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Our new baby sitter's mum (5)

2022-05-25 00:00:04

This is the sequel to “Our new baby sitter's mum (1), (2), (3) & (4)” It is almost certainly better if you read them first.

I was ecstatic. Here I was, naked, in a room filled with other naked people, about to have sex with a man that I barely knew, while the other people watched, and I knew that they would all be fucking each other in random combinations while I watched. The sexual tension in the air was incredible. I owed all this to my wonderful, new friends Naomi and John.

I emptied my first drink quickly and Jerry took my empty glass from me and put it down.

“Helen, I want to fuck you now. I want to fill your cunt with my cum. Is that what you want too?”

“Oh! Yes! Oh Jerry, I've dreamt about this ever since you promised that you would be the first to fuck me tonight. John and Naomi have awakened this need in me, I hope that you can satisfy it, at least for a little while.”

“Enough talking.” he said and pulled me over to a vacant couch.

“Now suck my cock for a bit, but don't get me off because I want to pump my seed into your cunt. I want to imagine that I'm making you pregnant.”

“I'd like it if you made me pregnant. I'm off birth control and I'm near the end of my fertile period. So if I end up pregnant it may be your baby, although it could also be John's, he's fucked me a few times in the last few days, or it could be from one of the other men that I hope will fuck me tonight.”

“You don't care who the father is?”

“No. My daughter Wendy and I will bring him or her up. John and Naomi say they'll support us through the first year. I want to fuck and I want a baby but I do not want a husband, or a permanent lover. Does that shock you?”

“No. But I'm really excited about making you pregnant. Come and sit on my cock. It's rock hard after what you just told me.”

Jerry fucked me as I sat straddling his lap, facing him. I started to feel an orgasm building as I thought about his sperm seeking my egg, but then, too soon, I felt his cock spurting into my inner depth. Damn!

“I'm so sorry, Helen, the idea that I might be getting you pregnant was just too much. I've never cum that quickly since I was a teenager. Let me eat you pussy to get you off.”

He had me sit where he had been sitting and he knelt between my legs and went to work on my pussy. Thinking about how quickly he had cum in me gave me a frisson of excitement. I realised that I could have this effect on other men here tonight. My thoughts, and Jerry's tongue combined to make my orgasm build again. When Jerry squeezed my clit with his lips I screamed as a wonderful feeling swept through my body. Everyone in the room looked to see why I screamed.

After I recovered, I saw Veronica moving toward me with a handsome man in tow.

“Helen. This is my husband, Tom. I told him just now that you were keen to get pregnant tonight. I think he would really like to help you with that.”

“Hello Tom. Does the idea of making me pregnant get you excited? Even if I do get pregnant you wont know if you're the father or if it's one of the other men who have fucked me. Does that matter?”

“No. I think that that makes it all the more exciting.”

“Please fuck me now.”

It was a repeat of Jerry's performance. He was pumping his cum into me almost as soon as his cock was fully inside me. He apologised and ate my pussy to a magnificent orgasm. Once again the thought of making me pregnant caused his hair trigger. Oh! Well! I was grateful for his contribution of cum to my baby-making project, and the orgasm was mind blowing.

After that the word must have gone around that a fertile woman wanted to get pregnant because there was a queue of men who all wanted to fuck me. As well as Jerry and Tom, five other guys fucked me that night. I didn't even know their names. A few of them gave me an orgasm while they fucked me. Like Jerry and Tom, the others came too quickly for me to cum but they all ate my pussy till I came.

By the end of the evening I had a feeling of being well fucked like I had never experienced before. Eventually John, Naomi and I got dressed and walked home together. They invited me to spend the night, since Wendy was asleep in their spare bed. In bed with them, I watched while they fucked, then fell asleep with a big grin on my face and cum dribbling out of my well fucked cunt.

I went back to Veronica when my period was 2 weeks overdue and she was able to confirm that I was pregnant. It felt wonderful to be pregnant again; I did not have any morning sickness, I liked the changes in my body, particularly the larger breasts that I developed. Veronica discussed my diet with me; fortunately she approved of the healthy diet that I always ate.

Wendy and I were even more frequent visitors at John and Naomi's place and they shared my delight over my pregnancy. John continued to fuck Wendy and me regularly. Naomi didn't seem to mind sharing her husband with us. I guess the Friday night parties helped, for her and also for me.

As my pregnancy progressed I was seeing Veronica at regular intervals. Then on one of my visits she pressed her stethoscope against my belly and listened for a heart beat. She seemed to listen for a long time, then finally she looked at me with a funny smile.

“Helen! I think that you are having twins. I think we'd better send you for an ultrasound just to check, but I can hear two heart beats.”

“Oh! My! God! I remember from when I had Wendy how much work having just one baby can be. I don't look forward to having twins. Wendy says that she is looking forward to helping me with the baby, thank goodness.”

It was a hot summer and Phillipa and Mary loved running around naked all the time. Since they were in and out of the pool during the day there didn't seem to be any reason to make them wear anything. I was feeling the heat and one day mentioned to Naomi that I envied her daughters' freedom.

“No one will be the slightest bit upset if you took all your clothes off too. In fact I think that it would be a good idea if we all did.”

And, suiting her action to her words she stripped off there and then. I of course followed suit and John and Wendy were not far behind.

“Mummy? How come no one's wearing anything?”

“Well, Phillipa, you two seem so happy with nothing on. I thought we could all have fun too. Besides Helen is feeling the heat a lot at present because she is pregnant. She'll be much cooler naked.”

The first time that John noticed the bulge that was my swelling belly he got very excited and came to me and ran his hand over my belly and said, “I bet that they are my son and daughter.”

“You don't know that. They could be the children of 7 other men.”, Naomi insisted, “They could even have two different fathers.”

“Well I fucked Helen first when she was fertile and I like to think that they are both mine.”

“Your hand feels very nice on my tummy. I'll let you think that you're their father provided you keep fucking me. How about it.”

So he fucked me there and then, in front of his wife and my daughter.

After that I decided that I wanted to show off my pregnant belly. I took to wearing cropped T-shirts and mini skirts. When I couldn't keep my skirts up any other way I started wearing braces (=US suspenders), the important thing was to expose my swollen, pregnant belly. I loved the looks that I got from men who I didn't know.

On Friday nights, of course, I was naked, but my swollen belly was like a magnet for the men there, particularly those who thought (hoped?) that they might have been the one to make me pregnant, I loved the attention. All that I had to do was to lie back and enjoy being fucked.

Then when we were home alone one night Wendy came to me looking a bit embarrassed.

“Mum. You've been boasting lately about how many men are fucking you. I don't want to seem ungrateful to John, but I've only ever been fucked by him. I'd like to experience more than just him.”

“Wendy, most 13-year olds are still virgins. At least they were when I was that age. You're free to take another boyfriend, however, if you do, you'll have to give up fucking John.”

“Oh! Why mum.”

“Because the Friday-night party group is a closed group. No one is supposed to fuck anyone outside the group.”


“To avoid any STDs being introduced to group members. As long as you don't fuck anyone else, John is OK fucking you, however, if you go outside the group, he has to stop fucking you.”

“But I don't want to stop fucking John. He's great.”

“He is, isn't he. Maybe we can find someone inside the group to fuck you. I'll talk to Veronica.”

On my next visit to Veronica I raised the issue.

“Helen! You know, don't you, that fucking a 13-year old is rape, even if you have their consent.”

“Well, John trusts us all not to dob him in. He's quite happy to fuck her in our presence. It's only a problem if it gets out.”

“OK. I've been meaning to invite you and Wendy for dinner. I'll talk to Tom about Wendy. I know that he wants to fuck your pregnant cunt anyway. Is Saturday night OK?”

“That would be great!”

On Friday night Tom was quick to approach me and fuck me. He lasted long enough for me to have an orgasm ... only just.

“Veronica tells me that you want me to fuck Wendy tomorrow night. Is that right?”

“Well, yes. Wendy has only ever been fucked by John. I've been boasting about how many men are fucking me. She wants to be fucked by someone else, but it has to be someone from this group because she doesn't want to give up fucking John. I'm sorry if that sounds cold and impersonal.”

“Hey! I understand. I love Veronica dearly and yet I look forward each week to these parties, especially when one of the women who I get to fuck just might be carrying my children.”

“The odds that they are yours are less than 10 to 1. I'm glad that you understand about Wendy. She's still very young.”

“I don't care that the odds are bad. It's still exciting that they could be mine.”

He wasn't the only one that night who said things like that to me as they fucked me.

As we drove to Tom and Veronica's on Saturday night, Wendy was very excited, I told her how much I liked being fucked by Tom and that I hoped that it would be as good for her as it was for me. From the moment that we arrived Tom and Wendy were flirting outrageously. I was surprised because she never flirted like that with John. Within 5 minutes she was sitting on Tom's lap.

“Wendy? Does your mum know that you are not wearing any panties?”

Wendy giggled. “Yes she does. It was her idea. She thought that it would be a nice surprise for you.”

Thereafter, Wendy made a series of little moans and groans which revealed that Tom was finger fucking her.

“Oh my god! Thank you Tom. Now fuck me.”

As he fucked her she again made little noises which revealed how much she enjoyed having Tom's cock in her cunt. After thrusting in and out of Wendy for a few minutes he held his cock as deep inside her as he could and from the look on his face Veronica and I knew that he was cuming in her. At that moment Wendy let out a scream as a massive orgasm, the biggest that I have ever seen her experience, swept through her body.

For dinner Veronica put a towel on Wendy's chair 'to catch the drips'.

Tom asked me, “Helen, would you like me to fuck you after dinner?”

“I'd love that, provided it's OK with you and Veronica. Is that OK, Veronica?”

“Of course. He still thinks he is the father of your twins and it really turns him on. Wendy, have you ever done a 69 with another woman?”

“Yes. Mum and I do that on the rare nights that we don't go to John and Naomi's place.”

“So, would you like to do that with me while these two are fucking?”

“I'd love to do that with you, but I'd really like to watch Tom fuck mum. Do we have to do it at the same time as they are fucking?”

“No. We'll watch them first then do our 69 together.”

I was lying on my back on a couple of cushions on the floor in their living room while Tom thrust vigorously in and out of my cunt. Tonight, for the first time ever he was lasting long enough that I had already had one orgasm before I felt his cum filling my cunt. That triggered a second orgasm, bigger than the first. My god! How I loved sex!

Then Veronica took my place on the cushions and Wendy lay on top of her and they proceeded to pleasure each other. Watching this must have been very erotic for Tom because by the time that each woman had her second orgasm Tom's cock was as stiff as it had been when he was fucking me. When Wendy saw this she got an evil little smile and crawled over to Tom and started sucking on his cock. Veronica came and sat beside me, and as we watched she ran her hands over my bulging tummy. I reciprocated by squeezing her nipples. When Tom filled my daughter's mouth with his cum I turned to Veronica and kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth.

“Well, Veronica, I hope that your husband can get it up one more time for you. You've been very generous, letting Wendy and me have all the fun tonight.”

“Don't be silly, Helen. It's been a wonderful evening. If Tom can't get it up again tonight he'll certainly be stiff first thing in the morning. Either way, I've had as much fun watching tonight as you three have had fucking.”

After that we dressed and went home.

To be continued in “Our new baby sitter's mum (6)”

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