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Bram and Rosa’s Camping Trip: A dream

2023-01-17 03:10:15

We arrived at the campsite in the morning after an over-night drive. The site was empty of other people which was puzzling because we had been passed by three cars on the way here and judging by the speed they were driving it was clear that the drivers knew the road – I had not noticed any obvious turn offs and the map had showed the road to be a dead end leading down to a beach. I wondered where they could be. There were no visible vehicles in the camp site which was surrounded by trees separated on one side by a small stream. The beach was just a one minute walk away and by the quick glimpse from the car looked lovely, sandy, blue sea glinting in the sun and reflecting the scattered white clouds.
My name is Bram and Rosa had accepted my invitation to come and have a holiday together. Up till now we had been “just-good-friends” having met many years before and had stayed in contact by telephone and email … definitely a platonic relationship. We had a plan to use the camp site as a base to visit the “interesting” places within striking distance and then move on to the next site….over a two week holiday. Rosa enjoyed adventure travel and visiting museums and stuff like that.
I am quite a bit older than Rosa and taller by 6”, in good shape with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Rosa was a young Asian beauty with long black hair and a full curvy figure, pouting lips and voluptuous breasts, firm and full, that moved excitingly under the flimsy dresses she which were always short enough to excite and show off her shapely and smooth legs. Her nipples were frequently visible below the cloth even though Rosa tried to hide them by wearing bras. Her bottom was well rounded and jiggled beautifully. It did not matter where we went I frequently caught both men and women doing a double-take and looking back at her; some of them unashamedly letting their eyes move up and down her body. Rosa never seemed to notice and just continued as though nothing had happened. I enjoyed their looking – it was a turn on - as I quite understood and frequently sneaked a peak of Rosa’s flesh when she bent down or crossed her legs. I was looking forward to this holiday but was determined not to spoil our friendship by just trying for a “quick fuck”. If it was going to happen then I wanted it to be something special….long, sensuous and, hopefully leaving her wishing for more. I had come fully prepared for anything that might happen and whatever might be Rosa’s thing; I had brought creams, lotions, vibrators, big and small, and, just in case some bondage straps which could also double as a swing. These were kept in a bottom compartment of my holdall.
Rosa selected the location for the tent which was within a bend in the river that meandered down across the beach before emptying into the sea. I unloaded the tents and the other stuff out of the car and started to put the tents up. Rosa opened the two car doors on the side away from me and changed into a loose fitting short and fairly transparent dress with spaghetti thin straps that showed glimpses of her bikini underneath. She caught me looking at her and smiled; wow, yum-yum I thought.
“I’m off to have a quick look around Bram” she said. “Okay” I replied, I’ll get changed and then we can go and look at the beach. I quickly changed into some long baggy cotton trousers. I decided not to wear my swimming costume…it was in the holdall. I finished sorting everything and looked up and saw Rosa returning – the sun was shining through her dress… woooh! I could feel my cock stirring and was beginning to regret not wearing anything underneath.
“There is nothing up there at all. Only the wash house and toilets, very clean, but no one else, we are alone. The track just disappears into the trees along with the river. Have you finished? Shall we go to the beach”?
“Yes”, I said “is there anything you want to bring”?
“Some towels and sun lotion should do it Bram”
I went into the tent and stuffed a towel and the suntan lotion into my holdall. I picked up a second towel, a beach blanket and slung them over my shoulder. After closing the tent flaps I picked up a 2-litre bottle of water, locked the car and off we walked down to the beach. When we got there it was clear the beach was also clear of humanity both up and down…. No one.
As I mentioned before the beach was sandy but had rock outcrops jutting half way down the beach from the trees. Rosa started walking to the left and I followed behind thoroughly enjoying the spectacle of Rosa’s body silhouetted by the sun shining through her dress clearly showing her legs up to her bottom crack forming that lovely V that promises so much. I could feel the head of my cock moving towards the opening at the front of my pants.
Rosa found a nice sandy sheltered place between two rock “walls” and indicated this was the place to set up beach “base”. I opened the beach blanket a cast it flat, then opened my holdall to get the blanket and lotion and placed them on the blanket together with the water. I looked up and looked at Rosa. She crossed her hands below her crotch and held the hem of her dress and then pulled upwards….slowly, as women do when they know someone is looking. I could not resist it – I turned to stare directly – the dress hem was over her head and moved higher, revealing her bikini knickers which I noticed with mounting excitement, were only just bigger than a G-string. Rosa momentarily lost her balance and with a little “Yelp” swivelled around showing her round buttocks with the string invisible - buried in the crack between her buttocks. She recovered her balance and turned around and continued lifting gradually exposing her bikini top which matched the bottom – just postage stamp size covering her nipples with the full swelling of her firm breasts moving into her cleavage and under her arms. Bram could feel his excitement growing and rising up – I grabbed my cock and pushed it back and turned partly away – I was a bit embarrassed and really wanted to “make sure” before I made my move but things were looking promising – by now the dress was fully over Rosa’s head catching her hair which then cascaded and swung back until the strands settled down caressing her shoulders and breasts. My eyes were also swinging, up and down Rosa’s body – her legs – her crotch – her flat stomach – her breasts and her shoulders. I then looked at her eyes….. Rosa was just standing there with her eyes clearly looking down at my crotch. Suddenly she looked up, startled, and pointed behind me. I looked around and saw two people walking down the beach towards us. We both turned towards them and I waved a “hi there”. Rosa picked up a towel and started to wrap it around her then stopped…..
“There’re both naked” she said.
She was right they were both totally naked apart from towels over their shoulders. When they got closer we could see they were both blond and very attractive. It looked like they were both shaved but when they got closer it both had a fine bond fuzz around their genitals. His penis was huge – it must have been 18cm – and was swinging back and fro as he walked - God knows what it would be like erect (mine had shrivelled in my pants by now). We continued looking at each other as they came closer.
“Good Morning” they said in unison “Are you here at the camp site”? the lady continued.
“Good morning, Yes, it's a lovely beach ” I stammered in reply.
“Please excuse our lack of dress”, He said “but are you aware that this is a nudist beach? I only ask because you have your clothes on”.
“No, sorry we did not know that” I replied. Is it compulsory”?
“No – not at all” the woman said “there are no rules on this beach. You may do as you wish. My name is Jocelyn, Jos for short, and this is Richard, I call him Dick” she laughed.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Bram and this is Rosa – we just arrived about an hour ago and have only just finished unpacking and were just about to relax”.
“Welcome to our beach Rosa, and Bram. We have just been up to the bay around the corner. There is a lovely quiet place there for swimming and sex, if you like that sort of thing – we just did”, Jos smiled at Rosa who was beginning to blush.
I could see what Jos had noticed - that Rosa’s nipples were much larger than before and were clearly visible through her bikini. Dick was doing what I had been doing just a few minutes ago and was also ogling Rosa’s body and it was clear that his previous morning sex was not stopping his cock from rising to his appreciation of Rosa’s body. I was doing the same to Jos but not quite with the same desire as had other plans – encouraging to know that Rosa was turned on.
“We’re off for some breakfast” said Joc, “and quickly too considering what is happening to Dick’s cock – sorry Rosa – he is incorrigible - but I can see why – you are both lovely - we hope you have a good holiday, maybe we will meet again”.
Saying this Jos grabbed Dick’s penis and dragged him away..but it was clear she was not angry as she was moving her hand up and down his cock as they walked away and Dick had his hand spread over Joc’s buttocks with and two fingers were missing from view. When they were about 20 meters away we both clearly hear Dick say “She is lovely, I would love to fuck that arse and I bet you would like to suck him”. Jos replied “plenty of time – breakfast first”.
Rosa and I looked at each other….and smiled. “So you bring me to a nudist beach eh? Okay, we will see” Rosa said. She then walked back to the blanket and lay down on her stomach. I sat down next to her and looked at her lovely arse.
“Do you want some sun tan lotion rubbed on”? I asked, hopefully. “Hmmm” Rosa replied.
I pulled the holdall to me and took the lotion and squirted a line of lotion from her shoulders down her back, over her buttocks (still totally bare with the G string where I wanted to put my tongue) and continued down a leg, then down the other leg. I stood up and sat above her head and moved closer so my cock was nudging the top of her head. I then started to rub the lotion into her shoulders with both hands moving in opposing circling motion with just enough pressure to cause her to say “that’s nice – a bit harder, mmmmm”. My hands moved from down her spine and then moved to her sides – and then down to the start of her breasts then back to her shoulders and again around. Each time I moved further down her back to pick up more lotion and on my way back moved further around to her breasts – eventually I had reached her buttocks and my cock had forced its way out of my pants and was really stiff and hard against her head.
“You’ve stopped” she said “first the lotion and then we will see”.
My cock was so hard that it was beginning to hurt. Nevertheless I jumped up and moved around to her side. I picked up some more lotion and squirted a good portion on the top of her buttock cleavage. I watched the lotion slowly move down towards Rosa’s crack. I moved my hands down to her ankles and started to rub in the lotion, slowly moving my hands up and down her legs getting higher and higher with each rotation. I felt myself putting more pressure on the inside of her legs as I gradually moved them wider and wider until I could see the G-string chord covering those holes that my cock was telling me was my destination. By now the lotion had slithered down and was very close to where I imagined I would soon also be. My hand was at the top of the inside of Rosa’s legs and my fingers were brushing against her pussey. She moaned and opened her legs even further. I took a finger and looped it under the G-string and pulled it clear exposing her button anus and glistening vagina.
I picked up a towel and folded it once and rolled it up. I then put my arm under Rosa’s stomach and lifted. There was no resistance. I slipped the rolled up towel underneath her hips and let her down. Rosa pink holes were now “presented” and inviting. My cock was aching for attention so I stood up and walked around and kneeled in front of her head which was buried in a dent in the sand under the towel. I put one hand under her chin and the other around the back of her head and together I lifted her head. Her eyes were wide open and I could see she was really horny. Without saying anything, I held her head so it could not move, she looked directly into my eyes and then at my swollen and throbbing cock which I placed against her lips. Instead of talking, she raised her body up a little to better align it with my cock and opened her mouth. I slid my cock in her mouth moving slowly further down until I feel it slide through the restriction in the back of her throat all the way down so my testicles are touching her chin. Grabbing fistfuls of her black hair, I start pumping my cock into her throat causing her to gag, choke and moan all at the same time. Her hands came up and cradled my balls. Rosa kept her lips tight around my cock. When I released her head she moved it back and my cock came out with a loud “pop” drawing out a long string of saliva.
I stood up with my cock jutting out hard from my body and walked around back and stood between her legs and, for just a little moment, just stood there looking down. I caught a glimpse of movement in the tree line but saw nothing put it down to wind or some wildlife or other. I bent down and pulled the G-String aside, then grabbed an ankle in each hand and opened her legs as wide as they would go and dropped down on my knees between her legs.
I grabbed Rosa’s hands and placed them on her buttocks and forced her to spread her own cheeks; two lovely holes presented themselves. I felt Rosa’s body shudder and she moaned in anticipation. I cupped one hand round her pussy and rubbed her invisible clit while the other started playing with her anus. Rosa gasped and arched her bottom higher. I bent down so my tongue touched her anus and keeping it stiff penetrated her in and out making her hole wet and slippery – her body arched up to meet my tongue forcing it deeper. I pushed a finger into her wet vagina and moved it in and out.
“Mmmmmm….oooh…. give me your cock Bram…..now” Rosa cried.
I moved closer and placed my cock helmet at the entrance of her vagina hole. Rosa’s hands spread her buttock cheeks even wider as I slowly thrust my cock deeper and deeper into her vagina until my balls met her body and I could go no further. I placed my hands either side of her body and began my thrusts in and out….slowly at first but speeding up to match Rosa’s gasps of pleasure. I kept this up at a steady pace until her moans became quiet and I felt her body shudder and her cunt tighten around my cock and her wetness increased making my thrusts even easier. I moved my feet outside of her hips and brought her legs closer and continued fucking that lovely hole. I placed one hand on her back and pushed her down. I then tickled her anus…. heard another moan and pushed….my finger broke through the initial tightness and then slipped deep into her anus while my cock continued to thrust in her pussy…. I could feel my sperm rising and just as I could not hold out any longer Rosa had another orgasm as my sperm filled her hole and dribbled out around my cock.
It was then that I saw Dick and Jos at the top of the beach watching us. They were both still naked and Jos was sucking Dick’s long extended penis.
I dropped onto Rosa’s back and kissed the back of her neck. I pulled her head up and around and kissed her full on the mouth pushing my tongue deep and feeling hers meeting mine. My cock was still in her pussy….and was growing again – everything was so erotic.
I said “We have an audience… Jos is giving Dick a blow job right in front of us.”. I then turned Rosa’s head so she had to look.
“Oh my God Bram, what….” Rosa cried.
Both Jos and Dick made ‘come here’ signs.
“Shall we?” I said thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy entering from above so it was clearly visible to our voyeurs.
Rosa said nothing….. but I had a feeling Rosa was looking at the same ….. Dick’s cock slipping in and out of his partners mouth and she was moving her buttocks up and down against my cock.
Then Jos stood up and turned towards us…. moving her hands over her breasts, stomach and between her legs. She then started to walk towards us and Dick followed with his cock pointing directly at us.
Rosa sat up and grabbed a towel to cover herself forcing my cock to slip out of her pussy. I stood up and moved up to kneel next to Rosa (my cock was fully erect (MEN) and Rosa moved the edge of the towel to cover it). I put my arm around her shoulders. Rosa was clearly embarrassed and was trembling but it did not seem to be from fear.
Jos said “We came to see if you were alright and wanted to invite you to come to our house; it is just on the other side of those trees. We have some friends over. But we saw you were having fun, we just could not resist watching. I hope you are not upset”. She knelt down in front of Rosa “You still have sperm on your mouth” she said and before Rosa could use the towel Jos started to lick my sperm off Rosa’s chin and then kissed her full on the mouth. Rosa moaned slightly but did not pull back.
“Yes” said Dick, “please come and join us. You are very welcome”
Before either of us could reply Jos held Rosa’s hand and elbow and helped her up and Dick had picked up my holdall and winked at me. I helped gather all the towels and stuff. Rosa was in a sort of daze and allowed herself to be led. Rosa’s bikini top had slipped and her nipples were standing erect on the mounds of her breasts. Dick had moved up and untied the strap at the back and let the strip of clothing drop to the ground. I pick it up and slipped it into the holdall.
We walked up to the trees in silence. I held Rosa’s hand and whispered in her ear “I will look after you; just tell me if you want to leave”. Rosa nodded and smiled.
Dick and Jos took the lead through a path through the trees which very quickly parted and we were looking at a large garden with a large white bungalow at the back. In the garden was a swimming pool and, scattered around, were garden shelters without sides and each had, in the centre a raised mattress type platform with cushions all around. Nearly all were occupied by naked people. One contained a couple in the 69 position and their heads were bobbing up and down; in another there was a brunette with a man fucking her while another was fucking her mouth; yet another a man with one woman sitting on his mouth and another riding his cock. The swimming pool contained another two couples who were talking together.
“Welcome to our party” said Dick and then picked up two drinks and handed them to us. We drank and found it was very refreshing, lemony but with the definite tang of alcohol.
Jos smiled at us and said “As you are our guests we will be giving you our full attention. You need not worry about us…. we are all married couples” and then speaking louder said “Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Rosa and Bram, they are staying in the camp site and we just caught them fucking on our beach” she smiled.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and walked towards us. I had never seen anything so erotic and Rosa had her mouth open in amazement.
The women were as sexy as hell, lovely curved bodies and legs that led to hairy and shaven mounds; there were blonds, brunettes and one ginger, and breasts… my manhood was HARD with a dribble of sperm leaking from the tip.
All the men were fit, attractive and nearly all had fully erect cocks all different shapes and sizes and all were shaved clean. Even I appreciated how good they looked. I noticed that they were all looking at Rosa and those cocks that were not erect were visibly growing. I started fantasising about my Rosa being fucked by them and turned to look at her.
Rosa was swaying back and forward because Dick was cupping her buttocks while Jos was sucking one of her breasts. Dick found one of Rosa’s hands and placed it onto his rampant cock which was now over 20cm!!! Jos had slipped one of her hands down to Rosa’s crotch and met Dick’s hand coming the other way…they shook hands and then Jos slipped two fingers into Rosa’s vagina while Dick was fingering her anus. Rosa’s eyes were closed and it was clear that she was completely lost enjoying everything that was happening to her. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at her, she winked and then I felt a rush of emotion that I should have found such an erotic woman.
Jos said “Not now Bram, you will fuck her last” she then turned to all the couples standing around and said “She is all yours boys and girls enjoy….Bram come with me and we will find a place to watch”.
Jos took hold of my penis and led me to the largest shelter which had a large “Y” shaped platform in the middle with a large lounge chair to the top and to one side of the “Y”. She sat me down in the chair and knelt between my knees. She then took hold of my cock and smelt it “ah ha …. I can smell sex” and then opened her mouth and started giving me a hard blow job forcing her head backwards and forward. I looked up and wow…..
There was Rosa – spread-eagled being carried high by all the men. One to each arm and leg and one each side holding her up. Some of the women had gone ahead and were preparing some cushions on the platform while the others were following behind. When they reached the platform they laid Rosa down with one leg down each branch of the “Y” with cushions under her head, back and buttocks. The women then reached below the platform and each pulled up a rope with a velcro fastener on the end which they fastened around each arm and leg and pulled tight. Rosa was now totally at their mercy – spread-eagled. Her eyes were wide with anticipation. From where I was sitting I could see right up between her legs and saw her love juices were making her vagina glisten. Rosa’s breasts were being forced to jut upwards because her hands were tied above her head.
Jos looked up at me and said “Excuse me Bram” and then she called “Penny, your turn”. Penny was a blond with small but firm tits and long legs and she just came up to me, smiled, gave me a large kiss and then moved down and started sucking me. It felt totally different especially as she was playing with my balls and anus…… oooo…
I looked up again. Someone had emptied a box of toys and the boys were having discussion as which one to use.
“Boys! They can never decide” said Jos who was at Rosa head. She placed her hands on Rosa’s shoulders and slowly leaned down sliding her hands down towards Rosa’s breasts which she started to kneed and at the same time giving Rosa a full erotic tongue kiss. At the same time the Redhead had slipped into the “Y” and was licking Rosa’s cunt up and down and fingering her at the same time. Two other women moved Joc’s hands away and each took a nipple into their mouths, nibbling, biting and sucking. Rosa’s whole body was shuddering, her eyes were wide open but I was not sure whether she was coming (after all I had only fucked her once properly). Now all the men had left their toys and had their hands on Rosa’s body stroking, kissing and licking (some of them were leaning over the women and I could see that at least two cocks were busy fucking).
God I wanted to get up and F U C K Rosa which was strange because here I was with a blond head moving up and down my cock. I decided to hold Penny’s head. I grabbed it either side and started to force my cock into her throat. Penny did not complain, although she gagged but got me to release her by slipping her finger deep into my anus. Ooo Nice….. then I heard Dick say “George, time for a man between this beauty’s legs, after all look what Bram is doing to your wife”.
I looked up and saw George was holding his monster throbbing cock directly at the mouth of Rosa’s vagina. I watched as he moved his hips slowly forward and his cock parted the labia and disappeared inside. Rosa cried out and moaned as George started rhythmically moving forwards and backwards and I could see his cock fucking my Rosa with his full length. The other men were forming a queue behind George and each was being prepared by the ladies who were either sucking or fucking them.
Jos stood up and reached under the platform. There was a click and the platform immediately below Rosa’s head angled down. “Peter” she said “another hole to fill, Bridget go and see to Bram”.
Peter moved away from Jenny who was sucking his cock, left the queue and came up and lent down and kissed Rosa on her breasts and mouth. Then he opened Rosa’s mouth with his fingers and then forced his cock into her mouth. Because her head was leaning back he could push it really deep into her throat and he left it there. Rosa started to struggle against her restraints but Peter pulled back and withdrew with a stream of saliva which dribbled down Rosa’s cheeks. At the same time George had a wild orgasam and long streams of sperm splashed over Rosa’s stomach with some spurts reaching her breasts. Another man quickly stepped up and rammed his cock into Rosa’s dripping hole. I am sure Rosa had an orgasm them as she arched her back and shivered but could not cry out because of the cock deep in her mouth. The new man was obviously enjoying the sensation and was working her pussy like a machine.
Penny did not leave when Bridget arrived and I had two women between my legs, Penny was sucking my manhood while Bridget moved below and was licking my anus. My God surely I was going to cum……. and I did……I spurted my full load into Penny’s mouth. She let some of my sperm dribble down her chin and Bridget came up and immediately slipped her mouth over my knob head and started to suck. I saw Rosa looking at me and we both smiled at each other. This was great.
I then saw Penny go to the toys and pick up an anal probe which had balls along it length. She then crept under the legs of the man who was fucking Rosa and picked up a tube of sex cream and applied a generous helping onto Rosa’s anus and started rubbing. I could not take my eyes of the view; her finger disappeared and Rosa let out a squeal – the finger continued to push in then started moving back and forth. Rosa’s moans were continuous. This was too much for the men at both ends – they both pulled out and let their spunk fly at the same time; the sperm splashed over Rosa from both directions. Everyone was looking at Rosa’s naked body glistening with other men’s sperm
Immediately two more men took their places and Rosa’s RAPE continued. They pounded Rosa’s holes with their rampant and throbbing cocks while Penny continued fucking Rosa’s arse with the probe. Rosa had a monster orgasm, she screamed and her whole body rose from the pillows. The cock came out and he masturbated until more streams of sperm flew over Rosa’s body. Bridget then stopped sucking my cock and turned around and sat on my lap positioning her pussy directly over my cock and then she lowered herself. My penis disappeared into her pussy and she moved up and down causing me to .
Then Dick moved in between Rosa legs. He stoked her thighs and her pussy and slid his fingers into Rosa’s vagina. The man fucking Rosa’s mouth then came and added his sperm to the litres already covering her body. Jos lifted the platform so that Rosa could see Dick’s his cock which seemed to be bigger than before. It was glistening with another woman’s love juice, or maybe saliva. He knew what he was doing. He held Rosa’s hips and placed the end of his monster cock at the mouth of Rosa’s wet and dripping hole…..and then, in one thrust, he penetrated deep and completely. Rosa squealed and arched her back… more deep thrusts made Rosa moan some more; clearly she was enjoying his huge cock sliding in and out of her pussy; or was it the anal probe which Penny was moving back and forward, sometimes letting it out completely before pushing it back in again. Everyone was standing around watching; they always left a gap so I could see the show – which obvious they all found erotic – maybe they had all had the same experience previously. I was totally turned on by the view of my new lover, Rosa being fucked, gang-banged, raped.
Jos came over to my side and French kissed me. “Not long now Bram and then it will be your turn to rape your lover. Are you ready?”. Was I…. I could hardly wait and was eagerly waiting for Dick to finish his turn. He continued his hard fucking. One of the women came behind him and started fingering Dick’s anus… he spurted the biggest load of sperm I had ever seen.
Jos led me to the platform. She called the women together and one by one they knelt down and sucked my cock until it was rock hard. The last woman held my cock and placed it in between Rosa legs (she still had the anal probe sticking out of her arse. I pushed in – it slipped in easily. I lay down on Rosa’s sperm covered body and kissed her and tasted the cocks and sperm that had been there. I rocked my body back and forward feeling the slickness and stickiness of the sperm that covered her body and plunged my cock deeper. I kissed Rosa hard and continued to thrust my cock into her pussy. I felt hands on my buttock and a finger entered my anus making my cock grow even larger. I felt the Rosa’s anal probe moving inside her against my cock and guessed both our arses were being fucked. It felt lovely and Rosa was moving even more excitedly against my thrusts until I orgasmed and filled her cunt with my cum; Rosa’s orgasm came immediately and I felt her wetness adding to my sperm. We lay together feeling the continuing motion of the probes in our arses. We kissed. “Thank you” she said “thank you… I want more” she smiled.
Rosa was released from the straps and we were both led to the swimming pool where we placed on the shallow steps while many hands washed the sperm off our sex parts and bodies. Al those hands felt lovely probing into our holes while they washed and Rosa was not joking…. those hands were everywhere on her body and lips were whispering “you liked that you sexy, sexy bitch; we are going to keep on fucking all weekend day and all night”….. Rosa orgasmed again and then………
Bram woke up from his dream with sperm all over the sheets.