a few weeks ago. I never really watched programming before on TV but at the gym there is a bank of televisions right in front of the elliptical machines that I used regularly, so of course for an hour a day I found myself staring at those infernal screens. I'd heard rumors that the government put subliminal messaging in the shows to control the cunts but it didn’t really bother me. After all, that sounded like conspiracy theory and besides, I wasn't a cunt so it had nothing to do with me. Sure, I had seen owned cunts on the streets before, naked, leashed and following their owners, but that was nothing compared to what I was witnessing here at the fair. I had no idea such depravity could exist.

I wandered around the large fairground with my brain in a partial fog, not believing what I was seeing. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon a couple of ponygirls who were bridled with their reins tied to a sturdy looking wooden post. The large silver bells that danged from the rings imbedded in their stiff pink nipples jingled loudly as their exposed breasts heaved with each deep breath. It looked so wrong. I mean these human females were being treated like animals because just like me, they happened to have breasts and a vagina and yet, I felt that familiar tingle inside of me. I should be disgusted by the sight before me, not aroused. What was wrong with me?

They were much larger than me, not exactly a high bar given my petite frame, but they were also quite muscular and powerful. Their large breasts jiggled slightly with each movement of their strong legs as the saliva dripped copiously from the bit gags that were locked securely in their mouths. I had never seen anything like this before. I admired the bells and piercings that protruded from their nipples and clits, both of which appeared to have been stretched and extended. I couldn't imagine how sensitive those small pieces of pink flesh must have been, so exposed and constantly stimulated. These girls must have been going crazy all the time which would explain the amounts of lubrication dripping from between their legs.

“You can touch them if you like,” a deep male voice boomed from behind them. “As a matter of fact, why don’t you grab that brush over there and get some of the tangles out of their manes?”

I shrugged and decided to give it a try. As it turned out, I enjoyed brushing the hair of the ponygirls. I know they called it a mane to be in keeping with their theme, but to me they were still girls and what I was brushing was still hair. They seemed to enjoy it as well and honestly, I really liked the way they responded to it. They seemed to be such obedient and docile creatures. But I knew they weren't creatures, they were girls just like I was a girl. Or maybe they weren't anymore. I couldn't tell.

Once their manes were nice and straight, I held out an apple for the beautiful blonde ponygirl who stood closest to me. I could tell she was still a human girl in there somewhere. Perhaps she wasn’t permitted to display her humanity though, maybe the ability to exhibit that part of herself outwardly had been trained out of her or possibly she just held it inside. Whatever it was she gladly bit into the apple as I held it out for her. Given how her arms were bound behind her, I couldn't see how she would have been able to eat it otherwise.

“You should be sure to visit the Hall of Hypnotism and Body Modification while you’re here,” the voice said as the man stepped from behind the ponygirls, giving the blonde a hard smack on her exposed rump. “A cute little thing like you would find it…enlightening,” he said with a devious looking smile.

I listened to the suggestion from the gentleman as my hand slowly ran along the smooth surface of the latex harness that the ponygirl was wearing. I definitely did not want to go anywhere near the Hall of Hypnotism and Body Modification. Perhaps I’d end up like one of the hundreds of girls who surrounded me in this place or maybe I’d become something much worse.

It was then that a beautiful naked girl with long flaming red hair and pale freckled skin bumped into me; undeniably my fault. I was so enthralled by the ponygirls that I was definitely not paying attention to anything else. She glared at me as I looked her over, taking in her modifications. Not unlike many of the other owned girls around here; she had degrading tattoos that coated every part of her exposed body and numerous piercings through her flesh. I couldn’t help but to notice that a thick metal ring was installed in her back. It looked as if perhaps it wrapped around her spinal column to provide some sort of an anchoring point. Similar heavy rings projected from her wrists and ankles, almost as if they were connected directly through her bones. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be in the way,” I stuttered as I took a step to the side of the laneway to let her pass, my eyes affixed on her heavy rings as she continued on her way.

It was then that I felt something wet on my left calf. I looked down to see a gorgeous blonde girl who must have been about my age licking my leg. Her long soft pierced tongue was stroking up and down, leaving behind a trail of sticky wet saliva on my smooth skin.

I watched the beautiful slippery smooth latex coated form of the lithe bitch as her tongue flickered against me. Before I came here, such a display would have surely disgusted me, but as I watched her, I considered how much more satisfying her life was now than it must have been before. No more stress or worries and no cares in the world. Her owner would be concerned with her every need and in exchange, all she had to do was be whatever he desired of her, which at the moment was a loyal pet. Man's best friend indeed.

The latex was incredibly sexy on the bitch. I glanced down at my own willowy body, my perky little breasts and petite slender figure and I wondered how much sexier I would be if such a slick second skin were applied to my own little form, hiding everything, showing everything all at once while accentuating my long black hair and delicate features. I tried to come to terms with how I felt about my small body being displayed like that and for a moment I thought for certain that I heard a whisper in my delicate ears. “Your body is not your own, it belongs to your owner.” My head spun around but the source of the whisper eluded me.

Suddenly the cute little puppygirl was jerked hard off my leg by the leash that was attached to her collar, and held by a man, presumably her Master. "Heel Bitch Toy,” I heard him say. She quickly moved beside his leg and crawled on all fours next to him, her large breasts swaying beneath her. As she inched away I saw that her anus was filled with what must have been a huge plug with a curved black rubber tail attached, and her exposed vagina had numerous rings with locks connecting them, closing off her hole and stretching her glistening pink labias down to ridiculous lengths. Even her nipples and clit seemed to be stretched and decorated. I read many of the degrading tattoos that covered her soft flesh and wondered how she felt about being such a creature. I knew I should look away but again I found myself tingling and aroused as my nipples hardened. Why was my body responding like this to such disgusting treatment of my fellow females?

I brushed the long black strands of my hair out of my pale blue eyes and wondered how all of these slaves were kept so well behaved. Their dedication and obedience was a sight to behold. I may not have agreed with the idea of my fellow females being treated this way, but that didn't mean I wasn't respectful of how once proud human beings could be reduced to this. Still, I had to continue to be vigilant in this place, otherwise who knows what would become of me.

As I thought about what it would be like to be heavily pierced and controlled, tattooed, degraded and trained the thought was not at all revolting as I would have expected but natural. My brain fogged over in a pink cloud of lust and I found it hard to think about anything else. My own little whore hole seemed to have taken over my brain completely; almost as if by design. Despite my best efforts to fight it, I couldn’t help but to be aware of what was happening between my legs. I was aroused. I had been since I got here and I was afraid that my arousal was becoming too obvious. I hated myself for being turned on by all this disgusting depravity. It was wrong and yet my clit was swollen, my nipples throbbed and my vagina was soaking.

It was then that a distinguished looking man in a white lab coat bumped my shoulder and handed me a flyer. I took it and read that it was for a rubber doll puppet show later in the evening. I expected the man to walk away but he just stood there for a moment, staring at me as if he was sizing me up. He looked up and down my petite little body and finally said "you should come to the puppet show, I think you would find it a perfect fit for you. As a matter of fact, if you want a special tour before hand, I'd be happy to oblige.” He gave a wink and a devious looking smile, his eyes fixated on my small firm breasts.

There was no way I was going to some show in which poor girls are encased in rubber like dolls and controlled like puppets and yet the idea again made my nipples tingle and I knew I was becoming wet. A part of me wanted to leave. The visions of tattoos, piercings, chains and control were making my head swim and yet I couldn't bring myself to get out of there before someone made the mistake of thinking that I was on the menu. "I can't end up like these girls,” I told myself as my clit swelled and my arousal grew. While my logical brain knew this was wrong, my body had decided to do its own thing and there was nothing I could do about it.

“Humph. You don’t want to go to the rubber doll puppet show?” He stated in a show of false insult, noticing my obvious attempts to feign disinterest. “My, my, and here I thought we had it all. Rubber dolls dancing and jumping through electrified hoops not to mention a lovely romance between two rubber dolls, unable to speak to each other but very good at communicating with their body language and fingers and of course, fucking the front row seats at the climax of the show. Hell, we even offer up very good employment contracts associated with these shows. Say, would you be interested in those too?”

I don't know why it happened, but when he mentioned the forced romance between the two rubber dolls, I suddenly felt a sharp spike of arousal flow through my body. As much as my logical brain wanted to fight it, I couldn't help but to wonder what it would be like to be one of those girls. I didn't want to go to the puppet show, I didn't want to be a part of this depravity and yet, I found myself actually considering the idea. I did need the money, but still, I knew that it was a slippery slope. If I started out as a paid performer there was no telling where that might lead. I could end up as one of these owned girls. Modified, conditioned, trained and my mind and body would become unrecognizable to me. Besides, while performing with another girl might be appealing, being forced to fuck the front row certainly was not! I wasn't a lesbian or anything, but there was something so sensual and desirable about thinking of another girl that way. I just couldn't explain it to myself.

"I don't know," I said to the man before me. I didn't want to offend him further and he already seemed a bit perturbed that I would dare show hesitation about his show in the first place. The last thing any girl wants to do in this society is get on the wrong side of a male. Throughout my hesitation, I could still feel his eyes on my firm breasts and smooth skin. "Well, maybe you could give me that tour,” I responded. What harm could come from a tour after all. If I wasn't comfortable for any reason I could always leave, right?

“My named is Doctor Vance Pharma,” he said with a huge grin as he extended his hand in greeting. "Tell you what? Come with me on the tour and I'll show you what we have. I'll even throw in a piece of latex for you to enjoy and if you aren't entertained by the show, you can keep it for free."

Chapter 2: Becoming a Rubberdoll

The good doctor took my perfectly manicured hand and led me over to his pavilion where the stage of puppygirl and pet gear had been cleared away for subtle mood lighting and props for the puppet show performances. I was led past the large black curtain to the back stage area where my blue eyes took a moment to adjust to the lack of light.

We’re still getting prepped up now,” he said as we passed by the performers. There were six of them, all looking identical in shiny latex hoods that obscured their faces and platform thigh high boots polished to a high shine. It was clear that the platform height of their footwear differed from one girl to the next, presumably to even out any height differences which contributed to the illusion that they were all perfectly identical. “Do you think they look good?” He asked with a hint of pride in his voice as we stopped in front of them. “You should try feeling them. Go ahead and touch, they won’t mind. In fact, perhaps you’d like to try out one of these suits for yourself.”

I stretched out my hand and touched the smooth latex with my fingertips. The more my skin came into contact with the material, the more aroused I felt myself becoming. It was instinctive and felt very natural and comfortable to me. As I applied pressure, I could feel the girl beneath breathing and moving, her heart beating. She was alive in there, but standing very still. She definitely looked remarkable, just like the man said she would. They all did and I knew I would look amazing like that as well.

I tried desperately to control myself. I had this overwhelming urge to run my tongue up and down the smooth latex. I wanted so badly to lick it and feel it on my tongue and in my mouth. Where were these feelings coming from? I could feel my tongue begin to push through my soft pink lips before I caught myself and closed my mouth, snapping out of my trance. I cleared my throat and nodded. "They're very nice looking, but I don't think it would be appropriate for me to dress like that, especially in a public place like this.”

“I don’t know,” he said as he stared deep into my eyes. “I definitely saw far less modest clothing outside. Some people out there are wearing the same latex suit while others are wearing only bikinis and I’m sure you saw plenty who were wearing nothing at all. There are cunts crawling around on leashes and today I got a ride on a ponygirl cart. Still, I don’t judge, no limit shaming from me.”

"True, but most of the girls showing themselves off like that are owned slaves" I replied as I glanced down at my own attire. Not modest in the least; a short pleated skirt that barely covered my firm ass hung from my hips, a thin cami clung to the form of my firm breasts and high heels graced my tiny feet. It was the most I could get away with wearing ever since the new rules came out about how much clothing a free girl was allowed to have on. I wasn't even allowed to wear a bra so my hardened pink nipples were rubbing against the fabric of my nearly see through camisole and poking outward, visible to anyone who would even glance in my direction. Even my shoes caused my delicate feet to experience a dull throbbing ache but again, rules mandated that I had to have at least a 4 inch heel. In some ways the owned girls had it easier. Their owners could choose anything for their feet or bodies including nothing at all. Still, I knew it could be worse. At least I wasn't locked in the pony hooves or ballet boots I had seen on the feet of others in at the fair.

“Well, there's an obvious solution if you find yourself embarrassed. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, hey I get it,” he said as he gently caressed the slick form fitting hood of the nearest rubberdoll. “Look at what’s on her head; the mask is polarized and completely opaque to the outside world. Wear one of these and you’ll never be noticed for who you really are. Total anonymity! What could be better?”

I bit my pouty lower lip and twisted the ball of my foot nervously on the ground before I found myself nodding. “I guess I wouldn’t mind trying the latex outfit on, just for a minute so I can see how I look in it. Maybe that would be okay?" I heard myself say. I couldn’t believe I just said that! I had crossed the line but I just couldn't help myself. It looked so delicious and soon I would look delicious too.

"Well, normally I just don't loan these out, but I'll make an exception for you,” he said with a reassuring smile as he snapped his fingers at the line of gleaming faceless rubberdolls who were waiting for their performance in the puppet show to begin. "Help your latest sister to look like you." Immediately they responded, walking towards me with their arms outstretched in an intimidating display.

My slender legs began to shudder with nerves and my face went flush as I questioned whether I had made a mistake giving into my impulses. Before I knew what was happening, they were gripping my arms in their slick gloved hands as they pulled off my cami, exposing my firm little breasts. My puffy pink nipples hardened even more in the cool air as they were revealed. They deftly removed the heels from my dainty feet and before I knew it my skirt and panties had been pulled to the ground. There I was, completely naked, thoroughly exposed and unable to fight them off or resist even if I wanted to.

I wasn’t bare for long though as the obedient rubberdolls worked quickly to pull my feet into the rubber suit, sliding it up my slender toned legs, over my lean torso and down my slim arms. The smooth black material felt amazing against my delicate skin which was tingling in a most pleasurable manner. Whatever arousal coursed through my lithe body before was now multiplied by a hundred. My weak legs continued to quiver and shudder, barely holding up my petite frame.

"That feels good doesn't it, the feeling of being squeezed all around by that latex? Having a second skin that is stretchy, shiny and black? I know how it is,” the doctor said in a comforting voice as he patted my shoulder with a hand, the lab coat sleeve slipping away to reveal his own latex suit underneath. "It's breathable; climate controlled and contains biometric scanners. But you're not getting the full experience of the cunt breaking technology, are you? For that, you'd need to put the hood on."

He raised his hands, offering up the final accessory; a shiny black piece of supple rubber with no eye holes and tubes leading into the mouthpiece. It's the exact same hood the other dolls are wearing, at least in appearance. "Go ahead, put it on. I promise I'll help you take it off when the time is right. You can trust me."

I knew I should refuse this part, but he looked trustworthy and besides, I'm in public, it’s not like other people can’t see what’s going on. Everything would surely be just fine. Besides, I was so overwhelmed with desire in the moment that I couldn’t think straight anymore. My logical brain shut down almost completely and my entire decision making process was being made by my pussy. My pussy? Why did I use that word? I always call it my vagina.

I pulled the hood over my head and inserted the mouthpiece firmly into my mouth which enabled me to breathe, and although I could no longer speak normally, I could still whisper almost incoherently. I was disoriented at first in the inky blackness of isolation. Swimming in a sea of pleasure from the way the latex felt against my nimble form as it stimulated every inch of my smooth skin. I felt hands secure the collar around my neck, sealing the hood in place. Words suddenly appeared in bright pink and green, floating in front of my obscured crystal blue eyes.




I tried desperately to think clearly. I’m not a rubberdoll! Yet despite my best efforts, my body was still being stimulated and my brain was barely functional. I don't think I've ever been this aroused in my life. My clit was literally throbbing and my hard nipples felt so sensitive under the suit it was as if they were now the center of my universe. In my rubber covered ears I could hear a voice. It was his voice speaking to me in calm tones, giving me instructions. "You will repeat everything that I say to you and you will believe it,” he said. My brain was so foggy already and my body was feeling hypersensitive, floating in such a thick pink fog of arousal that I was no longer capable of questioning it.

"You are nothing,” his voice said, pausing for my response.

“I am nothing,” I whispered back.

“You are not human,” he continued.

“I am not human,” I replied.

“You are merely an object, a thing, an animal that exists to be owned.”

“I am just an object, I am only a thing. I am an inferior animal to be owned,” my voice echoed in my head.

"Your body is not yours. You just live in it. The body that you live in belongs to your owner.”

“This body is not mine, it belongs to my owner.”

"Your name is whatever your owner chooses."

“My name is whatever my owner chooses to call me.”

“Your body will be changed to suit your owner’s desires.”

“My body will be changed into whatever my owner desires.”

“Any fluids you produce belong to your owner. This includes your pee, saliva, pussy juice and milk. Your owner owns your orgasms, your orifices and every aspect of your life.”

“My pee, saliva, pussy juice and milk belong to my owner. He owns all of me including my orgasms and holes.”

“You are obedient, respectful and docile at all times.”

“I am always obedient, respectful and docile for my owner.”

"You gain pleasure from displays of submission, from the happiness you provide and any praise you receive.”

“I get pleasure from showing my submission, making my superiors happy and being praised. “

"Obedience is pleasure.”

“Obedience is pleasure,” I repeated in a whisper. I had no concept of time. I had no idea how long this went on for, the doctor’s voice telling me things and me repeating them. Not just repeating but believing deep in my soul that they were absolutely true and that no other truth existed.

His voice continued to shape my mind. "You enjoy being displayed and exhibited. You gain extra pleasure when others witness how well you perform for your Master.”

It was at this point that I thought I felt something on my most delicate parts. Fingers rubbing, gently touching my moist latex covered folds. I was in such a deep trance that I couldn't move a muscle. Not even to spread my legs further to provide the fingers with better access. I knew feel how wet and slippery I was. My small firm breasts rose and fell beneath their rubber covering as I took deep gas filled breaths through my mouthpiece. My nipples stood hard against the shining material and my clit swelled. I was completely controlled and if there were any doubts about whether or not it was natural, the way my body responded made it clear.

Chapter 3: The Puppet Show

My head was swimming with pleasure from being held on the edge of orgasm for so long. I'd never experienced anything like this in my life. That was when I thought he said I was going to be taking part in the actual puppet show. A part of me felt nervous and scared. How was it that I would be in the show? Yet there was something about becoming a performer on stage that aroused me further.

As my rubber covered fingertips brushed against the gleaming smooth material that was clinging to my body, I felt an incredible tingle. My hands instinctively moved to my firm little breasts and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I thought I would cum harder that I'd ever cum in my life, and yet while the feelings became more intense, so much so that I couldn't even think straight anymore, I still didn't actually orgasm. This left me frustrated, desperate and incredibly aroused beyond comprehension. My will was melting away to where I'd do anything if I could just finally cum!

The doctor gave my shiny hood a gentle caress, leading up to a small stroke on the dark material that covered my soft cheek. “Well, it looks like you’re ready for anything. Why don’t we have you go first for the crowds? You and Number Three can go out together.”

The doctor pushed through the thick black curtain, arms outstretched as the dimmed lights focused on his latex covered form that was only partially obscured by his trademark white lab coat. “Greetings cunts and gentlemen, I’m here yet again to show just how fantastic our control can be. One of these performers here today is a seasoned veteran of the latex. The other is brand new. No rehearsals and not one second of practice. But I wonder can you tell who is who? How well the cunt breaking technology suit acts on them, to perfect them into the perfect cunts? I'm going to say that it acts perfectly, but tonight, I'll let you be the judge."

A new set of words flashed before my eyes: GO TO THE STAGE, APPROACH THE POLE, and DANCE.

I saw the order come up in front of my eyes and I felt an internal need to obey it. Everyone knows that basic pole dancing is required for all girls attending school so I knew that I was quite good at it. A cloudy view of the stage appeared in front of me, no doubt the feed from external cameras on my suit that enabled me to see just enough to function. As I stared at the pole on the stage near me, the other five rubber dolls sat down along the front of the stage in uniform posture. I could feel my legs quivering and my clit and nipples seemed to grow a foot long. They didn't for real of course, but the sensitivity in them was incredible, like nothing I'd ever known before. As if every single millimeter of them could suddenly be felt individually.

Before I could even think about it further, my legs were suddenly guiding my body in the direction of the pole. It was as if I had no control over my own body anymore. The more I obeyed my commands, the more intense the sensations in my body became. Further, my brain was producing pleasure chemicals at a pace I'd never experienced. It was like I was in a drug induced state, completely unable to focus on anything except the pole. All other thoughts disappeared and there was only the shining piece of metal that protruded from the stage. There was only obedience. The more I thought of obedience, the more the sensations filled me, as if my entire body were made of the same bundle of nerve endings as my clit.

My delicate latex coated hand grasped the pole and I began to swing around on it, wrapping my smooth rubber thighs around the metal as the other rubberdoll worked her body around the pole with me in an unrehearsed synchronized dance. I could see the crowd forming, watching. Eyes wide and mouths open. Not just the men whose erections were becoming obvious but even the women. Slaves, bitch girls and free women alike all stared in my direction with a look in their eyes that gave away their arousal. I had the same look in my eyes no doubt as I was staring at the ponygirls, bitches and other captive cunts while feeling my own pussy produce copious amounts of juice as well.

I was dancing in a pink fog. I had no concept of time. No awareness of thoughts or of anything really. All I knew were the sensations in my own body; my throbbing nipples, my swollen clit, my dripping pussy which was extraordinarily well lubricated and ready for what it was created for, to be penetrated.

I was so horny and desperate from being on edge this whole time. I wanted so badly to lick the pole. I wanted to lick the floor and the boots of the women and the shoes of the men. I pressed my tongue against the mouthpiece that filled my moist orifice, licking it as if it was something to be pleasured. I was at a point in which I would do anything for release. I would do anything just to lick and pleasure others. I would follow any command, engage in any act and become anything. I knew what I was becoming, another mindless fetish cunt. I knew that I was broken and there was nothing I could do about it. There was nothing I could do to stop or change it. My path was set and I didn't care. The only thing I cared about was this moment of pleasure and keeping it going for as long as possible. That was all that mattered.

Suddenly a new command appeared before my eyes in bright pink and green lettering:


I wasn't sure what the command wanted me to do. What was meant by converge? Share what love exactly? It was all very puzzling and my euphoric condition was broken by a panic that my confusion might be mistaken for disobedience. The other rubberdoll approached me and extended her slippery black latex coated hand in my direction. I calmed down, trying to breathe more easily through my mouthpiece while accepting that the other rubberdoll would help guide me. As such, I removed myself from the shining chrome pole as gracefully as I could and moved towards her, balancing carefully on the towering thigh high platform boots that were affixed to my small feet.

When my hand touched hers I sensed a sudden wave of arousal that flowed from my fingertips through my body. It was so powerful that I wasn't sure if my quivering legs would continue to support my lean form. When the doctor said he had two rubberdolls in a forced romance, I had no idea that I would be one of them, yet I admit that from the moment I heard the idea, I was having fantasies about it that made me incredibly aroused. Now here I was about to engage in a lesbian romance with another girl.

As a straight girl, I never thought I'd be this turned on by another female. Number Three pressed her body against mine. Our suits came together and the waves of pleasure burst through my body. The two of us rubbing together created an exponential reaction. Her arms reached around me in a hug and I felt her rubber fingertips on my shiny smooth encased rear. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her harder into me; our latex breasts pressing together. It was as if there was an electric current of pleasure connecting our hard stimulated nipples.

Our flat tummies pushed toward each other as did our pelvic regions. One of my hands moved down to her perfectly curved rear as the other reached between her legs. I had no awareness of controlling my arms at this point. My body was moving on its own and I was merely a passenger who was along for the ride for I was truly a puppet. My fingers instinctively moved to the slick rubber where her clit should be and I touched outside the suit. If the sensations on my fingertips were any indication of what she was feeling on her clit, I was certain that it must have been amazing.

I wanted so much to kiss her. Although it was never something I freely admitted, I have always been orally fixated. Having something in my mouth or on my tongue has always given me great comfort and pleasure. I guess that explains why I like to lick things so much and right now I wanted desperately to lick her. I wanted to feel her tongue in my mouth. I wanted to know the sensation of my own tongue running up and down the smooth latex of her body and to feel hers to do the same to me. I wanted her tongue in my ears and mine in hers. I wanted her sweet pussy juices in my mouth and I wanted to experience the sensation of her tongue inside my ass.

There were no limits for me as whatever reservations I had were all breaking down. In this moment I had become an obedient drone. All I wanted was to please, be pleasured and to obey. The longer I held this girl in my arms and felt her touch, the foggier my brain became and the more I was melting into her, becoming one with her. Developing into what she was. We were Indistinguishable twin slave sisters. I was a rubber doll and if the amount of pussy juices I was producing was any indication, a very good one at that.

The crowd loved the performance as did the doctor whose gaze was divided between the glowing tablet in his lap and the elegant slippery smooth obsidian creatures on stage that were twisting and twining together in a sensual embrace, nearing the climax of the puppet show. He tapped a few more buttons on his device as the other rubberdolls moved to drape themselves over his shoulders to see what he was doing. His tablet now displayed the two performers in action, the suits highlighting various parts of their bodies; their fingers, clits, labias, breasts and nipples all glowed bright orange. With a swipe across the screen, the suit’s subtle “electrostim” technology made those body parts even more sensitive. With all of the latex to latex contact they were making, he thought they deserved a full body sensory increase as well. In addition, the more their suits touched, the more their clitoral vibrators increased in speed.

Our tight embrace was a grand display of lust and love, forced as it were. We were unable to see or know each other past the blank, black hoods that obscured our faces which made this a forbidden intimacy. Not allowed to speak to one another, not allowed to see our twin sister’s face of pleasure.

With their arousal that high, the doctor was tempted to push the button to force them to cum, but he thought that letting the scene play out more would be better. Instead, he tapped another button and a pedestal rose through the floor of the stage. An impressive variety of toys, vibes, dildos and silicone strap-on cocks became available for the two to use and the good doctor had to wonder, which would they go for now?

Chapter 4: The Climax

Rubberdoll Number Three deftly arranged me on my hands and knees facing the audience. She wrapped heavy metal cuffs around my wrists and ankles, clicking them in place with tiny silver padlocks. The vibrating neon pink strap-on that she had chosen for herself contrasted perfectly with the smooth inky blackness of her suit and dangled from her pelvis, bobbing about as if it was looking for a place to go. The rubberdoll coated it with a generous amount of slippery clear lube before carefully pulling a tab that opened an access panel in my suit which revealed my firm petite rear and given the position I was in, my tight little puckered anus.

I stared out at the crowd through my pale blue eyes as I rested on my small hands and rubber covered knees. On all fours like an animal, like that beautiful blonde bitch girl on the leash earlier who was licking my leg with her gorgeous pierced tongue. The way I felt right now, I would probably give anything to be that girl on all fours licking people's legs. To be licking anything would be a joy. I briefly wondered if that’s what the puppygirl felt as well.

I felt so vulnerable and exposed like this, my smooth round ass up in the air and my small firm tits hanging down. I wasn't actually restrained, I didn't need to be, but the weight of the heavy metal cuffs around my wrists and ankles made me feel all the more captive and controlled. I tried to hold still and I could feel my hard nipples pressing against my latex, making me all the more desperate and needy.

Despite being forced to dress like a whore in my daily life as part of the clothing rules for free females, I wasn't a whore and I had never been naked in public in my life. Yet here I was with my tight little anus exposed. I could feel the cool air on it but even more humiliating was the fact that my pussy was now exposed as well. My secret of being dripping wet between my legs was now on display to the world and my slimy juices coated my labias and dripped off in long streams forming a small puddle on the stage. I was sure it was obvious to the rubberdoll who was now positioned behind me as well as any of the random strangers in the audience who were themselves wet and erect from watching my predicament.

It was then that I suddenly felt the rubber doll’s floppy intruder pressing against the entrance to my ass. I'd never had anything in there before except of course the standard inspections and measurements that the government had performed on me every year since I turned eighteen. I was nervous, unsure about how I would feel to be penetrated in that particular hole, yet I couldn't help myself. I had no control and no choice. There were no choices, there was only obedience. My command was to converge and being connected to this other rubber doll via a dildo that went from her body into my anus was surely a form of convergence.

My mind had stopped working long ago, the pleasure chemicals in my brain had taken over and combined with the stimulation I was receiving from the suit, all I could think about was obedience, my own wet pussy and swollen clit. My body instinctively began to move backward, the tip of the dildo pushing ever so slowly into my tight ring, filling me up. I could feel the discomfort grow inside me. It didn't hurt really, but it was an uncomfortable pressure that I wasn't used to. I kept pushing on it; I couldn't stop myself if I wanted to. Back just a bit and up slightly less. Then back a little more, up a little less. Back and forth, working it inside me, working my way down the well lubricated shaft, feeling it fill me further and further until finally I could feel my rear come into contact with the base of the strap on. It was finally completely inside my ass. I had fulfilled my purpose, my command and completely converged with the other rubberdoll. I got a huge dose of pleasure, one that wrapped around my body making it quiver on the edge of orgasm. I knew any further stimulation would send me over the edge and into the throes of my own cum. I was a prisoner of my body and all I could sense was pleasure.

The other rubberdoll continued to penetrate my tight anus with her strap on dildo as I moved my body back and forth, my rubber coated breasts jiggling beneath me as I impaled myself over and over again. I was breathing heavily into my mouthpiece; I was like an animal in heat. There was no stopping me and I couldn’t believe I enjoying being fucked in the ass this much!

I closed my blue eyes enjoying the sensations and when I opened them I saw the word CUM on the screen in the familiar pink and green lettering. In an instant the sensations at my nipples and clit increased exponentially. The pent up frustration of being on the edge of orgasm this entire time broke like a dam and suddenly I felt as if I might actually be able to orgasm. I was going over and yes. “I'm cumming, I'm cumming I'm cumming,” I screamed in my head. As the orgasm took control of my body, my muscles tensed and I thought I was going to black out. But there could be no question; it was the best orgasm of my life.

Chapter 5: The Contract

"Number one and Number Two, the two of you are next. Entertain the crowd directly," the doctor ordered. As number One and Number Two unzipped their crotches, opening up access to their holes for the cheering crowd, he sent a new command to the lesbian dolls on stage.


I blinked several times to regain my focus and I saw the instructions in front of me. Rubberdoll Number Three pulled back until the pink invader slid out of my gaping anus with a pop. She sealed up my access panel and helped me to my feet, leading me backstage. The doctor was waiting with a big smile on his face and directed Number Three to deposit me on a soft chair where my willowy little body slumped from exhaustion as I continued to breathe heavily into my mouthpiece.

"You were perfect out there; just an absolutely stunning performance!" He congratulated me as he stroked my hood with both hands, feeling the hot latex for himself. "I must retain you for more; you could be the headlining star for our next event!"

The doctor was aware that he was snubbing Number Three, ignoring her as she waited nearby. Like most of the other dolls, her training and conditioning was complete and she could easily spend the rest of her life happily perched on top of a dildo in the lobby of the Rubbertech headquarters, yet another faceless decoration though that would be a pitiful waste of her training.

The doctor turned back to me, staring at my hood where my eyes would have been. "Because you are a freewoman and I cannot buy you outright, I'm going to offer you a very generous employment contract. You can either take this part time or as a 24/7 activity, all expenses paid of course. Each tier has rising benefits that I think you’ll find to be quite attractive. He held out the tablet displaying the different options for employment. What I couldn’t have known at the time was that extended participation would slowly erode my will away even further to a point in which I would be unable to ask questions or disobey even if I wanted to.

Sometimes you have no choice but only the illusion of choice. That's what he presented to me on the tablet. It was definitely not a choice. Signing a contract of some sort seemed required at this point as there was no option for declining and moving on with my life. One way or the other I was in this. Not that I cared at this point. My rational brain was barely functional, my pussy was still throbbing and I could feel my sore ravaged anus gaping open in a lewd display. I was exposed and on display inside and out.

I knew I should ask some questions. You don't enter into a contract without asking questions. Yet the doctor made no effort to remove the hood from my head or eject the mouthpiece that I had been so dutifully sucking on with each breath. Asking questions was clearly not an option. You also don't enter into a contract without reading it first, yet I through my pale blue eyes I could barely see straight. All I could make out on the tablet were the options and the words Kristin Kailey, hereinafter known as Rubber Doll Number Seven.

A part of me knew I should get out of this suit, out of this stupid hood that covered my pretty half Asian features and get as far away from here as possible. But that part was buried deep in my brain, way beneath all the edging and swollen sensitive parts, the slick flesh between my legs and the smooth shiny latex that coated me like a second skin. I caught a glimpse of myself in a nearby mirror and there was no question, my lithe little body was gorgeous, I was gorgeous. I was a slick little rubber sex doll and a beautiful one at that and I loved how that made me feel.

Doctor Vance Pharma removed my latex glove and guided my hand to the tablet. He was controlling me completely and I wasn't fighting or resisting. He held my hand over the option for 24/7 activity. I didn't want that, but I couldn't move on my own. I was merely a puppet, he was controlling my strings and he knew it. He brought my hand down to the tablet and pressed my thumb against the box for 24/7. My thumbprint registered my agreement and just like that, I had entered into a contract of unknown length or terms to be a rubber doll. There was no way to back out now, my thumbprint made sure of that. My fate was sealed and I was now Rubber Doll Number Seven.

The End.

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