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Daddy's Girl_(3)

2022-08-04 00:00:03

My name is April Dawson and I'm 17. I wouldn't call myself popular but I get by. I'm certainly not at the bottom of the totem pole. Most guys find me attractive but soon discover I'm also a bit strange. My strange collections such as memento mori photographs tend to turn guys off. So yes, guys love to stare at my 36d breasts and admire my ass but that is about as far as it goes. Needless to say, I am a bit sexually frustrated. My vibrator can only do so much!
It's been 2 years since I've had sex and it was a one time thing with a guy I met at a party. We were both drunk, it was painful and not overly pleasant. You would think that experience would put me off sex but you would be guessing wrong. All it has done is make me want it more. I fucking crave it. It's been me and my porn videos, until last weekend.
Call me odd, but I've always had a strange attraction to my father. I've always thought he was handsome but at the same time I had never thought of him in a sexual manner.
On Saturday I went downstairs to get some breakfast, noticed my parents weren't at home.

"Mom? Dad?"

Neither answered so I peeked out the window and both of their vehicles were gone. I wasn't sure where either of them went, there wasn't a note up on the fridge, but I didn't care much since I had the house to myself. A smirk came across my face, realizing it was the perfect time to go through my parents room to find my Christmas gifts. Normally I didn't bother searching them out but I've been wanting the new iPhone and I'm unsure if she has been hinting at me or toying with me. It was time to find out.
The door creaked as it opened, their room was so neatly organized, unlike mine. First thought in my mind was, check the dresser drawers. I gently pulled clothes out and set them aside as I went through each drawer before placing them back exactly where I found them. Nothing there but a set of keys.

"Probably in the closet then."

The door was stuck but with a lot of effort I was able to pull it open. There were mainly clothes hung up in there but also several boxes. I pushed things around, lifting items and moving them. Not a single present in there.

"Fuck. Where the hell could she have put it?"

Then I noticed a chest in the corner of the closet. A fairly large wooden box that I'd never seen before and it had a lock on it.

"Shit, so much for that."

I sat on the floor trying to come up with other possible spots she may have hidden it but then I remembered the keys in the dresser. What if they were for the chest? Could it be that the gift was safely hidden in there so I couldn't find it?

"It's gotta be in there.'

My legs couldn't move fast enough as I dashed towards the dresser, retrieving the keys and running back towards the closet. The first two keys wouldn't even fit in the hole, the third wasn't the right one, but the fourth unlocked it.

"What the hell? Wow, didn't realize the rents were kinky."

My parents are so normal. Never would I imagine they would have a chest full of sexy clothing, movies, and sex toys.

"Well, I think it's fair to say that my present isn't in here. Wow, Mom wears latex? I would have never guessed that."

There was a vinyl maid outfit, leather gloves, leather tops, a latex dress and much more. I've always wanted leather and latex of my own but the closet I've ever gotten is a leather jacket for the cold weather.

"Fetish Fucks 9? Latex Lovers looks good. Wish I knew about this sooner."

I placed the movies back in the chest and picked up the black latex dress. It was similar to one I've seen online that caught my eye.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it on."

After removing all of my clothes, I struggled, trying to put the tight dress on. My body is very similar to my moms though my breasts are a little larger, but it did fit pretty well.

"Not bad. Actually looks pretty good on me."

I couldn't help but admire myself in the mirror. It made my ass look fantastic and my breasts look even better. My hands started roaming, the feel of the latex pressed against my bare nipples was turning me on.

"April, you in there?"

My dad was home and entering the bedroom door. There was no time to remove the dress or even hide.

"Uh..dad. I..I was just trying this on."

"I'm guessing you found the chest then. Nosy aren't we? Jesus, April, that dress is perfect for your body. Shows off your curves and leaves little to the imagination..."

His eyes stared intensely at me, looking up and down my body. I was nervous, being caught in this situation, but at the same time the compliments were nice. They made me feel sexy, even if they were coming from my own father.

"Sorry daddy, I wasn't trying to find this, I was actually searching.."

He cut me off, "It's fine hunny. I'm sure you would have stumbled on it eventually. Just surprised that you pull that off even better than your mother. Sorry, I'm staring, I know."

My eyes couldn't help notice the large bulge in his pants. Did he have that before he walked in or was he really enjoying the sight of me in latex? In all honesty, it got me wet. I'm not sure if it was just because I was turned on or if it was the fact that I hadn't had sex in a few years, but I couldn't help myself.
I walked slowly towards him, my light brown hair bouncing off my shoulders. His eyes met mine as my hand cupped the bulge. I squeezed, he let out a little moan.

"April, I-I don't know if this is..."

He lost his words apparently when I placed his hand on my ass.

"Come on daddy, slap it."

His hand pulled away from my ass, clearly hesitant, but he didn't walk away. After a few seconds of us standing there I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Unbuttoning his pants, I pulled out his rock hard cock. He had to be at least 8 inches. It had been so long and the sight of a large dick got me instantly wet. My mouth wrapped around the head of his prick as I sucked the upper part of his shaft, rubbing his balls. His hand gripped part of my hair, pulling me in as I went all the way down to the base, choking a bit.

"Does that feel good daddy," I asked, looking into his eyes as I stroked him.

"Yes baby. Fuck, never thought I'd be doing this but you look so good."

"Bet you love how the latex presses my big tits together. Enjoying all that cleavage up there daddy?"

"Mmm yes, you have beautiful tits hunny.

Finally he took charge, pulling my head back, as he pushed his cock into the dress between my breasts. I push them together, holding his cock in place as he slid his cock downward through my cleavage. As he was sliding between his right hand caressed my tit, rubbing, then squeezing my nipple.

"How is it? My tits feel good?"

"Yes, they are so big, love fucking them."

My only worry was that he was going to cum between my breasts. The worry wasn't him exploding between them, I would have enjoyed that normally, but I needed to be fucked. Right now, it didn't matter if it was my own father doing the fucking. So I pulled his cock out from it's tight confines and led him towards my parents bed. I bent over the bed, my latex clad ass up in the air, swaying back and forth. Waiting for his cock, and begging for it as well.

"Come on in daddy, it's nice and warm," I smirked, continuing to move my ass back and forth, teasing him. "I've only had sex once so I'm real tight for you. Ram that cock in my pussy. You love your baby girl in this tight latex dress. I'll keep it on, just fuck me daddy. Please"

More hesitation but I saw him break down as my teasing became too much. His hands grabbed onto my hips, squeezing, as he pushed at my entrance. It took force but with some effort he was half way in his daughter's pussy, sliding every inch inside.

"It doesn't hurt does it?"

"No, it feels so good. Your fuckin big. Mm, keep going daddy. Fuck your little girl. Fuck me."

His speed picked up a bit after my dirty talk and he started ramming hard. My pussy was getting a little sore but it still felt good and there was no way I'd be stopping.
I pushed my ass back towards him, thrusting my body to get him even deeper. His big cock was pounding my pussy and hitting my g-spot. My moans were loud and turned into screams as an intense orgasm shook my body.

"Shit...Shit," he cried out as his hands gripped tightly to my hips. I felt him thrust forward as hard as he could, erupting into me. He moaned loudly as cum spurted into his sweet 17 year old daughter.

"Mm, that was so good, thank you Dad. Love the latex, hope I can wear it again."

"Fuck, that was amazing. Sorry it wasn't real long. It's been a week or so and you are much tighter than I'm used to."

"Maybe next time you can last longer."

He smiled, laying down in bed next to me. His eyebrow raised, he turned towards me and said, "You're on birth control right?"

Fuck, I hadn't even thought about it. I was so horny that it didn't even cross my mind. Now the question was whether or not to tell him the truth about that.