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2022-05-14 00:00:03

Part 1

I show up where and when he told me to. He’s standing right in front of me. He knows everything, I know I’m about to be blackmailed but don’t know yet what he wants. First thing he does is tell me to hold both hands out in front of me. I figure he wants to see I don’t have anything in them but as soon as I do he slaps a pair of handcuffs on them. Before I can register what’s happening he’s gotten my cuffed hands over my head attached to a hook on the ceiling. Oh fuck! What just happened! This is bad. I can’t move away and am completely helpless in front of him. I freak out and demand to know what the fuck is going on here. He tells me he just needs to make sure there’s no “unpleasant surprises” when he tells me what we’re doing here. He reminds me he knows everything and I’m going to do everything he says or else. Then to my horror he reaches out and runs his hand down my cheek. Shocked I pull back away from him. Then he steps back and rubs his package and runs his hand across his chest while telling me how much he loves to get it on with straight guys, whether they want to or not, and I’ve just provided him the perfect opportunity. Oh my fucking god no! I freak and tell him no fucking way! I’m not gay! I’m not bi-sexual! He responds how he doesn’t really give a shit because according to him “I” might not be bi sexual, but he guarantees my body is, and he’s going to prove it.

With that he steps in and runs his hands around my waist reaching down to squeeze my ass through my jeans. Oh shit! What the fuck is going on here! I start thrashing around telling him to stop touching me! I’m not gay! Stay the fuck off of me! He grabs my face forcefully to show me he means business and re-iterates in painstaking detail how he knows everything, he can ruin my career, destroy my family life, and I might even go to jail. He says he’s going to give me five minutes to think it over and decide if I’m going to do what he says or if I’d rather face the consequences.

It ends up being the most excruciating five minutes of my life. The first two and half minutes I spend thinking no fucking way I’m doing that, I can’t do that under any circumstances, I’ll live with the consequences, I “can” live with the consequences. The second two and half minutes is a gradual realization I “can’t” live with the consequences, no way, no one can ever find out what I’ve done. When he returns he doesn’t even have to ask because he can see on my face the reality sinking in. He resumes by rubbing my thighs and my cock, and slides a hand between my legs under my balls. I beg him not to do anything sexually, there’s got to be something else he wants, but he ignores my pleas and keeps going. Revolted I can’t help but to close my legs tight and try to pull away. He grabs my face again, not nearly as forceful as before, looks me in the eye and orders me to spread my legs wider or else. I feel my resistance ebb away into a reluctant acceptance. I slowly spread my legs farther for him and his hand continues groping me through my clothes. A feeling of disgust has overcome me and I’m not getting hard. I tell him unless he grows a pair of tits and a pussy it’s no use. a guy can’t get me hard. But he reply’s in a way that sounds to me like he’s done this before, “ It’s because you haven’t fully accepted the situation yet, but you will, it’s only a matter of time.”

I know now that he means business and I’ve accepted the price of not cooperating is to steep. I agree that I’ll go along with whatever he wants. With that he undoes the cuffs and orders me to unbuckle my belt. I hesitate and beg him again not to do anything sexual. He orders me to continue or else. Slowly I undo the buckle. Next he tells me to undo my pants and pull down my zipper. I reluctantly do this while continuing to plead with him not to do anything sexual. He doesn’t really care as he moves in behind me, leans me over and pulls my pants away from my waist to get a look at my ass. “Mmmmm, oh man, that is a sweet ass, the look of your crack is making me hard. Now go ahead and take everything off”. I try one more time to beg for something else other than this. He orders me again to take it all off. Embarrassed, I turn facing away from him and kick off my shoes and with trembling hands take my shirt off. Next I slide my hands under the waist line of my pants and underwear and slowly pull them down and step out of them. My socks are the last things to go and now I’m completely naked. Embarrassed, ashamed, and definitely scared, I’m still facing away from him covering my cock and balls with my hands. He tells me to lean forward into the table in front of me and push my ass out. I involuntarily jerk away as he starts to spread my ass cheeks. He says, “get that ass back here now”. When I resume the position he spreads my cheeks and begins lightly rubbing my hole saying, “ooh I like the look of that”. Oh my fucking God! Oh Shit! I can’t believe this is happening. No one’s ever touched me there before and to my horror I actually start to feel my cock move. All I can think is oh fuck no!

He makes me turn around to face him and orders me to move my hands away from my package to show him what I got. He takes in the sight of my cock and balls for a second saying “ooohhh yeah, I’m going to have some fun with that”. He reaches out and takes my limp cock in hand and begins squeezing and lightly pulling on it. Dam my fucking bitch wife that won’t give me much sex anymore. It’s been so long since my cock has felt the skin of someone else’s hand on it other than mine that it starts reacting instantly. Fuck no, fuck no, fuck no is all I can think! “See man”, he says as my cock grows hard in his hand, “Just like I said, you may not be bi-sexual but your body sure is”. With his other hand he cups my balls caressing them and orders me to tell him how much sperm I have built up in them. I quietly tell him it’s been five days since I’ve masturbated. “Holy Fucking Shit!” he says, “Five days! Oh hell yeah, I want to see what that cum looks like”. With that he lets go of my cock and orders me to masturbate it till all the cum is out of my balls.

Reluctantly accepting my fate I reach down, take my cock in hand and slowly start pumping up and down on it. He positions himself next to me facing toward me, looking down at my cock. With one hand he starts rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples. His other hand starts on my back and works down to caressing my ass running a finger up and down the crack. He tells me how good that looks, pump that cock, get every last drop of cum out of those balls. My mind is racing. I’m trying to process all this. I can do this, I think to myself. Just concentrate, rub one out and then it will all be over. From nowhere it seems he has a small bottle of lube in his hand. He squirts some on my cock and tells me to pump faster. I don’t notice but he squirts some on a finger also. I jump a little as I feel a lubed finger working itself inside my ass. At the same time he’s telling me to hurry up and get the cum out of those balls. He’s worked his finger deep into my ass now and is moving it in and out, in and out. I’ve never had back door action in my entire sex life. These new sensations hit me like a tidal wave and over take me instantly. I’ve never felt anything like that before. My cock instantly swells in my hand and becomes rock hard. It’s so hard that it actually begins to ache. As he works his finger harder and harder my mind becomes a blur, I’m overwhelmed with the sensations. I can’t think straight. I’m losing control of my body. I don’t notice that I’ve actually started to rock back against his finger, fucking it! He starts to spiral his finger deep inside me in a way that pushes me right over the edge. I can feel my ass clench tightly around his finger as I moan involuntarily as the first squirts of cum shoot out of my cock. Followed by the rest of my cum flowing out and down over my fingers. He grabs my wrist telling me to let go of my cock. He grabs a hold of it and pumps the last few drops from it. I slowly gain my senses and I’m now extremely ashamed and embarrassed that I gave into it like that, but also a little relieved it’s all over.

I reach for my clothes to put them back on but feel him grab my arm. “Oh no, not that easy my little cum buddy, we’ve only just started, now get over there and lie down”. In all the haste since my arrival, it’s just then that I realize there’s a bed in the corner of the room. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, this isn’t over at all, is all I can think. I slink over to the bed and lie down. He positions himself between my legs takes a hold of my limp cock licking it and sucking the left over drops of cum out of it. He keeps sucking my cock and caresses my balls telling me to get my cock hard again because we’re going for round two. I’ve accepted my situation and concentrate all my energy on getting hard. I just can’t do it yet and plead with him to give me a few minutes to recover first………...........