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Head Trip

2022-06-22 00:00:04

Head trip

Something from my writing place that, with it's erotic, sexual undertones, could suit a site like this. I must warn, though, that I like to play and amuse myself.

Phase 1: Muscular tension

Authority is a static social configuration in which people act as superiors and inferiors: a sadomasochistic relationship. Liberty is a dynamic social configuration in which people act as equals: an erotic relationship. In every interaction between people, either Authority or Liberty is the dominant factor.

“Watch out! Be careful!” Leo shouted in an anxious tone to the girl sliding easily down a steep side of a hill. Seeing his friend perform feats that could put at shame even the extreme adrenaline junkies and seekers of near death thrills was a frightening sight for the fourteen year old boy still standing at the top of elevation, ready to spring down at the slightest sign of disaster from the redheaded teenager.

“I'll be fine! Come down!” Mary shouted back from the twilight areas somewhere near the bottom of the hill.

Leo gulped, throat clicking, then set a foot on the unstable terrain ready to give away anytime and without warning. Sweat running down the spine, balls clenched closely to the abdomen, the boy made the next step, then waited till the little avalanche of terrain and pebbles will stop before proceeding farther. Maybe he should follow Mary and just set off in a frenzy despite the possible income? After all, the less fear you have, the less probability that something will actually happen, as mistakes tend to occur at the moments when every decision is clouded by thick swirls of doubt and the mind is nothing but a computer gone amok while searching for the safest sequence of actions possible.

The snap of a dry branch breaking followed by a high pitched scream of pain echoed through the otherwise quiet forest. What Leo feared the most had happened – Mary got hurt somewhere in the shadowy areas surrounding the hill, where the ugly branches of trees looked more like a natural version of barbed wire, ready to hurt everything foolish enough to stroll through their environment.
Somehow, the scream had put Leo's fear of falling down the slope deep into the background, bringing up instead a tremendous wave of panic, accompanied by equally monstrous wave of cold sweat, through all his psycho-physical structure.

Without any single thought about possible dangerous consequences, Leo set off into a hectic run down into the deep bush of trees taken straight out from the middle section of the sixth ring of hell. On several occasions, Leo was on verge losing balance and rolling down the hill, however the mind, concentrated on saving the only human being who had decided to put up with the boy's eccentric nature, didn't allow him to go into panic and become aware of the catastrophic income; instead, it allowed the body to resume stability on the level of reflexes when it was needed, while retaining the focus on the twilight below.

In no time, Leo was already in the shadowy bushes, heart racing at breakcore levels, a tornado of anxiety swirling through the belly, only to find Mary standing innocently near a gigantic branch reaching the ground level, no signs of damage on her fifteen year old body, a joker smile adorning her face.

“Gotcha!” Mary said, laughing.

“Please, don't do ever again. I was scared shitless,” Leo tried to shout in anger at the redheaded girl, although it came more like a raspy whisper of someone in the late stages of pulmonary tuberculosis – weak, powerless, exhausted. The after shock was so strong Leo came to a nearby stump, legs shaking as in the middle of an ibogaine trip, and sat on it, pale and utterly exhausted, in order to regain the usual state of consciousness.

Mary walked toward Leo, still smiling, then squatted in front him and put the right hand on his shoulder, squeezing a little the thin arms, feeling the sweaty and warm skin through the black shirt with short sleeves. “Don't freak out! I will be fine! I thought it was the best way to get you down here as fast as possible. You're a great guy – the best I've ever seen, in fact – but you need to do something with your fear. It just stops you from having all the fun.”

Leo smiled and looked into the green eyes of his friend. “I guess that's just my nature.”

“But you did run down here,” Mary said, know it all smile clearly visible through the darkness ruling under the old trees that possibly had stood here during the times when people worshiped the eldritch Gods whom the darkest, most incomprehensible passages from the Pnakotic manuscripts were addressed to.

Leo nodded.

“So, it's not rooted in you. Come on! Let's go!” Mary said, clapped the warm shoulder of the boy, then got up and proceeded through the thick, abandoned woods toward areas with more light penetrating trough the emerald green web of branches of the tallest and oldest trees in the forest adjacent to Kickbucket - the town where the two friends spent their time while not exploring the majestic wilderness free from any signs of civilization, wilderness that seemed to emanate an intense stillness only a few notches weaker than the silence of the shunyata so sought in the Central and Eastern Asiatic regions.

Leo got up, still feeling shaky, though not as strongly as before, and followed the girl. A minute later, he was already walking right to his friend, enjoying the pleasant chilliness of the shadowy area against his sweat covered skin. It was great being with Mary. She was a nice and active girl, a Yang principle which his Ying personality longed for innumerable days and nights. Even though they had met only in June, their friendship had definitely reached efflorescence by mid July, despite a sixth month difference in their age. The temporal difference wasn't such a big problem; Mary and Leo understood each other almost on a level that transcended common human semantic, semiotic, and hermeneutic systems. In film and literature, such behavioural pattern would have been called as “soulmates”, however the boy and girl performing in the current narrative didn't consider themselves as such, because being friends was of a more importance for them than fulfilling the prerequisites for other multitudes of labels used to denominate various forms of human interpersonal relationships.

The time extent of their experience – limited to three months only, as Kickbucket was a resort town with the whole economy built around summer – also helped to achieve unprecedented levels of bonding within a temporal gap insufficient for reaching degrees of relationship when two human specimen can communicate with each other using honesty as a main device instead of the incessant word plays based on lies, flirting, and other socio-sexual gimmicks. But, there had been a certain spark between them since the first meeting of the green and azure blue orbs. When Leo had seen for the first time his new neighbour – a smiling teenage girl with borderline carrot orange hair shining under the rays of midday sun – something stirred in his stomach, something intense yet so familiar; and when Mary cast her glance on the scrawny teenager with uncombed dark blond hair and a pair of sad eyes the colour of alpine lakes, she couldn't stop herself from going away from the parents busy with unloading the car toward the young interloper. Once she had stopped in front of the boy, she knew already that the guy will be her new best friend. And during the same day, but closer to the evening, they made their first foray into the woods around the town, sharing on their way stories about life back in the big, bustling cities both through verbal and non verbal channels.

Remembering in the forest's silence the first days of their friendship, Leo placed his hand into Mary's right one. The girl squeezed it in response. It was nice feeling Leo's warm skin in her own, sensing his heartbeat pulsating through the palm, understanding his emotional state in some way beyond the clinically approved one.

With hands together, they stepped out from the twilight grove into a more spacious part of the forest, where the trees stood away from each other at a distance which allowed the sunlight to reach the ground level.

“This is some new territory,” Mary said in a thrilled voice.

“Yes. Yesterday we stopped at the hill,” Leo reminded the girl, eyes looking at the interplay of the golden light with the vibrant green of the vegetation around him.

“How long till the lake?”

“About five miles or so.”

“Damn. I think we'll be there only tomorrow, and only if we'll manage to cover the road we charted at a faster speed than usual,” Mary commented, slightly disappointed.

“Aren't your parents going away for a few days or so to that rock festival in Silent Hollow? Mine had already left today. Will return on Sunday,” Leo asked.

“They're going today, in the late afternoon. But I still want to make it before sunset, 'cause, no matter how brave I may seem to be, I don't really feel like spending the night in the woods.”

“Why?” Leo asked, intrigued by Mary's answer.

“I have a vivid imagination, and it will definitely colour the night into something unforgettable. Also, I just don't like when I can't see what's in front of me, especially if I am in a huge forest,” Marry explained.

“Well, I'll be there with you,” Leo joked.

Mary looked at him gently. “I know you will. After you made that frenetic run for me back on the hill, I have no doubts about you.”

The boy blushed a little. Mary was thinking too much about him. He was nothing but an ordinary guy, just on the nerdy side of the things. There was no pronounced masculinity in him, not a single pattern of the widely accepted definition of man as a hunter, and there was no charisma coursing through his veins, no charm other male primates have when attracting the female specimen of their species. Yet Mary, truly a stunning girl from a male perspective, with some non Euclidean forms that could turn every self respecting man into a drooling slave of his dick, decided to be with him, although there was some pretty neat male meat available in town for a teenage female biot searching both for some good communication exchange and somatic pleasure. Leo pondered about it a lot, and if he wouldn't had felt the panicky fear that turned him into a stuttering idiot every time the question came into the lingual muscles, he would have asked it straight, without any delays. However, Leo already knew what the answer would be.

“It's just is,” Mary used to say to Leo when he felt a little bit blue from the sudden surprise from Heaven, and the words truly did their magic. Why there must always be Because in every single action? Wouldn't it be easier to just be?

“Don't have doubts about yourself,” Mary said, as if reading the tumult going on through Leo's sixth sense. “You are far more talented than you can imagine.”

“I think you're trying to cheer me up,” Leo said, casting a glance to a shadow which set off into flight from the lowest branch of a nearby oak as soon as the teens approached the old, weathered by time yet flowing with young life tree.

“No! It's the Truth. Maybe you don't see it, but it's clearly noticeable, especially to me, because we spend every day together. Even when you think you're being way too scientific, it's actually quite funny. I can say that I learned more from you during this month a half than from the three seasons spent at school,” Mary said.

She removed the hand from Leo's one, then stood in front of him, eyes looking down at the boy of shorter stature than hers. The teenager that looked unusually young for his age, at which most other human pupae reminded with their physical features adult specimens of the human race rather than the sexual immature part of the species, reached only till Mary's nose, but it wasn't a big inconvenience; on the contrary, it made Leo more cuter and handsome for the energetic girl.

“Look! You're even better than you think at sports, no kidding. And I can prove it to you right now,” Mary said, optimistic smile revealing the two row of well cleaned teeth.

Leo lifted the left eyebrow. “Are you putting me on?”

Mary shook the head. “No. I will never ever do something like this to you. Let's do it. And if I lose, there will be a prize waiting for you.”

A mischievous glitter passed through the girl's green planets.

“What kind of prize?” Leo asked, curious.

“What would you like the most, from the things I can get or do to you of course.”

“I can't think of any right now. We're already together, and I am having a good time with you – that's all I really need right now.”

“Maybe you'll think of something during the race,” Mary said, turned around and set off into a run, every step crunching from the dry underbrush carpeting the rugged terrain of the area.

Leo smiled, feeling the second circuit “I must be a winner” male program activating in his consciousness, then started running as fast as he could. As he got closer to the girl ahead, he felt an euphoric wave of excitement rushing through his body which urged to put him more energy in order to overrun the redhead with a ponytail bouncing against the deep green shirt just for the sake of being first, being the alpha male, the cock of the walk.

No matter how strange did it sound, the girl had been right in her prophecy concerning the nerdy, if to use the traditional American labeling system, teenager with distant eyes. In no time, Leo passed by her and continued to run ahead, unaware of the occasional twigs slapping against his thighs, content, winner smile on the radiant face. Feeling victorious, he jumped over a short bush, and then turned the head back while still running. The grin of exhilaration said everything that was needed to Mary, who showed the boy a thumbs up with her right hand. Once again, her intuitive understanding of the blond and introverted boy didn't fail her. Mary couldn't explain it, but there was a definite connection between the two of them, as if they were created for each other, or maybe it was the result of her mind longing for something sincere and true in a field of human experience that utilized flirting, lies, and other dirty tricks as weapons to achieve the desired effect. Whatever it was, she really liked, no, loved the boy, loved so strong yet soft like if he were the last human on Earth and only with a few days left to enjoy the blue planet. She knew Leo felt the same way about her – it was noticeable in his over sincere eyes and the general behaviour – even though they never voiced their feelings or did other stuff considered necessary for a couple in the preliminary stages of the reproduction game. To be true, the thing they experienced went far beyond words and cliches; it was a total synergism of friendship and love, where one only helped to accentuate the other, and they both were aware about this phenomenon going between their hearts, minds and souls so well they didn't need to reassure each other about the strength of their feelings by saying certain “magickal” incantations or performing various “magickal” rituals.

Thanks to the transindividual bond, Mary felt that something will go wrong with Leo very soon.

Turn your head back on the forest ahead, Mary thought, and the next moment, as if she had jinxed the magical moment for the teenager, Leo tripped on one of the roots viciously appearing from the grass covered ground. The boy hit the ground with the right shoulder and the right side of the head, then slid a few inches across the terrain before finally coming to a halt.

“Are you okay?” Mary shouted, using the hidden reserve of energy in her coccyx to sped up almost to a superhuman speed and reach the unfortunate boy.

Leo, meanwhile, still feeling the male pride in the nadis, managed to lift the body, then take a look at the damage caused by the idiotic fall. The right shoulder had a few scratches smeared with dirty brown stains on top that throbbed with an unpleasant burning sensation, and the head, though intact, without any kind of laceration, hurt a little above the right eye, heartbeat pulsating noticeably through the whole right side of the cranium.

When Mary reached the boy, she sat down, bringing the right leg under the butt and the left one to the chest, then looked carefully into Leo's blue orbs. “How are you feeling?”

“I think I'm fine. The head hurts a little, though,” Leo responded in weak voice, still flabbergasted by the moronic mistake.

“You're eyes look normal. Fuck, why did we left everything at the stash?” Mary uttered, angry about the decision to dump the backpacks at a hideout they had created a few weeks ago, in consideration about the long trips into areas farther away from human civilization, because of the laziness to carry all the needed equipment after an already exhausting several hours long walk from from the borders of Kickbucket.

“Overall, I'm feeling fine,” Leo said, the spark of a winner shining clearly through the orbs, then stood up slowly back on the feet.

Mary sighed from relief – if there's still vitality in Leo's eyes, then he's fine. But it's best to take some precautions.

“Maybe you should stay at my place tonight. Sometimes, the symptoms of concussion appear only after a couple of hours. Even if you're healthy, I think it's best you'll stay with me, just for precaution,” the teen girl said, looking up at the standing boy.

Silence stood in the forest, while Leo thought over Mary's proposal. Even though there weren't any ulterior motives in the girl's proposal, Leo still felt heaviness dawning over the twenty first finger as
an intense flow of blood penetrated the cavernous tissue. Furthermore, he truly wished Mary could stand up, as her face with freckle covered cheeks was a few inches away from his reproductive as well as excretory organ hidden by a layer of jean shorts and white underwear. Apparently, the girl was so concerned about his health she didn't even notice the embarrassing situation she was in.
Only when a certain musky, sensual scent reminding in some distant way of fish reached the girl's olfactory receptors, she looked down at the slightly bulging fly and understood how uncomfortable it must be for Leo. Or, maybe, it wasn't really that uncomfortable, only something forbidden, best left for the time when they will officially become adult members of society.

Face red like a tomato, Mary stood quickly on her feet, then noticed a deep blush on Leo's face. In the field of her peripheral vision, she noticed a minute twitch of the jean fabric on the anterior side of the boy's pelvic region. And now, in addition to simple blushing, she became aroused: a pleasant warmth spread through the zone beneath the navel, and wet sensations flowed in the area within her throbbing, demanding attention swollen outer lips pressed against the silky fabric of the underwear.

Leo's eyes dropped for a moment from her face, then shifted beyond light speed at something deep in the trees to the left. Mary looked down and understood in a flash why the boy went so panicky – her hard nipples were protruding clearly from under the deep green shirt, thanks to her negative attitude toward bras and other forms of lingerie made to hide away the bust. These additional accessories made her mammal glands all sweaty, sometimes even caused minor irritation of the epidermis where the border of the bra met the blossoming body, so Mary decided to get rid of them altogether instead of adjusting and spending a large chunk of her life, if Death will spare an early visit, suffering due to some societal rules that somehow became something axiomatic rather than a fluid, ever changing torrent of memes. It felt way more better without them: the mammal glands got all the ventilation they needed, the cutaneous tissue remained intact, and, from the hedonistic viewpoint, it was a far more pleasant, sensory stimulating experience, if not consider accidental nipple erections like the one happening right now, in the woods, and in front of a boy.

But it wasn't the first time she got turned on from Leo. Actually, the evening after their first trip into the woods she had spent vigorously masturbating to the new boy, thinking about how would he look naked, imagining all the possible ways she could use to extract the semen from the rather passive, introverted teen, and when the orgasm came, it was the strongest, most mind opening thing she had ever experienced, a tsunami of pure oceanic awareness, a supernova explosion through all her body turning into dust all the psychological and physiological structure of her being. And, after all, wasn't it actually normal to turn on the person you love like nothing or no one else, to drive him or her to the limits where ordinary awareness give place to the transpersonal realms in which everything is one, and everything is bliss, and everything is nothing?

Furthermore, Mary had no doubt Leo had been aroused many times by her before. She knew perfectly well from all the literature she had read on the topic of sexual studies that boys at this age can get an erection from literally everything, be it a casual stroke of wind, some well hidden innuendo, or just a body of a girl stripped down from the outer garments. Even an accidental hug could get the male adolescent ape a pretty hard boner which will be of a trouble until the fire ravaging through its soft yet hard matter will be extinguished.

To get back down to the robotic level, they were teens in the end. It was the new software doing their thing on their minds and bodies, and, like it's always with every kind of a new program on the hard drive, it needs some time to get adjusted to. The programs can be of various difficulties, of course, but this new one was like Apple Logic II or Cubase than Microsoft Word and Windows Movie Maker – you will make one hell of a lot of mistakes before getting a hard grip on it, and the end result will vary from person to person. So, it's best not to pay attention to the occasional glitches appearing in the course of its run.

“I think we should head back home?” Leo said, looking straight into the girl's green orbs; there was impatience in his tone, a painful longing for the girl to say yes, or at least nod in agreement, so that this quirky moment could end.

“Yeah...It's the best thing to do,” Mary said in distant voice, mouth suffering from intense, marijuana like dryness.

Both teens started the trip back to the world where tons of rules dictated the behaviour between a male and a female biological unit instead of letting the semantic and physical communication run the way it suited the human dyad best. For a long time not any kind of morphemes were thrown between Mary and Leo, as both of them tried to calm down from the recent event as well as subdue the almost automatic reactions that had swept through their somatic consciousness from the unusual sequence of actions which had befallen on them in such an insidious, chaotic manner, like a sudden peak of seismic activity in areas away from the junctions of different plates.

No matter how hard Mary tried to bring down the intoxicating flame of lust, the body, with the warm humidity beneath the pubic mound, didn't respond well to her query; the same thing can be said about Leo, though in his case a hard as rock vertical structure in the pants restricted his movements by grating against the underwear with every single step forward, bringing along a short wave of tingly pleasure through the groin or, if the pressure was too strong, a pang of dull pain across the bulbous tip.

It was Mary who broke the tense, solid silence hanging between them like a white bricked wall.

“So...will you stay at my place tonight?” She asked tentatively, mind expecting only one answer after the little fiasco with body postures that brought them both a simultaneously enjoyable, by physiological and psychological standards, and unpleasant, if to watch at it from the sociological point of view backed up by the dominant taboos placed on the relationships of reproductive nature between human organisms of opposite sex, experience – no, a straight, cold, terrified by possible allusion to non consensual actions involving manipulation with genital organs no.
“I guess I'll have to. Even though my head feels better right now, with less pain pounding through it, what if it will get worse when I will be alone at home? Who will help me then? It's best not to take unnecessary risks,” Leo responded in a slightly troubled voice, walking in an erratic, stifled fashion.

Mary sighed. That was a nice and rather brave answer from a boy who said Nay to almost everything positive in his path toward the other end of the Void, though the weird tension, interspersed with some deep rooted guilt about the accidental action and its subsequent reaction, didn't go away. Mary felt intuitively there's only one way to shatter down the devious obstacle that had appeared so suddenly between them before it will make irrevocable damage to their friendship – go straight into the the ocean of this negativity and dry it by the means of communication, the way of intelligent lovers.

“About what happened...well...eh,” Mary started, mouth dry, sweat running across all the body, the wetness between the feet getting stronger. What should I tell? The Truth. Only the Truth can set you free: dream: we're here, in the real world. But it was totally normal, especially for teens. Nothing supernatural, only the casual that happens with everyone: the essence of life. He'll understand. He knows you mean no harm to him. Friend: never thought I'll be so important to someone: Cosmic Giggle: wonder in a handful of dust; miracle behind every corner. Tao, or Chao, they call it. All Hail Discordia: thanks Dad. Mind drifting off. Concentration.

“I know you didn't notice it. Let's forget it, please,” Leo said, aroused and ashamed.

“No, we must work through it. I don't want you to get lost on a guilt trip,” Mary said, finally sensing some sparks of courage within her being, cheeks red as on the peak of a nasty exotic fever. “What happened was natural. There's nothing wrong if we get turned on by each other. We are friends, right? Best friends. And we happen to be a girl and a boy, and teenagers also, so it is absolutely natural such reactions happen. I guess this can also happen with two boys or girls.”

Words left into the aether, the ginger haired girl paused to give some thinking space for Leo. To be true,she felt relieved now, as if something heavy had dropped from her shoulders, finally giving her a chance to go slack all the way by bringing waves of endogenous produced cannabinoid compounds into her muscular tissue. In fact, she felt illuminized, free from some kind of veil that had been undulating in front of her eyes, sensual yet blinding, all these years. Maybe, it was because of a sudden, wordless insight into the nature of society and sexuality, with the former implying every way possible – from taboos to Pavlovian conditioning, from “common sense” to layers upon layers of superstitions – to obscure the simple fact that sex, as well as everything associated with it, is natural and requires no regulation. For a very brief, about one sixteenth of a second brief, moment, Mary realized that all perversions were actually born from the suppression of this natural, healthy, in its embryonic stage, drive to get together, reproduce, even, albeit rarely, achieve certain altered states of consciousness; in fact, as it dawned on her for the minute split of a moment, the suppressed sexual energy, not having the natural outlet to express itself, went out with aid of other, unnatural ways – that's the thing behind most sex crimes, like rapes or all the forms of unwanted attention toward minors, and the majority of fetishistic attachments, for example incest, necrophilia, bestiality, sadomasochism, etcetera.

Before the insight managed to get verbalized, it was swept away by a stroke of soft, warm summer wind casually sweeping through the deserted woods. As Mary tried to recollect some crumbles of the revelation, Leo broke her concentration.

“But...but...I don't want to feel like this toward you. It's dirty, and it makes no better than all the dumb jock meat out there,” Leo said in a desperate, confused voice.

“But you are not like them. Even if you, well, get off to me, you'll never be like them,” Mary said, then decided to do a pretty bold action for the current state of affairs.

She went near the boy on the left, and enveloped her left arm around his neck. Against all her odds, Leo didn't show any signs of distress from her behaviour; on the contrary, there was even a general relief in the muscular conglomeration of the upper body as soon as he put her warm hand with smooth, silky skin on top of the shoulders.

Mary decided to take an even bolder move. If a thing is started, then why not to got to the end? At least she will help Leo to get off the guilt trip and realize the the absence of any smut in matters sexual. It just can't be possible a thing so powerful, so good as that is somehow sinful, wrong, disgusting, something which should be kept hidden behind seven walls and deep underground.

“Would you think of me as dirty, identical to the dumb high popularity girls, if I would have told you that I pleasure myself several times in a week while thinking about you, and that every time it ends with an explosion of total pleasure which I've never experienced before with other subjects that had caught my imagination?” Mary said, feeling awkward, stressed out, yet more light and free in the manner of a balloon getting pumped with helium.

Leo cast a quick glance at her, unable to process well the received info, then returned the blue orbs on the ground beneath the feet. On one level, the boy was definitely shocked, struck by a bolt of informational lightning; on another one, he felt proud, because he never thought he will be able, even as a fantasy, rock the socks of another human being; and on another level, he felt a a wave of relief that calmed down the intense anxiety in lieu with socially imprinted guilt, though it didn't manage to chill out the long coal in his pants, hard as iron, all covered with creeping waves of tingling pre-orgasmic energy, ready to explode just from the next revelation of the girl to his right.

And her arm...Leo never had imagined before an arm around his shoulders will be of such ecstatic pleasure for his whole body. It felt so great, so...blissful Leo was sure if its palm will go down only to his nipple, the snake in his pants wont hold back the white venom anymore. That was the degree he was turned on to; but it's a fairly common thing with inexperienced young male teenagers: everything way too close to real sex, even the girlfriend's hand in places near to the carrier of genetic material, could be the catalyst to the last stage of male sexual response process. And in certain individuals, who are gifted with a subtle nervous system and an overactive imagination, like Leo for example, the simplest act of watching a porn movie could drive to an orgasm without the implement of manual stimulation; so what could be said about real life situation then? With time, of course, this over sensitivity weathers down, as puberty proceeds to the end, the hormonal levels reach static levels, and the socio-sexual software gets fully integrated in one's life; but the sexual escapades of the early years of puberty, fortunate or unfortunate, if there were any, could play either a catastrophic or a apocalyptic role in the future of a male who experienced them, depending on the said male's view on masculinity. In Leo's case, though, it was more an apocalyptic experience, a total rapture, a new gift from his only and best friend, who happened to be a girl by an evil, or fortunate, twist of fate.

“Are you trying to cheer me up?” Leo asked, confused and flattened.

“It's nothing but the whole Truth,” Mary responded in a casual, cheery voice, like if they were talking about what will be their plan on tomorrow rather than about things done in private. But what can be more natural, more casual than bodily needs in the end? It's not like the world will shatter down if people will start talk about it without the guilt, the fear, or the veil of disgust; on the contrary, maybe it will have some cathartic effect on the general masses of this backward planet who only managed to learn the domination-submission roles instead of language and emotions higher than fear, anger, physical satisfaction and physical frustration.

She brought the boy closer to her body with the help of the left arm. “I told you about my kicks. It's time for you to speak up. Don't be afraid. There's no one here but me, and I will never do anything bad to you, or ridicule you. Also, getting it off your head will help you to relax, 'cause, well, you're tense as nerd in front of a bully.”

Leo smiled from Mary's comparison of his state. Yes, he truly felt tense, despite that some of the anxiety related to socio-sexual activities wandered off from between them, easing up the wall, the spastic contraction of their fields. But was he ready to talk? The mind told yes. If a girl could talk so easily, why he should keep it deep inside? Male pubescent friends speak about each other's exploration beneath the navel in great detail, and so does their female counterpart, therefore what's was wrong about sharing sexual stories between two friends of opposite sex. Nothing was perverse in it.

Leo looked at the Sun beaming through the thick emerald green foliage of the summer forest, saw its golden veil on the leaves that shuffled slightly from a turbulence trapped beneath the watchful crones of the old timer trees, telling with the gentle murmur old as time itself stories regarding lands long forgotten or sunken deep into the oceanic abyss where people lived happily in absence of any kind of rules, their own body, the so called biogram, being the only guiding light through the course of several hundred years long life. The stillness, the supernatural tranquility of the green realm around him brought at ease the bio-survival anxiety in lieu with the socio-sexual uneasiness instilled by the successfully brainwashed parents and the educational institution that didn't fulfill its destiny at all, as it kept releasing crippled generations of robots ad infinitum – the school.

The boy with sandy hair inhaled, mouth dry as the Atacama desert, held the breath for a minute in the respiratory tubes, then, when the body started giving the first hints that oxygen is needed, exhaled. Mind relatively calm, he cast a glance at Mary, who didn't show any signs of distress about him taking so much time to talk about stuff he did while locked inside his room, cut off from the aethereal, ever watchful eye of society.

“Well...I beat my meat once in a week, and since I don't watch porn that much, I've got no other object but you to keep in my mind's eyes. For me, it kinda feels dirty doing these think while thinking about you, although the things I experience by the end, are, well, eh, intense,” Leo said, anxiety evaporating with every word released into the warm afternoon air.

“I don't consider thinking about you as dirty, “ Mary said, feeling more open toward these matters.

“For me it is. You are my friend after all,” Leo said in an ashamed voice.

“Why? I make you happy, right? What's wrong with making you happy in that way also?” Mary said, content about herself.

“I'm using you to satisfy my need – that's the problem,” Leo said, still feeling ashamed, even though there was less tension in him, as the relaxed shoulders indicated.

“And I use you to satisfy my need when I have access to more than a million porn sites with every kinds men just waiting to penetrate into my mind and drive me to an orgasm in front of the computer screen,” Mary said in a happy voice. “And even if you don't go on porn sites that much, then you could have easily found an accidental, unsuspecting target on the streets, or in the parks, or in the downtown areas, but you've chose me. Out of all possible options available, you stopped on me.”

“That sounds right,” Leo said, now in a confused voice, although there were some hints of relaxation in it. “But I still think it's wrong.”

Mary sighed. “What's wrong with it? And please don't tell me you're killing yourself mentally for doing something pleasurable to yourself.”

“I think that all these actions are somehow wrong. Parents told me it's wrong to touch myself, that it's a bad habit, sign of immaturity, stuff like that,” Leo said, voice distant, regressing back into his personal socio-sexual circuit.

Mary rolled her eyes. Suddenly, as a heavy monsoon on the Indian subcontinent, an idea came to her mind. Her father – an enigmatic fellow going by the name Hugh Crane in this particular universe – said that one of the best ways to take people out of their personal delusion cages is to use some heavy shock tactics, in a way similar to initiatory rites in all kinds of hidden, underground orders dealing with metaprogramming the human computer, as such an event brakes the reality view of the person in question and allows him to see there's more to the Universe than the set of programs brainwashed into him by the local society.

She looked at the boy with a naughty, horny smile. “If you will continue to believe that these things are somehow evil, wrong, immature, or whatever, I will show to you how wrong you are. It's not a problem for me, and I won't feel ashamed about anything I'll show or do in front of you.”

It was best to start with a verbal shock, and only then, if the first reaction will be too weak for Leo - though by the sudden paleness on his face it could be said that the thing worked - proceed to some real action. And Mary was determined to go to the farthest end possible to set off the boy away from the guilt trip. Why can't be all parents be like her dad – free thinking adults who believe more in personal experience rather than some general propaganda? Maybe this mental impotence from the part of Leo's progenitors was the primary cause of the boy's insecurity and inability to interact normally, without feeling stress, with other human primates.

“Okay, I believe you. I'll try to keep in mind that's a normal thing to do, but you don't need to go so far to prove it,” Leo said, flabbergasted, although he didn't remove from Mary's hand in fear or shock.

“What if I want to go there?” Mary said lustily.

“What if I'm not ready?” Leo responded quickly.

Mary couldn't hold a sigh. “You always know how to make excuses just at the right moment. Don't you?”

“That's my super power,” Leo said, more relaxed than before. The effect cause by Mary's shock “tactick” finally reached his consciousness, as fear, together with the insidious, artificial sensation of guilt related to matters neutral from the human derivatives of bad or good, right or wrong, started washing off from the the boy's current combinations of skandhas and kleshas.

The girl with orange hair shook the boy tightly to her body, happy from the successful implication of her father's metaprogramming techniques. “That's the spirit. By the way, why do you masturbate only once a week? As far as if know, though my knowledge comes from books and porn, males are horny beings that can't function normally without at least one wank a day.”

The sudden drop of silence, cold and cosmic like the Abyss around the Court in the centre of the Universe where the loathsome, horrible beyond human comprehension amorphous beings granted with tremendous amounts of creative power that could destroy or create new worlds in a blink of an eye danced to the maddening, shpongloid rhythms emitted by flutes of construction alien to human civilization, felt more like the total cessation of life preceding the opening of the one eye of Shiva. Mary started to feel worried, and a little anxious, ruminating in her mind if she had gone too far or not. Talking about sex was fun, liberating, illuminating, but even she, the daughter of scandalous rascal magician whose main act was about breaking down the barriers of illusion from the people that decided to waste their Saturday night time on his concert, was still confined, though loosely, within the four cells of the primate robotic circuits.

Leo, however, managed to broke her sudden fugue state.

“I'm afraid that parents will catch me,” the boy responded weakly, submission programs kicking in.
“They had already caught me red handed, in the midst of action, several times, and I don't want to experience that feeling of guilt again, you know, that sensation that you're the baddest, dirtiest thing int the whole Universe.”

That was very relevant to the present state of affairs. Now that the problem was put into place, and its roots were found, it could be destroyed, transcended, forgotten; and Mary could already feel the transforming experience happening in her best friend – the calm eyes, steady and shining, said about the quietness inside Leo, while the body, limp, dry and warm, not clammy, cold or shivering, expressed the acceptance of the altered physiological state as a natural event neutral to all classifications systems dealing with positive and negative modus operandi.

“Tough stuff,” Mary said, thinking about what do next, because, out of a sudden, or due to the intoxicating levels of arousal, she wanted to take the sexual matters to a next level.

“I agree. But that's past, and we're here, right now, in the present. I must say I feel better, thanks to our conversation,” Leo commented. “If more people could talk, maybe then sex would be better, and therefore there would be less frustration in the world.”

“Possibly,” Mary responded, trying to bring down the chaotic swirl of images involving exhibitionist activities in front of her summer comrade, ending with nothing more but a slow, methodical act of self pleasuring in front of the chap who alleviated, even dissipated the nothingness, the loneliness which had haunted most time of her existence on the gross plane all the years before this unusual Kickbucket synchronicity.

If they now understand masturbating on each other is normal, then why not to make the next quantum jump and realize that seeing each other naked, and aroused, is also normal, just like driving each other to the peak of carnal ecstasy know to man at this stage of evolution. Mary felt no problems with revealing the hidden parts of her body to the ocular faculties of Leo, but there's a possibility the boy will freak out from the avalanche like sequence of events. And in the end, it's a kind of sexual cliché to end a conversation about sex with the action itself; but the temptation, the fire rushing through all he being, waiting to give pleasure to the only true friend she ever had, was overwhelming the cup of self control. To add one more point to the 'yes, do it' side of the action desired by Mary, the summer will end soon, and they will return back to the large metropolises, clueless about further meetings in the near or distant future, so the excruciating awareness about the incoming end to their idyllic relationship should give them both courage to do something which will stuck with them forever, reminding there was a time when everything felt real, not illusionary, a play of shadows on the cave's wall. And in the end, if the envisioned act will happen, Leo will receive something every nerd could only masturbate about in his restless dream, and every jock had to reach through a boundless ocean of painstakingly constructed lies, feelings, attraction, and actions. To put it simply, it was more than worth it.

The teenage girl with clear emerald green eyes moved her hand down Leo's shoulder, closer to the forearm, enjoying on the way the silky skin of the introvert boy of a skinny complexion that isn't easily found among such type of stories. Fear put aside, pushed out deep into the background, Mary opened her pink lips to utter the most blasphemous, to the ones preoccupied with tribal morality, yet most natural, to the ones who went beyond the terrestrial programs, proposition when Leo interrupted her sadhana.

“Here's the grove,” Leo said, then stopped walking. “The cliff is a few meters behind the trees, but it's too steep to climb. We'll need to find another way home.”

Amorous spell broken, Mary looked ahead into the twisted tentacles of the ancient trees that looked like the formless spawn of the Outer God Shub Niggurath paralyzed by some unknown influence until a new member of the dark, underground cult dedicated to the Goat with A Thousand Young will come here, drawn by the hypnotic, astral wailing of the immobilized creatures, and set them free from their cage so to that they could once again wreak havoc on the surface of Earth and bring back the time when the Old Ones ruled above the surface of the great mother sea. If take a look from another angle, the brown dry trunks seemed to share some features with the hentai tentacle monsters, writhing the slimy pseudopodia in every direction possible, putting them inside places better left unnamed for the sake of the little amounts of sanity still holding up in this twisted Universe of ours; but the latter fantasy, of course, belonged to the girl with ginger hair, who liked to surf on the vast world wide net in search of such images when boredom put the lead heavy hands around her neck.

“Maybe we should climb it?” Mary asked. “It will be the fastest way to reach our destination. The light will end soon.”

“I don't know if I'll manage to do it,” Leo said.

Mary clapped him on the back. “You always say something like this, then you impress me with you unusually high skills in the area outside your abilities, so stop doubting yourself and climb with me the hill ahead. It's not really that big.”

While her words vanished into yellow clouds above their heads, the girl proceeded into the dark, heavily crowded by long, old, knotty branches grove, wanting to get home as possible, hoping that the alpinism game will release some of the sexual energy running through the nadis of her body in a frustrated, longing for release manner. If she could read Leo's mind, she would have been amazed by the similarity of thoughts trespassing their minds.

Phase 2: Electrical charge

The suppression of the normal sex instinct, for example, is responsible for a thousand ills. In Puritan countries one inevitably finds a morbid preoccupation with sex coupled with every form of perversion and degeneracy.

The aeon of Nyx, when in the pleasant, loving darkness the boundaries of ego softened a little, thus allowing everyone to perceive partially the truth of samadhi that there's no outside space separated from a single self, slowly covered with it's dark blue absence of light the realm of Nuit, the sky goddess enveloping her spouse, Geb, in fashion similar to the eternally consuming itself Urobouros, and brought a magic spell promising intimacy, sensuality, and devotion. With the advance of the shining point of lights, the multiple cells which the body of the sky goddess is made from, on the motionless sphere, the mythic, atemporal side of the day dawned on Earth: the circus of Circe played it's hallucinatory tricks on people close to the long ladder leading to the sidereal universe of the dreamlands; the old as time itself Finnegan existed momentarily into different modes of existence, possibly even more, as he was both awake and dead, and at the same time neither of the two conditions; and the Great Old Ones, confined by people of promethean power into caverns deep under the litosphere, slumbered anxiously, hoping that the nocturnal dome will have the stars in the right places so that they could awaken and regain the long lost power over all the surface of the azure gem in the pitch black, utterly still ocean of the Cosmos.

This magnificent, intoxicating, mind opening night the two teens, who happened to share some portions of their lives with the current narrative, spent confined inside a two storey house on the border of the city which belonged to the Crane family. As time revealed, there was nothing wrong with Leo, just one big bruise on the curve where the forehead transmutated into the right temple. Mary, once they reached the house, immediately applied some heavy disinfection the the scratched limbs of the blond boy, afraid about different maladies dwelling in the wild terrain; and only when the medical and sanitary side of things was taken care of, the two biots allowed themselves to relax.

Since the walk through the labyrinth of green and gold had been physically exhausting, with the involvement of sweat production in rather large quantities, Mary proposed Leo to take a shower, and she gave him the privilege to go first while she will think where to place the guest for the night.

“Okay. But there's one problem – I really don't have any clean clothes,” Leo said, looking at the cozy living room whose weird element was the total absence of a television.

“So what? You know, you can walk here in underwear only,” Mary said, although it must be added that the reader, as tempting as it may be, shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the auburn haired girl was getting excited in certain areas better not named for the sake of the morality which makes the innermost core of the nation. However, on another note, it must be implied, strongly, that the reader should always regard with a critical eye all the remarks, stupid or smart, deep or superficial, of the narrator, as that guy can be a pretty rascal fellow, absent of any kind of decency necessary for being a wholesome., honourable citizen.

“What?” Leo asked, bewildered, reaction in trousers happening at inhuman speed.

“We've seen each other without clothes when we went swimming at the local pool, right? How's that different from what we have now. To be honest, underwear and swim trouser, or bikinis, or shorts, look alike to me,” Mary said.

“You've got a point. But I still will keep my pants on,” Leo said. Hot girl: doesn't waste time. Maybe I should? No: too much will be open to her eyes. We talked about it earlier. It's normal. No one will die. She also got horny. Makes us two: an erotic relationship.

“If that's what you want, then let it be, however, if you'll feel the desire to get out of your pants, don't be afraid and jump out of them,” Mary said, winking. “And I hope you won't mind about me walking half naked.”

Leo gulped, the tent twitched, a drop of liquid formed on the top of the wand. “If it makes you feel good, then okay. I don't want to restrain you from being happy by commenting negatively on your behaviour, like all the other guys of my age do when the girl tries to be deep instead of a slut.”

“Oh, can you forget about the others, please? We're here, in the present, just the two of us, with the place entirely to ourselves,” Mary said, standing near the long deep blue coach facing the window across the living room.

“That sounds corny, straight out from a porn movie,” Leo commented. Where is she driving? Better say it straight: let's try it. Too scary for me. Too much unpredictability: anything can happen: too many Schroedinger cats. No: you're afraid of being too much of a stereotype if she proposes: turn on, fill in, drop out. You're different. You want happiness for her, ecstasy for her, not a satisfaction for you. Also you know a few things: the profit of studying sex with the help of wikipedia and sexology books. Still afraid. Let go. What will come, will come.

“Who's the pervert now, eh, mister I'm afraid of showing my turn on to my best friend in the world,” Mary joked.

“Oh come on, that's even more lame – a dare contest. How many tropes you can cover?” Leo asked, smiling from the fun they're having with examining their situation from the standpoint of a porn writer.

“I can go forever and slow, waiting for you to teach me everything it, and I mean everything about scripts, circuits, programs, stuff like that,” Mary said lustily, swirling a streak of carrot orange hair between the fingers.

“Okay, I will go to the shower now, as it's getting hot,” Leo said sarcastically. Nice. Jokes release tension: another way for energy to go: essence of laughter therapy. Better go. Time doesn't wait. There's a whole night: relax, forget time: it's only an illusion. Maya. Is there something solid here. No, not even feelings: transience. Right now I'm happy. Mary makes me feel like on the seventh sky: atmanic plane: everything's one.

“That's one of the most used places for some things to happen,” Mary winked. “Be careful. The air there isn't the only thing wet and humid.”

“I will be aware of your energetic presence,” Leo said and, before giving Mary a chance to respond, climbed the stairs leading to the second floor, where rooms designated for procedures involving the fully naked body, usually of one person at a time, were situated.

Door locked behind, the boy removed the dirty black shirt, then got out of the jean shorts, which fell with a delicate flap onto the white tiled, sterile floor of the Crane's bathroom. He stood now in front of the shower cabin with only a pair of white underwear stretched in the front due to the engorged tool usually used as a mean of spreading semen, in most cases without the precious fluid reaching the intended destination. Leo looked down at the upper point of the tent, where a wet spot formed around the urethral orifice, courtesy of the Couperian gland, and pulled the last piece of clothing on his body down, allowing it to fall down to the pavement freely once it got past the upper part of the thighs.

Stepping out of the fallen pieces of clothes, left on the floor in the same way as a snake leaves its skin behind, taking on the way a peek at the immobile male tool, Leo stepped into the shower. Inside the cabin, he slid back the glass turn, then turned on the hot water, relaxing most of the muscular blocks as warm molecules of oxidane hit the cutaneous tissue of his face, chest, and upper abdomen.

After a whole day of rather stupid incidents deep in the lands of the faerie folk, who possibly had orchestrated his fall out of the innate for the folk that never rest jolliness toward humans that accidentally went too far into their habitat and witnessed some of the things the little people tried to keep as hidden as possible from other races because of the dangerous knowledge and power these objects contained, it was great, no, beyond great returning back to the first circuit consciousness in warm, humid, watery, safe environment.

The pleasant throbbing in the hard as rock penis didn't give Leo a rest, despite the whole physical environment being ideal to get lost in the thoughtless, neurosomatic states of the central nervous system, and it drove mad the blond boy with an immense desire to at least put the hand there for a little; but Leo knew how deceptive the feeling is – once the hand is there, it will never stick away from the hot, pulsating tentacle till the balloon of ecstasy will burst in a fountain of electrical energy as well as the juice of life, the source of all being. Maybe I should do it? Show respect. You're not in your home. Should have satisfied back there in the woods, with the Nature my only witness. Was too afraid: Mary too near. Never feel the eye of a cuckold: the eye in the pyramid. Here also not safe. She can come at any moment. Not that intense. Who knows? Aroused from thinking about it: the pleasure of a naughty joy, of the ultimate sin: seeing someone else naked. Primary fear. Why? There are only dicks and pussies, and they all look the same. Almost the same. No super differences. What's Mary doing? Busy. Hope yes, hope not.

Actually, while Leo was washing off the day under the streams of boiler heated water, Mary put a white sheet on the sofa, made something fast and simple for the evening supper, and, when all the important things were done, decided to spend some time in her room, surfing the net, preparing all the accessories necessary for the bathroom session, and just laying on the bed with the mind drifting in the Abyss of Hallucinations that is human consciousness, a never stream of barely connected thoughts, memories, feelings, and fantasies shifting in protean fashion incessantly through the course of day and reaching the peak of psychotic activity in the hours after the sunset when the critical mind gets tired of keeping the little control it has on the kaleidoscopic activities of the sixth sense.

But once she switched the light in her room upstairs, Mary realized she had forgotten to give a towel to her special guest, as the lavender piece of cloth was lying on the light green sheet of her bed. Anxiety, mixed with a fair dose of sexual arousal, swept through he