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The Kennedys, 1.5: Safe at Third Base.

2022-05-28 00:44:41

Kennedy did get around to trying out my other present. We were both naked, and on Kennedy's bed, the sex hadn't started in earnest yet, no one had come yet. I'd been enjoying Kennedy's boobs, Kennedy likes me playing with her boobs, and guess what? I like that too. Then she said to me, "I have a surprise for you." Then, she got up, and went to her closet.

Every other time, I've whole heartedly approved of what emerged from that closet. This time, I was definitely in two minds, she was wearing the strap on dildo I'd bought for her, but she'd never got around to using it on me. I'd told her I didn't want her to use it on me, and I meant that, but still the idea turned me on, a lot.

She stood in front of me; I shook my head. The dildo was waving on my face. "You don't want it?" She questioned.

"No. No way do I want you to use that on me."

"Tough. I've been looking forward to this." She presented it to my lips, "Suck on it." I opened my mouth a bit, she pushed it inside; it tasted of her. She must have been using it on herself. I moaned a bit. "You seem to like that."

The taste had taken my mind off the situation, "I liked the taste." I was really wanting to change the outcome of this, so I tried, "Couldn't I just taste you some more?" I stuck out my tongue like I was licking her.

"Tempting, but I'm going to do it. And you're going to let me. Lie down!" I lay flat on my back. She pulled my legs apart, and I felt her get on the bed between them. "Open wide." Her hands grasped me under the knees and pulled my legs up and apart so I was open to her. I screwed up my face, bracing myself, waiting for the inevitable.

I felt her hand on my dick. Of course I was hard, I may have found the idea disgusting, but it was also a turn on. My dick betrayed me there. She started jacking me off, I relaxed, but still weary, waiting for her to take me. But she said, "I'm not going to do it unless you ask me. Look at me!" I opened my eyes, she was kneeling between my legs, naked of course, her boobs wobbling temptingly. The dildo was ominously pointing to my ass, her hand on my dick, stroking me gently.

She continued to stroke me, and continued to goad me. "You want it don't you." I shook my head. "You'll really enjoy it." I still wasn't buying it. However, the hand job was getting to me, the thought of her doing it to me was seeming less and less obnoxious. Have you ever noticed how you're perceptions change like that when you get close to orgasm. My body was starting to betray me, I thought I should tell her to do it. But, I was so turned on by that thought, and the had job was getting to me, so before I could agree to it, I came.

I was thinking I got away without being fucked, I was feeling relieved. I opened my eyes, and she made a show of showing me her hands; they were covered in my cum. Then, she rubbed the dildo with them, getting a good coat of cum on it. I was thinking she was going to get me to suck it off, unpleasant, and humiliating, just the sort of thing I like. But she had other ideas, "Turn over."

I didn't know what she was going to do, but I obeyed, without thinking about it much. Then she said, "I'm going to fuck you in the ass, using your own cum as lube." I'd just come, things seem different after you come, but that sounded so disgusting, yes it turned me on again. But, I moved my hands to cover my ass. She tapped my hands, and said, "You're going to let me, remember. You missed your chance to do it while turned on, now you get to suffer. I'm so going to enjoy this."

I moved my hands out of the way, and Kennedy did go through with her threat. I hated it; it was so humiliating. I was crying my the time she finished. The act itself wasn't that unpleasant, physically. She got off me, I could hear her breathing, she was mightily turned on, as was I. I was surprised at how hard my dick felt, it was in an uncomfortable position beneath me.

Kennedy pushed me on my side, and saw my tears. "Why didn't you use the safeword?" She asked, I think she thought she'd gone too far, and I had, again, not used the safeword to stop her. She'd be very unhappy with me if that were true.

I tried to head off that thought, "It wasn't painful, just unpleasant. And degrading. I really hated the dynamic; I don't want any Morley." I slipped in the green safewords, I couldn't admit that I wanted this, even to myself, but I could try a coded message. I also looked down to my hard on, all that seemed to ease Kennedy's apprehensions.

She presented the used dildo to my lips, "Open wide." There was no way I was going to suck on that, considering where it had just been. It would have been exquisitely humiliating, but it was just too unsanitary for me to consider. I pressed my lips together and shook my head. "Open!" Kennedy demanded, she was going to make me.

So I blurted out, "Phlogiston!" The safeword.

Kennedy paused, and looked puzzled. "You'd let me do that, but use the safeword now?"

It seemed reasonable to me, "Would you? Think where it’s been." It wasn't something I really wanted to think on.

That took the wind out of Kennedy's sails. She took the harness off, setting it aside and sat on the bed. Her body language was quite dejected, she said, "Sorry."

This was the last thing I wanted, I'm not sure which was worse, I'd upset Kennedy, or I'd gone through all that for nothing. I hugged her round the middle and said through tears. "I'm sorry. Look, I want to make it up to you, spank me, fuck me, whatever, just don't make me eat it."

She smiled weakly at me, "No, I'm the sorry one; I pushed you too far. Pity, I was enjoying that."

I tried to reassure her, "I really hope you were enjoying it, I wouldn't want to go through that for nothing." I smiled and looked and my stiff dick. "I really hated every minute of it."

I'm not sure if she misunderstood my intent or what, but said, "I promised you a blowjob." Then got off the bed and knelt in front of me. I wasn't going to argue when there was a blowjob on offer. And what a blowjob it was, Kennedy is the best there is, I know this for a fact, I've had plenty to compare it to. I just lay back against the wall, moaned and let her at it.

That was until she stopped. I looked up, I was disappointed, but I wasn't going to mention that. Kennedy was looking much more like Kennedy now, much happier. "You're going to lick me." I wasn't going to argue with that, we swapped positions, and I went to work on Kennedy. I'm not going to say this was better than a blowjob, but it’s certainly up there with my favorite things to do. I like licking pussy. I like licking Kennedy's pussy. I like kneeling in a submissive posture to do it. I think I did a good job, when she came, I knelt there and waited.

She looked down to me and smiled. She flopped onto her side, signed contentedly and said, "Come here with that." And opened her mouth. I knelt by her side and tentatively stuck my dick in and fucked her mouth. I usually didn't get to do this with Kennedy, I was much more gentle than I might otherwise have been; I didn't want to get anything bitten off.

After I came, I lay on the bed with Kennedy and we had an unusual moment of peace. Then, Kennedy decided on what was next, she'd decided I only deserved one blowjob for using the safeword; I hadn't actually suffered. She chided me for not using the yellow safeword instead. In the heat of the moment, I'd just panicked and gone for the safe option.

My punishment for that, she fucked me in the ass again. This time, she left it there, and fastened the straps around me to keep the dildo in place, while I went down on her. I almost came from just that, but after she came, she had me fuck her, with the dildo still strapped in my ass. I did come immediately. Then, she had me lick that up. It was really horrible, I loved it.

Kennedy was in full dominant mode. I was naked and prostrate on the floor in front of her. She was still fully clothed, in this case, that didn't include panties. She kicked off her shoes, then rested her foot on the bed. I had tantalizing glimpses of pussy under her skirt, as she peeled the nylon off her left leg. She stuck the left foot in my face, "Lick it!"

I could smell the foot, it had been in her shoe, being walked on all day. The thought was not appetizing, though as usual the being ordered to do something unpleasant was turning me on. "Lick It!!" More strident.

I tried to affect the course of events, "I don't want to, if you catch my aether drift." I tried to use the 'yellow' safeword, that I'd never previously employed. Kennedy paused. Then carried on, she peeled the other nylon off and stuck the foot in my face. I baulked at that, it was also too ripe.

She changed her tack, "You're going to wash my feet." With that, she pulled her skirt down and off, and sat down on the bed. She looked impatiently at me, "Well?" I was distracted by her naked bottom half, so she amplified her command, "Go get the washbasin." That sunk in, she really wanted me to wash her feet. A demeaning menial task, my favorite sort.

I jumped up and went to get the equipment. When I got back Kennedy had unbuttoned the buttons on her plaid shirt, she wore no bra under it. That could make even her dowdy, unattractive, shirts interesting. I lay a bath sheet on the floor at her feet and put the plastic washbowl on top of it. The bowl was full of warm water. I placed her feet in the bowl, and she cooed contentedly. I was thrilled to hear her approving vocalizations.

Then, I lathered up the soap in my hands and picked up her left foot out of the water, and thoroughly worked the lather over it. It was surprisingly erotic, my slippery hands sliding over her slippery flesh. It was only a foot, but I was starting to think I'd come without further intervention if I carried on like that. I placed the foot back in the water bath, and rinsed off the lather. Then repeated the process with the right foot. My dick was ready to explode; I was breathing hard and ragged.

I lifted up her feet out of the bowl, and moved it aside, substituting a hand towel in it place. I gently patted down her feet with the hand towel, so they were dry. Then, I took the bottle of jojoba massage oil I'd found and gently massaged it into each foot in turn. Rubbing my palm over the top of her foot, then using both thumbs to massage the soles of her feet. She moaned at that, it was a good moan.

Then, I took each foot in turn and thoroughly explored it with my tongue and lips. I sucked on the big toe, and ran my tongue around it. It was so sensual and surprisingly erotic. I ran my tongue between each toe, and ended up with her entire dainty foot in my mouth (which was a slight stretch). I should have been getting high from the humiliation of the demeaning task, but I was getting high from the sheer sensuality instead.

Pausing to draw a ragged breath, she said, "Shit! Who knew a foot washing was so erotic." She opened her legs to illustrate her point, her pussy was open and glistening. "You're going to lick that." At that moment, I'm not sure licking her pussy was any more erotic than the action I'd had with her feet. but she added, "As soon as you come over my feet." She held her legs together and pointed her toes to just below my crotch.

This was a kinky development, thinking about it in the cold light of day, it’s weird. At the time it was perfectly natural. I took my hard on in my hand and jacked off. It was only a few strokes before I was coming all over her feet. With the last drops of cum deposited on her toes, she opened her legs, and I, unsteadily, leaned forward to do her bidding. I was in the refractory period then, that time after you come when you're rational and not turned on. Licking her pussy was still a sensual experience. On balance, I think a pussy is a more sensual part to lick, but feet are a surprisingly close second.

Kennedy was surprisingly quick coming. I hadn't been trying to hurry her, I was starting out not turned on, I'd been taking easy slow strokes. Then, she came. As usual, I held my kneeling position and waited for her. A supine and nearly naked Kennedy is a sight to behold, I took full advantage to watch. I was hard already. She raised her head, smiled at me, said, "Lick up the mess then." And flopped back down on the bed.

I looked down where my cum was running over her feet, she'd drawn her legs and feet together again. My heart jumped, demeaning and disgusting, perfect. I never liked licking up cum, the thought was disgusting. So of course, it all turned me on more. She knew how to treat me right, I set to my task with only an occasional ticklish giggle from Kennedy.

I guess she enjoyed the foot massage; she said we were going to do it again. She also said, "I never knew you had a foot fetish."

To which my reply was, "Neither did I."

It was one of those things I didn't want to admit to enjoying. Unlike a lot of Kennedy's torments, I did enjoy it, and a ritual foot washing would mean I couldn't complain about the hygiene. She even bought some opened toed strappy heels, which she'd wear only for these scenes, so I knew they were clean. That's a thought, a naked Kennedy wearing only the heels, towering above me, and I'm prostrate in front of her licking cum from between her toes between the straps of her heels.