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It is all in the mind part 1

2022-06-25 00:00:03

He sat in his office and looked at his 2pm appointment; he could see that his patient’s mouth was moving but Paul was so fucking bored of his whinging about his crappy life that he really found if difficult to concentrate. “I wonder what it would look like if I shoved my pen into the side of his temple?” He checked his clock and saw that it was time.

“That is time now Dave, I think we will pick this up next week” he closed his note book and got up to help end the boredom and the session.

The small balding man stopped what he was saying and didn’t seem to mind the interruption and quietly collected his beige coat and walked meekly out of his office. Paul watched him go and prepared for his next and much more interesting appointment. This girl’s problems weren’t interesting - in-fact common garden anxiety but what interested Paul was how unbelievably sexy Sarah always looked.

He prepared his notes and looked at a few emails before his light came on indicating that his next appointment was here. He checked his appearance and opened the door with his normal cheery smile, but instead of his sexy 17 year old sex bomb patient, looking all sexy and gorgeous he was confronted by his sex Bomb patient and her rather angry looking father.

‘Sorry doctor, can I have a moment of your time before Sarah’s appointment?’ Sarah’s father didn’t wait to be invited he just walked in and was almost sat down before Paul could make eye contact with Sarah. Her eyes were apologising, knowing that Daddy was going to be an overbearing bore and probably embarrass the hell out of her. He beckoned for Sarah to enter his room and watched her svelte nubile body walk past him to the other chair in the office.

He always loved watching her sit and he could almost always catch a glimpse of her white panties (he loved crisp white panties and would often use this exact image to pleasure himself when he got bored). He was a little disappointed that there was no sign of panties this time but decided to pay attention to her father in the hope of getting him out of the office as soon as possible.

‘What can I do for you Mr Peters?’, he wasn’t worried as nothing had happened with his daughter and met the fathers eyes. “Sarah is part of a swimming team at their school and to be honest they are doing very badly”. “I know you are going a half decent job with Sarah so I suggested you could work some of the head shrinking on her team mates”.

Paul let the numerous insults go and gives the father a weak smile. He pondered for a while and tried to work out a nice way of turning him down. “Before you turn us down, the team are a group of 10 girls aged between 15 to 19 and they used to be national champions. They have the best coaches and with a private school have the best resources but keep on losing – we need someone to help us win.”

Paul’s pique and his imagination were raised but his rate was £150 an hour and even being with 10 nubile and athletic young women wouldn’t stop him from charging his normal rate. “You are aware of my charges Mr Peter’s and with my busy schedule I don’t think I will...”. Before he could finish his sentence Mr Peters interrupted him and said that the school had agreed to double his rate and would guarantee 30 hours of work. There would even be a bonus if they won.

“How do you feel about this Sarah?” The question startled her “but it is important that you are happy for me to come in and meet your team mates”. Sarah shifted in her seat and re-crossed her legs ‘bingo’, Paul had a clear shot of her white clean underwear, in fact it was one of the best and longest shots of her covered mound he had ever had. He made a mental note and waited for her to answer.

“I suppose it would be okay with me... although, I wouldn’t want to be singled out...” she looked a little uncomfortable. “Don’t worry Sarah, I will say I am a friend of the family and it will explain our previous relationship and with our doctor/client relationship it is impossible for me to tell anyone about what we have discussed or you have said”. Without waiting for his words to set in, Sarah’s dad got up and started to walk out of Paul’s office. “Excellent work, I will inform the school to expect you tomorrow at 10am”.

Before Paul could check his schedule, Mr Peters’ was gone. Paul took a breath and looked at Sarah – her apologetic eyes were back and they spent the next few minutes discussing how she felt about the situation and Paul spent most of that telling her that she could trust him and that he wouldn’t let anybody know about anything they had discussed. It wasn’t until about halfway through the session time that they actually got back to what Paul had prepared for the session. He had planned to try a new technique on her to try and help her be calm.

It takes a little while to set up and Paul was pushing it fine but he decided to give it a go. She laid down on his couch and got herself comfortable. All the while he had her close her eyes and be as comfortable as possible. The sight of her lying there was intoxicating and he did get lost for a moment looking at her tanned and long legs, especially as her grey skirt rode up almost showing off her fantastic arse.

Her skin was flawless, browned and her legs shapely and athletic – her swimming obviously did a good job of making her fit and toned. He studied her body and the way her blouse was lying he could see through a gap between her buttoned white blouse to show off a very pretty and delicate bra. Paul’s cock was starting to react and he was transfixed and quickly obsessed with the new view of her young breasts.

He had to stop looking or at least get Sarah into a state where she couldn’t do anything about it so he spent the next five minutes talking Sarah into a state where he could do or say anything without her remembering. It isn’t very often that he did this but he was more excited than he had been for years so he wanted to make sure he could do what he wanted to someone especially if he was just about to be let loose on nine other fit teenagers.

“Okay Sarah, just a few question”, he looked for the tell-tell signs that meant that she was ready – so he continued. “What is your full name?” “Sarah Philes Peters” she said clearly but not in the same way that she normally spoke. “What is your age?”, “I am 17”. “Thank you Sarah, what do you like to do in your spare time?”, a delay but what followed made Paul’s cock come to life again. “I listen to music, talk with my friends and I like to suck my boyfriend’s cock”.

No shame, no hesitation and no reluctance to say whatever was true – this was going to be awesome Paul said to himself. “How long have you been with your boyfriend, Sarah?”. “A little over five months and it’s great, he is gorgeous and has the body to die for.” No emotion but a small grin on her face as she was obviously reminiscing about a happy time with her boyfriend’s body. “What do you like to do with your boyfriend?”

For the next ten minutes the questioning continued and Paul found out quite a bit of salacious information about Sarah. She loved his cock but was still a virgin; she had swallowed his cum and quite liked it but didn’t like it when he tried to stick his finger in her behind. She had sucked him off in almost every bathroom at school and he’d even got her to take her underwear off in their English lesson. She nearly got caught passing them to him during the lesson but had gotten away with it.

Paul was watching her the whole time and even had to re-adjust himself as his bulge was straining at this trousers. She didn’t open her eyes as she described in great detail the heavy petting sessions and was obviously aroused when she described the first time he had made her orgasm.

It was after a practice swimming session and in the changing area, she said there are large and private changing areas which meant that they could get changed together and she described as he helped remover her costume and spend ten minutes running his eager tongue between the folds of her virgin pussy. Paul watched as her quickening chest rise and fall as she described her growing pleasure.

He was transfixed, mesmerised by her perfect teenage body, he lost himself and didn’t even realise his hand moved had started to move towards his helpless and excited patient. He felt the cotton of her blouse but his brain didn’t join the dots. He was breathless as one of the buttons on her blouse popped open.

He didn’t notice that Sarah didn’t even flinch as his fingers wrapped around her firm mound. He actually stopped, and noticed he hadn’t taken a breath but was even more excited to note that she didn’t stop explaining how her pussy felt when her boyfriend inserted a finger inside of her, she was wet as hell and grabbed his hair to pull him closer.

Sarah raised her right leg a little and it started to sway as he increased the pressure on her perfect breasts. The material was very delicate and he could feel her nipples hardening under his touch. He watched her leg swing like a pendulum – getting ever so slightly wider each time and even though he desperately wanted to look up her skirt he stayed massaging her. Her nipples were reacting beautifully and getting harder – god he wanted to suck on her.

His heart sank as he noticed the silent light blinking to say that his next appointment was here. He starred at this beautiful girl in front of him and with the biggest reluctance he slowly withdrew his hand and placed her clothing as he had found her. He said a few simple statements and slowly Sarah sat up. He did get another look at her panties as she slowly lowered her leg but was waiting for her reaction.

She looked tired and a little disorientated and he enjoyed watching her stretch high and wide as if she had just woken up. “So how do you feel Sarah?”, a long pause, his pulse quickened as his anxiety increased at the lack of an acceptable answer. “Mmmm, tired and a little confused... I don’t really remember anything of the session just a strange feeling”. He smiled warmly and said that this is to be expected and that she will feel back to normal in about an hour.

Feeling placated she rose and walked towards the exit – he watched her arse all the way “I will see you tomorrow then Sarah, remember I am a family friend and I promise I will not tell a soul about us”. She turned and smiled reassuringly. He watched her as the door closed and settled behind his desk. He had three minutes before his next appointment and he had to release while his hand was still warm from her perfect breast.